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C2U: Week One

(My race report should be up today or tomorrow)

Couch to Ultra Training Plan, Week One:

What you need to know
- I chart weeks from Monday through Sunday.

- When I say, "Run 20 minutes, four times this week," I use the term 'running' very loosely. What I really mean is RFM (Relentless Forward Motion) . Whether you run, walk, jog or crawl, I don't care. Get your body moving forward for the specified amount of time/distance. I don't care how fast or slow you are, but when you are training for a certain race, you'll need to know the cutoff times and if you can get fast enough to beat the cutoff times. Your goal here is not to win anything; your goal is to finish.

What you need to buy if you haven't already
- The most important piece of equipment are your running shoes. Eventually, I'll get you into some good shorts/shirts/sports bras with technical fabric, but for now, let's focus on shoes. You want running shoes. You want to go to a running shoe store, perferably one that videotapes you running on a treadmill to observe your gait. This way, they'll get you into shoes that will work with your running style. You'll feel better and possibly prevent injuries. Try Performance Footwear, Fleet Feet or (if you are in Tucson), The Running Shop.

- Second most important piece of equipment: a running journal. Either buy one at Barnes & Noble or keep one online (good log websites are www.breakingthetape.com and www.coolrunning.com). It's good to keep track of when you run (date/time), how you felt, what you ate/drank before/during/after, what shoes you wore (to keep track of mileage to know when to replace), how far you run, how long you run and what your pace is. This will help you keep an eye on if you need to get faster in order to make cutoff times, and by tracking your food/drink intake, you'll start to see trends on what fuels work better for your body.

Overview of the program
- We'll start with just getting you into a program of moving your body. Get used to getting out there (or on a treadmill) on a regular basis, if you aren't already. Figure out your average pace and get you comfortable with RFM.

- We'll up the time/distance gradually over the winter with a combination of short, moderate and long runs (some back-to-back long runs come February/March).

- By March (your "monster month"), you'll be running about 8 hours a week. This takes commitment!

Your assignment for the week of Oct. 8 - 14
- Start a running log.

- Budget for your shoes and figure out when you can buy them (in the next month would be good).

- Give me RFM for 20 minutes, four times this week. Let's get you used to being out and moving.

- Leave a comment to this post after each run you do - let me know that you are out there, moving your body! Let's celebrate!

Now GO.

All the silly stuff I have to include that you already know, aka legal disclaimer
- All information contained in www.breakingthetape.com/onepinkfuzzy is for educational purposes only.
- It is not a substitute for any advice given to you by your physician.
- Consult your physician before you begin any nutrition, exercise, or dietary supplement program.
- I assume no liability for information contained herein.
- I will not be held responsible in any manner whatsoever for any injury which may occur through reading and/or following information within this site.


Hi Angie, Finally the plan... Here it is already thuesday night 11 p.m.so I had my first run on the threadmill yesterday (6 kilometers, 50:09, speed 7.2 k/hour). I am not that fast but trying to speed up each week. As the point was for me to go running outside, i'll go as often as possible in the next six months. I already went outside on Saturday for a 5K at 43:55 at 7.30 a.m. it was glorious, sun shining, the quietness of nature... I was not that fast but I didn't stop which is kind of a miracle for me when i am running outside. I am Miss 13 minutes and i always needed to stop, so i was quite proud of the fact that i didn't stop for almost 44 minutes, but i gat myself a headache, so hopefully next time it won't be so(which will be tomorrow). I am since three months running 30 kilometers a week on the threadmill (good for the tensions in my body) but I will in the next weeks go outside more and more. Thanks again for the plan, I think i will enjoy doing it, this way. My way but with help. Your help. Thanks. Be safe out there and take care.

Pink fuzzy - you rock! In your next post will you please put in info about those roller-thingies? I think it's about time I invest in one!

(&btw - I love your glasses, the ones in the top left blog pic. Quite cool!)

So far so good. :>) I will probably only get out three times this week though but I think this week is good. Ran 26 slow minutes last night.

Wed. Oct. 10
Threadmill 6k 49:46
Maybe i'll run outside tomorrow otherwise it'll only be this weekend.
Nice pictures of your sunday run, looked like it was fun.

Gabrielle, good job getting outside and running last Saturday!

Taryn - I'll mention the foam roller in an upcoming post for sure.

thursday : 5k inside, 4k outside. it was misty my kind of weather...

Have a good running weekend.

Today made my 4th day running! I'm doing it!! I'm doing it!! LOL

Keep it comin', I'm ready!

saturday outside 7K. felt good, didn't stop, this is a first for me. don't exactly know the time, didn't have a watch, but hoe cares, right?!?!
Can't wait for next week's plan

sunday, outside 5k, not a lot of energy, but did it.
42:28 was my time, better than last week...and it was a beautiful day

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