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C2U: Week Four

Did you get 10 miles in last week? I did - and more! WIth my pacing duties, I ended up with 22 miles, yikes. Y'all who are brand-newbies don't go doing that! It's a recipe for injury, that's for sure. Because my miles have been up up up before, this wasn't nearly as stupid as it seems (is this one of those "do as I say and not as I do" situations?!) :)

And did you get part of those 10 miles as a four-mile long run? I sure hope so - we're going to start building that up!

Let's do 11 miles this week. Do a 4.5-mile long run on the weekend, and break up the remaining 6.5 over two or three days during the week. Make sure the 4.5-mile long run is on a hilly course. We need to work on hills for ZG, that's for sure!

You'll notice I'm not assigning any speedwork or other types of runs right now; I'm just telling you to get relentless forward motion. That's because you're building up your base. This is what will make you a strong runner and help prevent injuries.


I did! I did! I got in my 10! YAY!

Wait...I just looked it was 8. Darn. LOL

Did it too. 2 x 3 miles, 1 x 4.5 miles.had not much energy, did it anyways.
so that's good right. Now on with week 4. Thanks for the training plan Angie, it's fun and helps a lot.

As a former runner who's been trying to get back to it after injuries I have to know: what's pacing? I'm guessing it's not the thing I do when my son comes out of school late!:)

did all of it, but on the threadmill. my body is fighting the flu since 4 weeks, so I thought that for two weeks i'll do the training inside, as it seems that each time i run outside, my cold gets worse. so next week i'll be training inside and hopefully by the weekend, training outside again...

Wishing you all a great week,:)

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