No, this isn't a premature and short walk down memory lane, nor am I going to stand up and start singing (thankfully) about memories of the misty watercoloured kind, or the way we were. Part of what this news update does relate to, among other things, is my recent attempts to improve's short term memory.

Some of the workout tracking and analysis tools have been noted for their forgetfulness when performing repeated tasks, and I've been going through and "coaching" them to be a little more mindful of your previous requests. In particular, a few changes to note are:

  • After you add a workout, the workout view page will now display the workouts for that particular sport and month, rather than always showing the most recent month's running.
  • A small thing, but the two new Year Distance/Pace graphs now remember your previous selections in the option boxes for displaying the graphs.

Perhaps the biggest change this month however, comes with some of the sidebar scripts, and the new ability to customise the display and data items that are shown. In short, you can choose to include or exclude certain data items, and control the order in which they appear, simply by making a slight change to the script command. So far only the "Last X Workouts" and "Distance Summary" sidebars have been updated to use this customisation method, but I'll be spending some time looking at how the other scripts can be improved without altering the current functionality for those members who like them just how they are. Take a look at the scripts section in the members area, and you'll see some new "Click here for more information" links below these scripts to provide more details on how to use the new features.

On to a more energetic note, a large number of our members have participated in various races since last month's update, and we would like to congratulate all of you on your efforts. Whether it be a first race, a new personal best, or another notch on the racing belt, we're pleased to see so many getting involved and meeting their goals. Well done!

Also join me in cheering for Jeff, Jessica, and their friends in this weekend's "Malibu Creek 14-Mile Trail Challenge" in CA. Wishing you all the best!


zipper quigley says, "it's all about the race day magic!"

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