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"It's very DESERT here..." she says (Javelina Jundred 2007 Pacer Report Part I)

I was going to wait and post this as a giant blog entry on Sunday afternoon, but decided I'll do it in pieces. This is my diary of my experience at JJ100 2007.

8:27 p.m. Friday, Oct. 26
Sunset at the pre-race dinner
Well, DUH, Jess ;) Of course it's very "desert" out here!
Kirk F at the pre-race dinner
And yes, you read that title correctly. I am scheduled to pace Kirk F, a gentleman I met at Twin Peaks this year, for his miles 75-90 at 4:30 a.m. Sunday morning. He DNF'd last year, and this year is back to complete the course. I'm both excited and nervous about this. I've never paced anyone before (will he still be in the race? what condition will he be in? can I keep him awake, alert, out of the cactus, in a good mood?). I'll have to be up at 4 a.m. Sunday morning after a few restless hours of sleep in a tent on hard-packed dirt at race headquarters (will my alarm go off? will I wake up?). I'll have to be dressed appropriately (what's the temp going to be? did I pack properly?). I'll have to go 15 miles (I haven't done that in four months, am I ready? will I hurt myself? can I make it? will I slow him down?). I have to be prepared (do I have the right clothes? the right water bottles? did I bring my headlamp?).
Jess at the pre-race dinner
I volunteered for this after I heard he had Jess to pace him for miles 45-60 and another friend to pace miles 60-75, but no one for the rest of the course. I figure by then, he'll be really tired and most likely walking. I can walk 15 miles, of course. That won't injure me!
Angie at the pre-race dinner
I'll be sore, that's for sure. But it'll be worth it.
Jess on the trail
Oh yeah, the report for the day - picked up Jess from the airport, thought her luggage was lost but found it, got lost driving from the airport to my parents (I told you I was a bad driver), went out to the trailhead and did a run/walk of four miles (emphasis on the walk part - it was 93 degrees out; I am SO not ready for that kind of heat!), hung out at the pre-race dinner where I got to meet Steve and Hippo briefly, saw a javelina on our drive back, stopped by a local grocery store to get essentials and now we're at my mom's house, where we are currently cozily ensconsed with me on the 'net, and Jess talking to polish girl (read her blog for details :))
Part of the JJ100 Trail
7:07 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 27
Just woke up from a nice, deep 10-hour sleep. Sweeeet. I think Jess is still sleeping. We'll be taking our time getting ready this morning, then head up to the trailhead (about an hour from my mom's house), and spend the next 24 hours there. Thankfully, Kirk has a tent and sleeping gear, and I also happen to have a fleece blanket and sleeping bag in the trunk of my car (I always keep it there) (I don't just overpack for trips, I overpack for daily life too). This way both Jess and I can try to snag a few zzz's tonight in between pacing duties. We should be pretty well prepared; the last errands we have to do this morning are to Starbucks (gotta have that coffee - and espresso beans, don't forget the espresso beans, that'll be key tomorrow morning) and Subway (lunch and dinner today).

This'll be so much fun!!!


That sounds exciting! Have fun!

Good luck Angie and most of all - have fun!

Angie, it was so great to meet you in person finally. I need to make an apology too - when you said "Hi" on the race course I sort of blew you off. I was in a mental funk and all self-absorbed. My bad.

I hope you don't mind if I feed back a first impression. From things you've said here and pictures you've posted that are mildly unflattering I was expecting something umm... less. To say that I was pleasantly surprised when I met you would be an understatement. Maybe it's your charisma or something that makes you come across so well...

Dunno, hope you're not offended

Can't wait to hear how the rest went!! Sounds like a great time out there!

Yeah, well, Hippo often blows people away during a race...I think his brain is dead:)
Angie, how was your runner?
And yes, you are a total charm!

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