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So, Like, What's New?

You may have noticed the obnoxious red "new!" showing up in various places this week in the members area. That's because I've been hard at work these past few days taking care of a couple of member requests and setting up - you guessed it - new! tools and features.

Apologies for the delays in attending some of your requests. These past months have been rather intense for both Jeff and I, but we're chipping away at the requests and fixes one and two at a time. We're thinking of you, and it warms our hearts to see everyone so active here on BTT!

A few bugs have been stripped from the ToDo pile, a new "Average Heart Rate" field has been added to the workout entry form, and a fun new graph of total hours per week/month has been added to the members "Analyse Workouts" area. More enhancements and fixes are in the works.


zipper quigley says, "it's all about the race day magic!"

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