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From Couch to Ultra Training Plan

Okay, so we're not up to 30 people yet, but we've got time to add you to the list. I'm starting an RSVP list on the left sidebar under "Upcoming Races"...is your name there yet?

I was surprised when a few non- or newbie runners commented/e-mailed me regarding the fact that they'd like to train for the 50k (50k = 30 miles) (just to clarify, I am NOT running 50 miles for my birthday, I'm running 50 kilometers, which is 30 miles) . The most surprising of all? My sister!

She's a 25-year-old mother of four who does not run. She was on the dance squad in high school and played softball as a kid, so she has somewhat of a background in athletics (I always thought she was more athletic than me), but she's not a runner. I'm so excited to think that she is interested in doing this, and my brother-in-law has already committed to helping her by watching the kids so she can train.

With newbies expressing interest, I was already considering creating a plan to train for ZG, and now that my sis is asking for help, I've decided to do "The Couch to Ultra Training Plan" (C2U). It's still sort of rolling around in my head as to how exactly I'm going to do this, but I'm thinking it will include a weekly post with tips, tricks and schedule. I'll include links and resources, and help y'all who are interested in running an ultra.

Please leave a comment to this post if you want to "sign up" for this plan, and I'll create a new spot on my sidebar with links to your blogs and I'll add you to an e-mail list, so we can support each other while training for this race. Please feel free to e-mail me at onepinkfuzzy {at} gmail {dot} com, if you don't want to leave a comment or if you have any questions.

The first official C2U post will be Sunday, to prepare you for the first week of training.

(PS My cough is deep in my lungs now, and I have a race on Sunday! I haven't run in a week! Oh well. If I have to leisurely stroll through Sunday's race, I'll do so. The important thing is I'll be out there :))


C2U Training Plan. I love it!!

I am interested in checking out the plan! If I can hang with it I will!

Very interested with the C2U plan. Can't hardly wait till sunday.

you are the coolest, angie!! i will support the program in any way that i can.

I think I am interested....(I'am a "new/non/runner" ) I'll be Katie's running partner..hay,hay,hay :oS I don't know if I can do it! but I'll try, couch Ang!


Oh yeah, I'm so down. Although I think, no, correction, I WIL BE READY for the 50 miler. Bring it!

Dang, that's a little intense for me. I'd love to run with you but the whole really far on trails thing scares me a lot.

Hey Angie,
Great luck with your run. I just wanted to thank you again for haulin' my ass off the mountain at Twin Peaks last year.
Take care,

Is it too late to join the C2U club? Want to try a 50k in November 08 to celebrate my 40th birthday!

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