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So there's this canyon in Arizona, you may have heard of it? It's really deep, like a vertical mile from the rim to the river. It's so big, I heard it was called the Grand Canyon.

I'm so excited - C and I are heading up there next week! I get to run at the Grand Canyon, too cool. I'm not going to attempt a down-and-back, it's too hot for that. But I am going to run along the rim trail, and possibly down the South Kaibab Trail to Cedar Ridge, I've heard it's a great view there.

Ash and Johnny are going on a summer vacation - leaving tomorrow and gone for almost two weeks, yikes! I'm sure I'll survive, but it'll be tough.

I haven't run since last Thursday. From no insoles to being sick, it's been a tough week. Tomorrow morning I want to get out, then I'm thinking about hiking on Saturday and I want to do a long run on Sunday. Rest Monday, get a few miles in Tuesday before heading to the Grand Canyon, and then a long run up there, woo hoo!!!!
I totally forgot that I have a 5k race tomorrow night! I ran this morning, only 3.4 miles - jeez louise, I couldn't take a deep breath! Isn't being sick just grand? Tomorrow's race will be interesting, to say the least. I think I'll do yoga in the morning, work a little in the afternoon, then run the race. Sunday morning will be a 13 mile run, followed by more work (to make up for some of my hours at the Grand Canyon), and I'll rest Monday.

I realized as I was updating my dayplanner (with Ash's absence), that J and Ash going on their two-week vacation now is actually a really beneficial thing for my running. I am planning on packing in some good training in the next two weeks, along with more yoga. (Can you tell I'm trying to find the silver lining here???)

Writing and Running


A recent call for entries for an essay contest lit my writing fire. As I've already discussed at length, I love to write. My (ambitious/lofty/unattainable?) goal is to someday make a living by writing. I also want to write a memoir (although I fear it's been done to death).

I've spent the last month writing and rewriting (and rewriting again) my essay for the contest, and today I realized it's final. I'm ready to send it in. It's scary and exciting. I don't actually think I'll win the contest; winning isn't really the point. The important part is that I did it - I sat down and wrote. And now I'll submit it. It's the first steps towards fulfilling my goal! I'm grateful to have found an incredible editor in C, and my very own Miss Grammar Girl in Kiera.

I haven't run since that 8-miler in the heat last Thursday. I've been sick with a nasty cold/cough, and I've been taking it easy. Ash and I lounged around this weekend, enjoying time at home and the library. I'm feeling (yet another) shift in my attitude toward my running, my life, my time, my weight, my priorities. I'm not stressing about the running. If I don't get in enough shape in time for the 50k in July, so be it. I'll view it as a long run - if I make the whole thing, great. If I DNF after 15/20/25 miles, then I DNF. At least I get to see Olga, meet Sarah and Hippo and whoever else might be out there. I'll enjoy my stay in OR, even if I don't finish the race. I'm not too concerned at this point in time, knowing my life has changed - somewhat dramatically in certain areas - since I first chose to register for it. I don't want to stress out thinking that because life got in the way one weekend - I got sick - I missed a crucial long run, throwing my training and mileage-building off. Right now, my longest run to date has been a whopping 11.6 miles and my greatest miles in one week was 27 miles two weeks ago. With the limitations I have - only being able to run a long run every other weekend and only being able to run three weekday mornings - I don't really see how it's possible to safely build up to a 20+ mile long run/30+ miles per week before July 28th!

The marathon in September still holds pull on me - I want to run that with Kiera, and I believe I still have plenty of time to get in the necessary long runs for training before Sept. 22.

After the marathon, I think I will focus on running as more of a fitness thing as opposed to a hobby. Something I do to keep the muscles in my legs strong (damn I love seeing those!), to keep my weight managable, to stay healthy. I like the idea of trying a half-marathon or two (I still haven't tried that distance), and possibly working on my speed. I'd also like to expand my fitness activities. Soccer is something that has been intriguing me, and I'd love to get back into tennis. I've found myself missing rock climbing lately. I'll never give up running. And I'm pretty sure that ultrarunning in still in my future - a few years down the road, perhaps...

Oh, I have a 5k on Saturday that I'm looking foward to - the course winds through downtown Tucson, and each entrant gets two tickets to Chariots of Fire (which I've never seen) in the Fox Theatre afterwards. C says he's not so sure he wants to watch a movie with a bunch of sweaty runners...I hope we all don't smell up the theatre too much :) Should be a blast!

(a quick pop-culture note: apparently, Scarlett Johansson was in Tucson this week...)

