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C2U: Week Two

How're you doing this week? Still running?


This week it's four 30-minute sessions. Leave some comments letting me know how far you run when you run for 20 and 30 minutes, to get a feel for your current pace (if you aren't already). Then I'll start changing things over to weekly mileage. Right now, you're just getting used to moving on a regular basis.

Next week, we'll introduce the concept of the long run/hike. You'll choose either Saturday or Sunday to do a longer run each week. I'll also switch from timed sessions to mileage per day/total for the week. Long runs are meant to be run on (steep) trails, if possible, to simulate conditions at Zane Grey, which is a wicked steep trail. (I'll be posting shortly about my Blackett's Ridge "run" I did yesterday; I chose that trail specifically to simulate ZG.) So keep that in mind, and start thinking about a hilly trail you can head to next week.

Right now, my mileage is about 10 miles per week (which is pretty low). The goal is to slowly (safely) up our miles until we are averaging 30 miles per week (that's going to take a couple months). By February/March, the goal is to have a few weeks over 30 miles (the more, the better trained we'll be for ZG - hopefully we'll have a few 40-mile weeks in there). In a few weeks, I'll post a full schedule showing miles per day/week/month, etc. and types of runs those should be.


Finding hills is a problem in the Netherlands as it is mostly flat. Fortunately we will in the only village with hills, though they are not quite as high as yours, but it will have to do. Going to the forest saturday to find some of those hills and train on them. can't hardly wait.

Still playing! My mileage is low this week but I will up it after the tri!

Still out there! Did 5K on Wednesday and Thursday outside. Had a side stitch and I didn't remember what I should do: stretch?, keep running and put pressure on it? or walk it out? So I walked it out, But was it the right thing to do?
Otherwise the runs felt good, going again this weekend... Have a nice weekend!

cold today (3 degrees). fields were frozen halfway thru the sun came out...nice day it is going to be. Deed 5K (42:36 best time this week so far) felt like a lot of work...it seems this week is my "working at it" week, my body needs to get used to the outside after 3 months at 30 k/w on the threadmill...Hopefully next week will be beter.