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It's time to update your feeds, bookmarks, sidebars, and for those truly devoted fans (the ones I love the most) time to get a new tattoo.

After almost wonderful 4 years with the amazing Jeff at BTT, I decided to get my own domain, taking me one step closer to fame and notoriety.

So ....

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Laugh ... Live ... Run

the loss of an hour


I think it started last Wednesday with a radio announcement reminding you that this weekend you had to set your clocks forward.

My mind and body fell into a dark disparaging depression with the realization that I would be losing an hours sleep.

It could of been some type of flu, but I like to think my mind got sad over the lost hour and decided to make me want to sleep an extra 47 hours in the next 3 days to make up for it.

Thursday I felt like crapola all afternoon. Like I hadn't slept at all the night before, when I had at least 6 blissful hours of slumber. I was supposed to meet the girls for a training session, but cancelled. Instead of a grueling and laughter filled hour of muscle torture I went home and crawled into bed.

I slept for 3 hours, got up ate soup, watched Survivor and ER, then went back to bed and slept for 8 more wonderful hours.

Friday I was tired all day.


Which sends my overactive paranoid brain to google to diagnose my symptoms. This never turns end well. I am either iron deficient or have 3 days to live. If you are using the computer as a doctor you tend to lean towards the latter.

I had a couple beers with J on Friday night, and was in bed* by 8pm. Which is really sad if infact I have only 3 days left to live it up.

Saturday morning there was a talk by a Naturopath at the running store before our run.

Perfect timing.

All my hypocondriatic tendencies were deflected from self diagnoses to an actual professional.

I've made an appointment with the Naturopath which in all seriousness I think will be quite educational. It's at the end of the month.

I started to feel better Saturday and getting up Sunday morning wasn't the horror I thought it would be. I felt pretty good and did 8 miles, which I was very happy with.

I'm feeling almost 100% back to normal again today. I'm also wondering if it has something to do with drinking coffee again. Since mid-January I was limited to one cup a week, but it's Roll up the Rim** time, and I've had a coffee*** everyday for the last week.

* alone
** A yearly promotion at Tim Hortons, you roll up the rim on your cup and you could win money, a car, computers, etc ... so far in nine attempts I have won one coffee.
*** I left my coffee theory to the end because I am loving having a coffee everyday again, it completes me. I really don't want my tiredness to be linked in anyway to caffeine.

ice cream headache


without the joy and satisfaction of ben & jerry.


Normally speed work is indoors at the university track on a Tuesday night. This week it was outdoors.

When I was packing my bag of running stuff, it was deceiving sunny out, making me think it was warm. So I didn't pack a hat or headband-ear-protector-thingy.

When we started the run it was (-18/-4).

We had a warmup (which made me colder than before), then 3 loops of a 1.5 mile route around the park.

At the end of loop one, my ears were throbbing, so I ran the second loop with my hands on my ears, screaming ".... la la la la can't hear you"

By the end of loop two it felt like an axe was impaled in my forehead.

When I got back to my car I put the heater on full and stuck my head as close to the vent as my lack of flexibility would allow.

The non-ice-cream headache lasted til almost 11pm. My head must be pretty dense to take that long to thaw!

another challenge ....


It's challenge time again!

I love a challenge ... well ... unless it's the Ab Challenge with the smiley happy model, that just makes me want to stick hot pokers in eyes.

Chandra has put together The March Boot Buster Challenge!

What I like about this type of challenge are the points. You get points for everything. Well almost everything, all the good things that we should be doing. Exercise, eating well, drinking water, even stretching.

Here's the point system:

Exercise Points:
1 point per mile walked/ran
1 point per 15 minutes of "other" cardio (ie spinning, kickboxing, step, etc...)
1 point per 15 minutes weight training or pilates
1 point per 30 minutes of yoga or stretching or abs

Healthy Eating Points:
1 point for every 3 servings of fruit/vegetable eaten
1 point per 24oz water drank (max of 16oz can come from tea/coffee)

Yesterday I racked up 13 points. I love obsessing about the points. I've already calculated what I could potentially earn today and the rest of the week, then I re-calculate my total points if I drank the equivalent to a small lake of water, and ate nothing but vegetables.

