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Most of you have noticed that some items on the front page have been broken for a few weeks now. Where did the recent BTT blog entries go? How can Tom have the two most recent workouts for four weeks running now? Yeah...I know. Those things boggled my mind, too.

So, that prompted the v2.0 re-write of the site. The coming changes have been, well, coming, for a long time. What you will see in the next week or so will be a complete re-design of the site to help streamline activities and to give us a little more real estate to work with when displaying your workout information. That's change one.

The REAL 2.0 stuff is, well, web 2.0 stuff. We're hard at work building a Twitter plugin, a Facebook application and iGoogle gadgets. You'll soon see some standardization with the graphs, new graphs and new scripts.

So, all that to say, wear your hardhat for the next few weeks. The site will be changing daily as we implement new aspects and as always, feel free to drop us a line if you notice something that needs our attention.

Oh, and once the 2.0 stuff is implemented, stay tuned for some really cool news about Team BTT. Team BTT? What's that you say? Yup...Team BTT. Stay tuned.


zipper quigley says, "it's all about the race day magic!"


chunkybits goes running, bayside style

BTT Details

BTT Details


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