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Guest Blogger: Snow in Sabino

Kiera wrote me an awesome e-mail today about her run in snowy Sabino. I'm incredibly jealous that she got to run in the snow! I had to drive to Phoenix today for two meetings; not nearly as fun as running snowy Sabino. Sigh.

"So I turned my iPod up loud enough that I could hear neither the sound of my foot falls, nor my ragged breath.
But I set out from the house (from the house!) at 11:01 this morning. I laced up my spankin' white Sauconys and hit the road.

I decided to run the Bluff Trail and take the Dam Trail back, so the reverse of what we did last time. When I remembered to look up, it was beautiful, all picturesque with the snow making everything look pure and wholesome. And I was running, which seemed wholesome, too. A few minutes into the Bluff trail I was like, What the hell was I thinking, signing up for that trail race? I'm totally going to die. But the feeling passed as I found my groove. As I passed certainly spots, I would think of the conversations we've had in those places. 'This is where we talked about how men can't multi-task; this is the spot where --" It's funny how the mind works. But that, and Modest Mouse blaring through my brain, kept me going. Up, up, up.

I got to the top of the Bluff Trail and ran up the road to the picnic spot where the Dam Trail cuts across. I'm not sure exactly what I did differently, but somehow I ended up crossing back over so I was in the wash area right below the Bluff Trail, like along the sandbar or something. So I met back up with the Bluff Trail at the 'V' point (you know, where you make a sharp turn, where they put in those rocks like cobblestones) and followed that back in, willing the burning bush to come into sight. I kept seeing people right when I was ready to walk, but I didn't want to look like a wuss, so I kept up the illusion of happy runner girl. But as I was running along, I came up with what I believe is a new word (I haven't checked any dictionaries, so I could be wrong, but let's just say, for the sake of argument, that it's new): Contextualize. Definition: To rationalize an action by citing situational reasons.

I think that was my peak brain activity for the day. But, the upshot: great run, just over an hour, door-to-door. I was out there and that makes it good. Here are some pics from up there."





Wow! Those pictures are incredible!

Pictures of cacti covered in snow - that's cool!

The free dictionary already defines "Contextualize": "To place (a word or idea, for example) in a particular context."

Sorry, Kiera

Sounds and looks fabulous.

Awesome pictures! It's killing me but I just talked to a girl who's from AZ and used to run in Sabino all the time. I think she's one of the newer girls that works at Nike.

Well, Thomas, maybe next time I will run with a dictionary. But if you noticed, your "dictionary" definition is old. I clearly cite the new and improved meaning.

And the photo credit goes to Mike

How beautiful!

How beautiful!

Ok, I'm incredibly jealous now too. Beautiful photos that look like something out of National Geographic.

Just awesome pictures! Thanks for showing the world how beautiful Arizona can be.



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