I realize this makes me appear slightly unstable. Don't worry I am completely aware of the new level of insanity I have reached. As long as your are aware you aren't really crazy ... right?

It's 11am, I've been playing with my point spreadsheet, downloading the cycle schedule and checking my mileage for way too long. I wonder how long my enthusiasm for points and my status as employed will last?

the best thing ever ...


I did 9 miles in this morning under bright sunshine and chilly temps. I've had a permanent red glow to my face since, it is either sunburn or frost bite. After the run I did a quick circuit of leg weights and abs, my legs are still feeling the after burn of Thursdays workout.

This afternoon a friend called, she is joining the gym and needed some cute workout gear to motivate her to go. Totally logical. I relate completely.

So off we went to Lululemon.

The purpose was to find her cute outfits, she headed to the changing room and I brought items for her to try on. This worked for 2 minutes. Then I started loading my arms up with things for me ... oops.

I ended up buying these two ...


a bright pink zip up jacket and the most fantastic running shirt ever invented.


the jacket ...


and this (SPF Shrug Tech), at first glance it looks like a long sleeve running shirt. But it's more than that, so much more than that. It's a tank and a detactable shrug. That's right, two in one. So on a coolish morning you start out with both, then as you warm up, take of the shrug ... brilliant! If that's not enough, the sleeves have thumb holes.

I love it!

stand in ...


I stood in for a friend at a personal training group session last night. There are normally four of them and they go once a week for an hour.

Since S was out of town on business I was the stand in.

Last night was a lot of squats and lunges, lunges and squats and kicking, making today a lot of standing.

It was a great workout. I really like the interval style workout and the time flew by making fun of each other ... okay D making fun of me.

But today ....

OUCH ...

When I have to sit, like say on the toilet (and yes I have tried to imagine a way of doing it without sitting), I get halfway down, butt muscles spasm and I drop with a bang. Which is a lot less painful than getting up is!

I am going to mask the pain in my arse with copious amounts of alcohol.

the ab challenge review


You may or may not have noticed the lack of posts, updates even a brief mention of the six pack abs challenge in the last month.

The one and only mention of the challenge is when I said I was going to do it.

Flashback to January 19th (time travel just like Lost)

Wooo hooo sign me up! I'm in! I'll the Self Magazines Ab Workout three times a week for a month.

This will be so much fun!

January 20th ... living room floor ...

Workout on my laptop screen. Have to keep getting up and re-reading the instructions.

It might have been the instructions or my interpretation of them, but I couldn't seem to grasp what I was doing.


The Jeannie

Targets: Sides (obliques)
Kneel with forearms one on top of the other. Keeping shins as planted as possible, slowly lower hips to left, allowing torso to bend right as you sit on left hip (as shown). Squeeze abs to return to start. Repeat to right to complete one rep. Do 12 reps.

I'm a visual person, if someone shows me I get, or even if there were two pictures I think I would understand better.

I found it really frustrating.

I did the whole workout - well my version of it.

... three days go by ....

why did I sign up for this? I'll try again.

The second time was better and worse. I didn't have to refer to the computer screen as often, but I've decided I hate this workout and don't want to do it.

Complete 3/4 of workout half-heartily.

... a week after that ...

Watching celebrities with flat stomachs and guilt of ditching the program forces me back to the floor.

I don't even bother to open my laptop. I just do 3 sets of crunches. I like simple.

Self Magazines Ab Workout - review

I didn't like it. It just wasn't for me. The pictures and explanations were complicated and confusing. Most of the exercises were new to me so that didn't help. Plus the girl in the picture is always smiling. It's unnerving. Who smiles when they are doing an ab workout.


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