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BTT 2.0

Most of you have noticed that some items on the front page have been broken for a few weeks now. Where did the recent BTT blog entries go? How can Tom have the two most recent workouts for four weeks running now? Yeah...I know. Those things boggled my mind, too.

So, that prompted the v2.0 re-write of the site. The coming changes have been, well, coming, for a long time. What you will see in the next week or so will be a complete re-design of the site to help streamline activities and to give us a little more real estate to work with when displaying your workout information. That's change one.

The REAL 2.0 stuff is, well, web 2.0 stuff. We're hard at work building a Twitter plugin, a Facebook application and iGoogle gadgets. You'll soon see some standardization with the graphs, new graphs and new scripts.

So, all that to say, wear your hardhat for the next few weeks. The site will be changing daily as we implement new aspects and as always, feel free to drop us a line if you notice something that needs our attention.

Oh, and once the 2.0 stuff is implemented, stay tuned for some really cool news about Team BTT. Team BTT? What's that you say? Yup...Team BTT. Stay tuned.

XML Statistics

In an effort to make formatting your data easier, we're making a shift from database driven sidebars to XML fed scripts. Now, when you add a workout, your XML file will be updated with the latest data. You can access this XML file from your profile page, along with your BTT key for use in other, up-comming applications, like Facebook. We will also be adding some dynamic elements to your XML file so you can explicitly state what data you want to fill the file.

All of that to say, if you have any issues with the changes that we've made or encounter any errors when saving your workouts, please give us a holler!

New View

Well, one of the overhauls that I'd been hoping to get to for quite some time is finally complete. We've modified the workout view page to list all workouts for a given week and allow for filtering by sport. First, Previous, Next and Last buttons have been added along with a drop down list of all the relevant weeks with workouts for the ease of perusing your workouts. Gone are the copious links to sports, years and months and gone are the extra fields in the workout listing that were either redundant in the sidebar or irrelevant based on your measurement preference.

As always, let us know if you experience any problems with the new layout or if you have any comments!

Three Changes

We've made some small, but significant changes to the BTT site today. Have a look around and see for yourself!

1. Workout Time
The workout time now is comprised of three drop down lists making up hours, minutes and am/pm. The current time will default in, rather than HH:MM AM/PM. This should speed up your data entry if you're not too concerned about what time of day your workout was completed.

2. Location - Other
We've added a checkbox that will allow you to save the 'Location Other' to your location list. I can't count the number of times I've been in the process of entering a workout and back-tracked because I wanted to add the location since I plan to repeat it. Now you can just tick the checkbox and it'll be added automagically and there for you the next time you work out in that location.

3. Map URL
A link to was added next to the Map URL field so that you can quickly pop over and map out your route.

Previous un-mentioned updates:

1. Profile
A Profile page has been added to your account to allow you to change your username, the name that displays and whether or not your workouts will show up on the main BTT page. We've got password changing in the works, so that'll be added soon, too.

2. Forum
We've added a forum for you use. Goof off, post comments, suggestions, bugs, brag about your latest training or racing endeavor or pick up tips on how to maintain or modify your BTT blog templates.

Enjoy, and as always, give us a holler if you have any questions!

Take a Load Off

We've been experiencing quite a bit of growth over the past few months, and you may have noticed the main page (and for those of you with blogs hosted by BTT, your blogs) loading slow and sometimes even timing out. We've taken some substantial steps to correcting those problems and hope that soon, lag will be a thing of the past.

First off, we switched the main page and the listing of recently updated blogs to a FeedBurner feed to reduce the load on our XML files and MovableType database. Mark, over at CRN was kind enough to set up a spliced feed for us with all the BTT hosted blogs. Second, we split our MovableType tables and the BTT workout data onto two separate databases so the load wouldn't impact each other.

There are a few other steps that we plan to take, like creating XML output for various static workout data to even further reduce the number of database queries that are performed. We'll keep you posted as things develop and as always, let us know if you notice any problems, anomalies or even if you're happy with the way a certain feature works.

Happy Training!

Tweaks, Requests and Bugs

Folks, we've been listening to your requests and over the next few weeks, expect to see some changes, new features and bug fixes. Like the time out on XML parsing of the blogs on the main page, or the doubling up of blog entries? That'll be a thing of the past. Or how about adding Yards as an option for distance? I know you American swimmers will be rejoicing. Also, look for a major overhaul of the main workout view page. We'll be switching from a single sport workout view to an all sport weekly view, allowing you to see EVERYTHING you've done for a week and dig into specific sports if you so choose.

Keep the ideas coming and we'll keep working on the site!

Triathloneers, Rejoice!

I've taken the first few steps toward providing a better way for you to track combined workouts, such as "brick" and triathlons. Now you can create and add sections of a workout and combine them as part of a larger multi-sport workout. "FINALLY!", some of you will cry, while others shudder with trepidation - knowing that you now have no excuse not to do those brick workouts you've been putting off.

On the add/edit workout screen you'll notice a couple of extra boxes; one for assigning the current workout to a larger event, and another to set the order within the event. Needless to say, you can ignore these for the usual one-off workout or race. We realise it's a little ugly at the moment, but rest assured we'll be looking at ways to make it easier for you to add grouped and complex workouts.

While only some of the existing workout tracking and analysis tools have been updated to take advantage of this addition, you can start creating combined workouts now (or going back and editing old triathlon results). Over the next couple of weeks more graphs and sidebar scripts will appear with support for combined workouts.

To begin setting up your first combined workout event, follow these few steps:
- Log in and click the Preferences link.
- Enter a new sport that describes the overal combined event : such as Triathlon or Brick
- Go to "Add Workouts"
- Add a new workout of this combined sport type, entering all of the overall details of the event (Triathlon name, total time, distance, etc)
- Add each sub-workout (or leg) of the event and assign each to the main combined workout you just created by selecting it from the list at the bottom of the form. Don't forget to enter the order that it fits within the group.

It's triathlon season in many countries right now. A perfect time to start exploring this new feature!

On another note, I've redesigned the scripts area and provided more information for the usage of each of the scripts. Please let us know if your browserr or system has trouble displaying it.


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