With warm regards

With the ending of my training season rapidly approaching, I have been evaluating the continuation of this blog. For the past many months, more and more of my journal entries have been done in private, never arriving on the face of this site. In doing so, I have discovered a new freedom to express myself that is not afforded by being so public. It is after much thought that I have decided to take this blog offline.

I appreciate all of you for your devoted following as my running, grieving, and family healing as it has evolved. I feel like I am finally crawling out from under and am ready to seek out the joy once again.

Never fear; I will still be ever present in the blogosphere. I will continue to be in contact with you via your blogs and, for those who do not have a blog, via email. Also, I will post my final race report on my TNT site following my race on October 19th.

Thank you so much.


I'm glad you will keep writing, but understand taking it offline. Looking forward to your TNT race report and to keeping in touch other ways.

Hugs to you!

You'll be missed around here.

Have a great race. Go Team!

Julie, Thanks for sharing so much of your journey. I learned a great deal from you. Sending warm thoughts for your continued healing for you and the boys. Enjoy your race and one day I do hope to read about your BQ. Take care!

have a wonderful time!
best wishes from Huntsville AL

Best wishes on race day. I'll be thinking about you and running that race with you in my head. :)

I've enjoyed reading here But understand the need to do what's best for you.

I'll miss reading you for sure. good luck with your journey with your boys. Let us know if you change your mind.

I'll miss reading you for sure. good luck with your journey with your boys. Let us know if you change your mind.

I'll miss reading your posts :) I always looked forward to seeing a new post from 'Keeping Pace' popup in my reading list. I can understand the need to go offline though. Good luck and much happiness on the journey forward :)

Hi Julie.

I, too, want to thank you for your blog. It really made a difference for me to read your thoughts and to feel along with your feelings these past 18 months, as I struggled in disbelief with losing Tom.

Thank you for your generosity.

Love and respect,

Thanks for sharing your life with us Juls!!

Oh say it so! I will miss you, Juls. You are truly a lovely, honest woman. Please stay in touch.

Oh say it aint so, Joe! I will miss you so much. Please stay in touch.

Wow... Good luck and I'm glad you are enjoying the power of private journal entries. Good for you.

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