It's an hour and a half drive from Tucson to the top of Mt. Lemmon in the Santa Catalina Mountains, a nearby sky island of trees criss-crossed by trails. Many acres have been charred by recent wildfires, but the mountain - and the small community of Summerhaven at the top - is springing back to life.

I decided I would be willing to spend the time and gas money to make the trip in order to get 12 miles in. I missed my Sunday run (ARGH!), and wanted to make up some miles. I wound my way up, up, up, singing along with Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians. I was excited and ready and just before I pulled into Marshall Gulch - a favorite picnic area/trailhead at the top - I realized I forgot my insoles.

I recently bought a new pair of Montrail Hardrocks, a pair of Sauconys and one pair of Superfeet insoles. One pair of insoles, to be shared between both shoes. One pair of insoles left in the Sauconys, which were at home, 90 minutes away.

I scrounged around through my car, desperately seeking something - anything - I could use for insoles. I tried stuffing some scraps of materials in my shoes, but it didn't work. I slowly lowered myself back into the car, and as I wound my way back down, down, down the mountain, the empty silence of the car was broken by my sobs.

Melodramatic? Yes. And so heartfelt. I was heartbroken. I wanted and needed that run. I am worried to death about not running enough for my upcoming 50k. I am worried about time and about money and about the fact that gas costs $3.06 per gallon. I am stressed out, at my wit's end with some personal things, and I needed space. I needed the meditation, the release, the comfort and endorphins from that run, and I didn't get it. I did get a good cry, though.

On a more positive note, I did manage to get out for 8 miles after work one day this week, which was nice. I headed out - even though it was 90 degree heat. I went to Sabino Canyon, where I saw five deer, a gila monster and I heard some sort of heavy breathing/high-pitched screaming/otherworldly chill-inducing noise. Mountain lion? Doubt it at 4 pm. But to see deer at that time of day was also unusual, so who knows. I followed the run with an ice bath, which felt fantastic, although next time I'll get two bags of ice. A leg message followed by some stretching also felt great.

On that run, it felt good to be out there, even though it was hot. I needed to feel that sense of toughness, to know I was still capable of such things. I found comfort in being out there in the heat, taking precautions to keep myself cool and hydrated and my electrolytes in balance. It was like coming home, being in the heat and taking care of myself. Sometimes I need reminding that I can do this sort of thing. That I have strength. That inner core of determination and grit that has gotten me through my life, my ultras.

Too bad I couldn't use that strength to conjure up some insoles.

A Quick Note


Before I dash off into my day...

This week, I've felt stormy. Thunderclouds gathered in my chest, electrical charges pulsed through my fingers. A number of overwhelming situations contributed to this, and I took Wednesday afternoon off in order to get my head on straight. Last night was the last of seven out-of-town evening meetings for two different projects I manage (I didn't have to attend them all, thank goodness). I am celebrating having made it through this week!

I ran on Tuesday morning to get the kinks out, and met Paki Wednesday morning for a 3-mile run along the River Path. After she took off for home, I decided that since I was out there, I might as well get 3 more. I almost bailed after two additional miles, but promised myself a mocha if I did the extra mile. I did the extra mile - for a total of 6.5, yay! - and the mocha was gross. (I opted for the new orange mocha. Does anyone remember the Valencia mocha Starbucks used to carry? It was an orangey mocha and I loved it. But this time around, it's disgusting. Maybe the barista just put too much orange syrup in it? I dunno...)

Thursday morning was a rest day, since I had Ash. And this morning, I was planning on doing 8, but realized my knees and hips were hurting, and I know I've upped my mileage pretty dramatically, so I thought better to play it safe than sorry, and opted for 3.4 followed by some good stretching. (I've missed my yoga classes for the last week and a half due to the above-mentioned meetings.) I'm feeling pretty good now. Tomorrow is another rest day before Sunday, when I'll attempt 12 to 14 miles on the mountain as a modified version of what my trail running group is doing.

Weekly mileage since Feb:
week of: 2/12 - 13.5
2/19 - 13.4
2/26 - 8
3/5 - 16.4
3/12 - 21.29
3/19 - 10
3/ 26 - 15.4
4/2 - 4.42
4/9 - 16.10
4/16 - 12.5
4/23 - 8.9
4/30 - 23.9
5/7 - 27.3

I got new shoes this week - both trail and road. I've been running in my road shoes on the trails since Novemeber, and it's starting to suck. I tried on lots of different pairs of trail shoes, and ended up with my old standby - the Montrail Hardrocks. For road shoes, I got the Saucony Pro Grid (Pro Omni? Don't recall...), which is the new version of the shoe I'm currently running in - the Saucony Grid Omni - that I absolutely love. I also decided to get inserts, which I used for the first time this morning. I love the extra stability they seem to add.

