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Sponsors, Graphs and Scripts, Oh My!

Reece and I have been busy nailing down some of the tools we'll be using, going forward and have finally settled on a javascript version of the sidebars and inline scripts, and a fancy flash based graphing tool. Reece has finished converting all the scripts over from the old image based layout to the new layout that will work within the framework of your blogs, accepting your style. If you're still using the image versions, do yourself a favor and update today!

I've been busy converting graphs over to the new graphing package and I'm really pleased with how they're turning out. If you haven't looked through the available scripts and graphs lately, have a look-see. There are several new sidebars for displaying distances, as well as a new PR sidebar. Reece's sport specific graphs are the bomb (and will be even a groovier addition when they're flash based!).

You'll notice as well, that we picked up a sponsor link on the side of the main page. Shopzilla and Bizrate dropped a little cash our way to host a text link. The ad revenue will allow us to upgrade our hosting package and purchase licenses of the new graphing software.

As always, thanks for keeping the suggestions and bugs coming. We're building this with you in mind!


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