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New View

Well, one of the overhauls that I'd been hoping to get to for quite some time is finally complete. We've modified the workout view page to list all workouts for a given week and allow for filtering by sport. First, Previous, Next and Last buttons have been added along with a drop down list of all the relevant weeks with workouts for the ease of perusing your workouts. Gone are the copious links to sports, years and months and gone are the extra fields in the workout listing that were either redundant in the sidebar or irrelevant based on your measurement preference.

As always, let us know if you experience any problems with the new layout or if you have any comments!

Three Changes

We've made some small, but significant changes to the BTT site today. Have a look around and see for yourself!

1. Workout Time
The workout time now is comprised of three drop down lists making up hours, minutes and am/pm. The current time will default in, rather than HH:MM AM/PM. This should speed up your data entry if you're not too concerned about what time of day your workout was completed.

2. Location - Other
We've added a checkbox that will allow you to save the 'Location Other' to your location list. I can't count the number of times I've been in the process of entering a workout and back-tracked because I wanted to add the location since I plan to repeat it. Now you can just tick the checkbox and it'll be added automagically and there for you the next time you work out in that location.

3. Map URL
A link to was added next to the Map URL field so that you can quickly pop over and map out your route.

Previous un-mentioned updates:

1. Profile
A Profile page has been added to your account to allow you to change your username, the name that displays and whether or not your workouts will show up on the main BTT page. We've got password changing in the works, so that'll be added soon, too.

2. Forum
We've added a forum for you use. Goof off, post comments, suggestions, bugs, brag about your latest training or racing endeavor or pick up tips on how to maintain or modify your BTT blog templates.

Enjoy, and as always, give us a holler if you have any questions!


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