Question: is an ice bath still effective if you take it an hour or two after your run? (I like to run on the mountain. It takes a good hour and a half to get home. I wonder if I could still do an ice bath or if it's one of those things that needs to be done immediately.)

Like, Totally, Whoa


So, like, some kids at school, like, are totally cool, and like, Ash wants to, like, mimic them, like, all the time, and it is like, driving me insane. He's also decided that it's like, not cool to like, brush his hair, so now when I approach him with the comb, he like, runs away, and tells me in, like, a totally condenscending way, "M-ooo-ooo-ooom, I want my hair to be like, cool, Mom. Brushing my hair is like, so not cool."

He's freaking four years old!


Back to our regularly scheduled programming:
But first, Happy Mother's Day to all my fellow mothers out there!

Saturday morning, Ash and I make it up to Kiera's on time, whereupon Kiera and I dash out for a quick four miles. Okay, supposed to be a quick four miles, but it turned into a HOT and SLOW four miles. But we did it. I told Kiera all about my family's Mother's Day Brunch I was going to after our run, and how I had just realized that morning that it's at a golf resort, which means - duh! - I should dress up somewhat for it! I had grabbed a comfy, cute, pink-and-white striped dress to wear, and I told Kiera how it's low-cut, so I was going to wear a sports bra under it. "A sports bra?!" Kiera was incredulous. One does not wear a sports bra under a nice dress to a golf resort.

Once back at Kiera's, I hopped in the shower for a quick rinse, then donned the sports bra and dress. Upon showing Kiera how it really wasn't a horrible idea, she decides the so-called sports bra is actually more of a cami-type thing, and deems it worthy.

On on the way up to Mesa, I ate a chocolate zbar to hold me over. About halfway up, Kiera texted me, "A bralet. Not a sports bra. Not a cami. A bralet." Apparently, she researched it. Once I arrive at the golf resort, I look down at my bralet and dress, and realize there are chocolate crumbs all over both. I step out of the car and attempt to wipe them off, to no avail. The chocolate had embedded itself all over the front of my adorable dress. ARGH!

In the middle of the golf resort parking lot, I throw denim shorts on under my dress, and then thank the stars I wore a sports bra - excuse me, bralet. I take off my dress - yes, in the middle of the parking lot - and throw on my Cinco de Mayo 10k t-shirt. At least I had a change of clothes with me!

Sadly, Ash and I were the only ones in shorts and t-shirts. My whole family - boys and girls alike - were dressed up. But at least Ash and I matched!

After the brunch, we went to my mom's house and played in the pool. Ash was completely exhausted and slept the whole way home.

Saturday evening, I had an excellent carbo-loading dinner at Gavi. I slept in Sunday morning, and took my time getting ready for my long run. This was my first completely unsupported long run - during my last two training cycles, Johnny and Ash would come out and play while I ran. I usually built my routes so that at various points throughout the run, I would be able to access Johnny and Ash. They'd keep extra water and food handy - they were my roving aid stations. Plus, it just feels good to know that throughout a long run, I'll be able to check in with people. So I was feeling slightly intimidated about this run.

On Friday morning, I had asked Johnny for a recommendation on a 10 mile run on the mountain, knowing that he's an encyclopedia of Tucson trail knowledge. He suggested an out-and-back using trails I've run before, and three miles of dirt road that I love. Neither one of us actually consulted anything for the total mileage on this route.

As I was getting ready, I realized I didn't have any gels. Oops. I also debated how much water I should take, and how - use a camelback and if so, which one? Use handhelds? Use my waist pack? I decided on using one 24-ounce water bottle in my waist pack, which meant I had to wear my bike shorts (I can't wear regular shorts with this waist pack, because it makes them ride up, argh!). The new red singlet Ash and Johnny got me for Mother's Day fit perfectly, and was just right length-wise with these shorts. I managed to squeeze everything I wanted to bring with me into the small pocket in the pack.

I headed out and decided to stop by an Albertson's grocery store on the way - I had discovered gels at another Albertson's in town and hoped the one on the way to the mountain would have some as well. And they did, YAY!!!

