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Triathloneers, Rejoice!

I've taken the first few steps toward providing a better way for you to track combined workouts, such as "brick" and triathlons. Now you can create and add sections of a workout and combine them as part of a larger multi-sport workout. "FINALLY!", some of you will cry, while others shudder with trepidation - knowing that you now have no excuse not to do those brick workouts you've been putting off.

On the add/edit workout screen you'll notice a couple of extra boxes; one for assigning the current workout to a larger event, and another to set the order within the event. Needless to say, you can ignore these for the usual one-off workout or race. We realise it's a little ugly at the moment, but rest assured we'll be looking at ways to make it easier for you to add grouped and complex workouts.

While only some of the existing workout tracking and analysis tools have been updated to take advantage of this addition, you can start creating combined workouts now (or going back and editing old triathlon results). Over the next couple of weeks more graphs and sidebar scripts will appear with support for combined workouts.

To begin setting up your first combined workout event, follow these few steps:
- Log in and click the Preferences link.
- Enter a new sport that describes the overal combined event : such as Triathlon or Brick
- Go to "Add Workouts"
- Add a new workout of this combined sport type, entering all of the overall details of the event (Triathlon name, total time, distance, etc)
- Add each sub-workout (or leg) of the event and assign each to the main combined workout you just created by selecting it from the list at the bottom of the form. Don't forget to enter the order that it fits within the group.

It's triathlon season in many countries right now. A perfect time to start exploring this new feature!

On another note, I've redesigned the scripts area and provided more information for the usage of each of the scripts. Please let us know if your browserr or system has trouble displaying it.


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