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Take a Load Off

We've been experiencing quite a bit of growth over the past few months, and you may have noticed the main page (and for those of you with blogs hosted by BTT, your blogs) loading slow and sometimes even timing out. We've taken some substantial steps to correcting those problems and hope that soon, lag will be a thing of the past.

First off, we switched the main page and the listing of recently updated blogs to a FeedBurner feed to reduce the load on our XML files and MovableType database. Mark, over at CRN was kind enough to set up a spliced feed for us with all the BTT hosted blogs. Second, we split our MovableType tables and the BTT workout data onto two separate databases so the load wouldn't impact each other.

There are a few other steps that we plan to take, like creating XML output for various static workout data to even further reduce the number of database queries that are performed. We'll keep you posted as things develop and as always, let us know if you notice any problems, anomalies or even if you're happy with the way a certain feature works.

Happy Training!


zipper quigley says, "it's all about the race day magic!"

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