I got started on my run at about 11:15. I was surprised at how many people were on the trails. It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm. It was so awesome to be running - okay, hiking - in trees. I made it up the first 1.6 rather quickly and headed over to the dirt road. Three miles up, up, up at an incline that is perfect for running down and perfectly wrong for running up. Slight enough that I felt like I should be running, but too steep to actually run for long. But I did my best. It was at this point I turned on my iPod shuffle, keeping the music down low enough that I could still hear cars approaching, birds chirping and the wind through the trees. I found having the music was a life-saver. I usually spend my runs in the woods alone worrying over what bear might be hiding behind what tree, and the music took the edge off - instead of worrying about what was out there to get me, my brain sang along with the music. It was a perfect distraction. It also helped to keep me going at times when I wanted to slow down.

I realized I probably didn't bring enough water with me, and tried to drink judiciously. I also started wondering about the actual mileage on this route. I made it to the top of the road. A mountain biker was studying his map at at the point where the trail to my turnaround and water leaves the road, and I asked him if he was headed down that way. He was. I took off in front of him knowing he'd be by to pass me soon enough. I pulled off to tie my shoes tighter at a switchback where old and new trails intersect. I thought my spot was good - he could see me, wouldn't hit me, and he'd also be sure to ride the correct way down. Well, he saw me, he didn't hit me, but he rode the wrong way. I thought maybe he did it on purpose? I thought to call out to him, but he was in deep concentration and had seemed a little put off at the top when I talked to him. So I shrugged and went on my merry way. Made it to the turnaround, filled up my water and headed back up the trail. I felt bad, thinking he most likely meant to come down and I should have said something. Sure enough, about half way back up, he came down. He didn't say a word to me.

I made it up to the road and started the three-mile gentle descent, weaving back and forth across the road to make the most use of sporadic shade. I really started thinking about the total mileage and realized that this route was definitely longer than 10 miles, and I definitely didn't bring enough water.

My quads were shot by the time I made it down to the 1.6 miles of trail that would take me to my car. I was in pain and out of water, but feeling good. I hobbled my way down this trail, hoping I wouldn't fall off the steep mountainside. Not much running happened here! I made it back to the trailhead and slowly walked to my car.

I did it. I was so proud of myself! It was such a fun run and I did it unsupported and didn't get lost! I was severely dehydrated and my electrolytes were WAY off. I was naseous and hot and my fingers were fat sausages. I made my way to the general store in the small community on the top of the mountain and picked up chocolate milk and pretzels. I didn't want to eat or drink, but I forced myself to slowly consume it, knowing it would be best for me. I perked up about 45 minutes later.

Ash and Johnny took me to a favorite greek restaurant for Mother's Day dinner, which was a perfect way to end a wonderful weekend. Johnny and I discussed the total mileage, and it turns out I ran 11.6!!! (For a total of 27 miles this week, WOO HOO!!!!) Ash and I went home and I rubbed Icy Hot all over my tired, sore legs - oh! it was wonderful!

This morning, I'm not too sore. I definitely feel it, but it's not painful sore, it's achy sore. I'm looking forward to more running this week (around all the out-of-town meetings - can't wait for those to be over!). No yoga though, due to those meetings. I'll need to remember to stretch at home.

Um, Okay Then


Well, now I remember why I've been avoiding taking Ibuprofen before a run. That run Tuesday? The one that felt so great, so fantastic? Yeah, I took Ibuprofen beforehand. And as a result, I totally pushed myself, and my hamstrings have been thanking me - loudly, painfully - for that all week. Youch!

I didn't run Wednesday morning as a result. I stopped by the grocery store on my way home Tuesday from that out-of-town meeting to pick up some Icy Hot at the suggestion of a friend. I got home at 8:45, rubbed the (smelly - but in a good way) stuff on my legs and laid belly-down on my bed, enjoying the warmth spreading through my legs that was relaxing them for the first time in months. 15 minutes later, a loud snore woke me up and I realized I had totally conked out - the lights were still on in the house! I got ready for bed, and went to sleep. I slept until 7:45 the next morning, wow.

I wasn't supposed to run this morning; I was supposed to have Ash. But I didn't, so I ran. I went to bed late, but still set my alarm, remembering that the important thing is to get up, get my clothes on and get out the door. The alarm startled me awake, and I rolled over, groaning. Then I started my encouragement, and managed to get up, get my clothes on and get out the door. I didn't worry about exerting effort during the run, or if it would hurt, or how boring it is to run around my neighborhood or do circles around the local park. I just concentrated on getting up. I think I got about 5.5 miles (I haven't mapped it yet) - hard, slow, but good.

Four miles tomorrow morning with Kiera before Ash and I head north to celebrate Mother's Day on Saturday with my family, and then I have 10 miles on tap for Sunday. I'm feeling pretty strong about my running lately, and I'm glad to see the scale has finally tipped - it's starting a downward slide, yay!

I updated my left sidebar to reflect my upcoming volunteer/crew efforts as well as my volunteer/crew recaps. I've also added a 5k race to my upcoming races. Finding folks for the relay around Tucson in October is somewhat of a challenge, but I think we are up to about six so far, which isn't too bad!

I also need to get my Internet fixed at home. My computer is finally fixed, but now the Internet is down, argh!

UPDATE: Cinco de Mayo 10k Photos are uploaded

There is an interesting article in today's paper about a local ultrarunner. Check it out!

I rested Monday after Sunday's effort. My hamstrings were shot. I decided to get out for a few miles this morning. The original plan was for just a couple easy miles, but then I decided I wanted 6. So I headed out for 6.1 miles. This was my first 6-mile pre-work run on this training cycle, and as I thought about it afterwards, I realized that was sort of a big milestone for me. But this morning, it didn't feel like a big milestone. I just wanted six miles and that's what felt right so that's what I did.

At about 4.7 miles, it hit - that feeling. You know what I mean. That feeling that hits you when you get warmed up and into a groove and the endorphins start to flow. The ohh-yeah-THAT'S-why-I-run feeling. The oh-man-this-is-the-greatest-thing-in-the-world feeling. A smile starts to spread over your face and you feel invincible. The pain has faded and there's nothing but you and the wind and the sun and the breeze. Ahh, that's the life.

Good thing I started today like that, because shortly after, I discovered one of my tires were flat. Then I ran into a pole in the covered parking thing-a-ma-bob at work and am now sporting a nice patch of turquoise on the front bumper of my car. After a coworker coached me through how to put air in my tires, she worked with me to get my car to the tire shop and me back to work. An hour later, my tire was patched (damn nail) and all four tires were balanced and rotated. Just in time for me to leave for an out-of-town meeting this evening, whew.

I completely forgot to write about the awesome kids race on Sunday - yes, bad mom, I know! This was the first kids race where Ash actually knew what he was doing. He took off like a shot and hit all four corners and made it back to the start. He was so cute and had so much fun. I'm still working on the pictures - hopefully I'll have them up this week.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Alrighty, I'm off to that out-of-town meeting. Can't wait to read all the accounts of everyone's races this past weekend - particularly the Miwok recaps!

My first 10k!


Woo hoo! What fun!

(I have lots of wonderful pictures, but my computer is not reading my camera, argh!!!!)

Woke up bright and early without needing my alarm at 5:25 (hmm, noticing a pattern here, nice!). Quickly dressed, brushed my teeth and ate a half a powerbar. Ash woke up just as Johnny arrived. We hustled out of the house, loaded up his car and hit the drive-thru at Starbucks for some early morning java to perk Johnny up and some vanilla horizon milk for Ash. I kept drinking my powerbar endurance drink and water. We got to the starting line early enough to grab a nice parking spot and then it was off to the porta-potties. Again, early enough to have only a brief wait in line.

Then we headed to the start/finish area to await Paki's arrival. Shortly before she arrived, I saw Mike getting ready for his warm-up. When I jogged over to wish him luck, he said Kiera was still on the fence about coming out for the race. I was hoping she'd be there.

I also got to talk to a fellow trail runner who was at Zane Grey last weekend. He said he didn't see me there, but had looked at my photos and then my blog. He found the post I wrote about my first ultra - Pemberton 50k 2006 - and said that he usually doesn't make it all the way through those sorts of things, but loved reading my post! What a great way to start the day :)

Paki and I met up, and Ash gave good luck hugs to both of us. As we drifted to the starting line, I heard my phone ring - Kiera was wondering where we were. "I'm over here!" I yell, before realizing that "over here" could be anywhere :) "To your, uh, left!" We laughed, Haiden gave me a good luck hug, and then they were off to the front to cheer on Mike. Paki and I lined up about mid-pack and then the gun went off.

The weather was perfect - gentle breezes, not too hot, not too cold. Paki and I ran well together - she reminded me not to burn out in the first couple of miles, and once she got warmed up, she helped me get up the hills (all of which I ran). I had been intimidated by this race in the past, due to the hills and time of year it's put on. But the hills were not bad, and the temperature this year was just right. Paki and I talked a little bit at first, but then concentrated on running.

The course winds through the Tucson Mountains, next to a golf course and below stunning red cliffs. We had fun watching the front-runners go by, and after a never-ending hill, we hit a turn that took us down to the turnaround. There was plenty of water and cups at each water stop, and cute kids handing out the cups. Paki and I were feeling good, and as we headed back up, we were able to tick off a few runners. Then it was downhill - oh, the joy! As I ran down, I commented to Paki that I couldn't believe I actually ran UP this hill! We passed a few more runners, including a guy in a yellow shirt, who I guess didn't like being "chicked" because shortly after, he came FLYING by. But then we hit the last water stop, where Paki didn't want any water and I ran ahead, then jogged through. Yellow Shirt walked, and Paki and I flew back by him. We passed a few more runners, one of which then had an awesome surge up a final hill - Paki and I were beat by then, and there was no way we could keep up with her! Suddenly, the finish line appeared, and we gave it a final kick to the end.

I had forgotten my watch, so I had no clue what my time was. Kiera guessed around 1:09, which was great - I was hoping for under 1:10. I found the results - where strangely enough, Paki is not mentioned - and I finished in 1:08:22, an 11-minute-mile pace. Not bad for a hilly 6.2 miles the day after I ran a hilly and fast 5.1 trail miles. I know I could have or possibly should have gone faster, but I am totally satisfied with my time.

I really enjoyed running this with Paki, and I loved the distance - much more than a 5k. Johnny, Ash and I hung out afterwards with Kiera, Mike and the kids for the chorizo and bean burrito breakfast and to cheer for Mike - he placed second in his age group (5th overall).

What a beautiful morning.

From singing an off-key version of Smile Like You Mean It by the Killers at the start, to flashing Kiera and Lisa as we compared sports bras and I had to eat my words about never wearing a champion sports bra (LOVE it), to warning Lisa that when Kiera says, "it's all downhill from here," she doesn't really mean it (we compromised on "It's all gently undulating from here), to the double-shot espresso clif shot supplying me seemingly endless energy, to contemplating tacking on an additional mile to run 6 in honor of the Miwok 100k runners out there running 60 miles today (as if my wearing Olga's old Miwok shirt wasn't enough in honor of those hardy folks), to guzzling a dark chocolate godiva mocha afterwards while resting my tired feet on the cool tile floor at Kiera's house, to doing yoga poses with three children climbing all over me and then mimicking me....this was a great run. I loved it. It was fast, furious, beautiful. I ran the uphills, I felt great. Kiera did awesome - Lisa and I joined her for the second half of her scheduled 10-miler, and at the end, she was still flying (I couldn't keep up!).

Lisa invited me to join her and a few friends running some trails on Monday morning - I am very much looking forward to that.

To clarify about that 10k - it's tomorrow, not today. Paki dropped off my packet today; the shirt is in a woman's size and looks v. comfy and cute - yay! A cotton race shirt I might actually wear! I'm trying to take care of myself today to ensure a somewhat okay performance tomorrow. No matter what I run, it will be a PR, since I haven't officially done a 10k before :)

Going Mental


Yup, it's all mental. As Olga said, it's just a matter of me getting back into the groove of waking up, putting on my running clothes and heading out the door. Who cares what the results of the run are; the important thing is that I did it.

With that in mind, I woke up yesterday morning, got up, put on my running clothes and headed out the door. I went for 3.7 miles around the neighborhood, and it ROCKED. I love doing "music intervals" - speeding up or slowing down with the cadence of the music piped through my earphones.

I did not run this morning and I will not run tomorrow morning. I have 5 trail miles on Saturday, when I'll join Kiera halfway through her long run. (Thanks to Mike for watching Ash! I'm so grateful for your help on Saturday mornings!) Then Paki and I - with Kiera, Haiden, Finny, Ash and Johnny as our cheerleaders (and Mike, who of course will be done about the time Paki and I hit the turnaround point) - will run the Cinco de Mayo 10k, my first-ever 10k!!! (I have not ticked off many of the standard races: 10k, half-marathon, marathon. Remember, I sorta went from 5ks to 50ks. I skipped all the middle parts.)

This will give me 23.5 miles for the week; the most yet, yay! I'm hoping to up this so that by June, I'm regularly running 35+ miles per week. I'm hoping to hit 43 miles in two separate weeks in my "monster month". We'll see how it goes.

Donald has asked if I have a sign-up sheet for crewing services, specifially for WS100 2008. I told him Olga has first dibs on everything, but he's next in line! :)


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