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So so so much much much!

C2U folks, scroll to the bottom to get this week's info...

My totally cool new earrings
New Earrings
New Earrings

Oy vey.

*deep breath*

I am tired, exhausted, worn out, used up, scared, stressed, worried, fretful. But I made another sale! Sacred Heart Vision...

And I've made good progress on Lisa's running art (go congratulate her, she just finished her first tri!).

And Ash and I had a fanTAStic hike on Mt. Lemmon today. It's true: the boy doesn't know how to "hike". He thinks the trails are for running :) Watching his nimble body leap from rock to stump and over roots was beautiful. At points, I was nervous that he was about to fall off the trail, but each time I was about to open my mouth to caution him, he'd deftly manuever to a safer spot. He fell a couple times, on the trail, but was amazing to watch.
FallHike2007 073
Ash being a zombie
FallHike2007 070
Making the fall colors fly
FallHike2007 041
Having fun at lunch
FallHike2007 027
Catching himself on a rare fall
His little four-year-old legs did good on the approximately 1.4 mile roundtrip hike on top of Mt. Lemmon.

We've had an interesting weekend. Ash is tired and exhausted and missing his dad - he spend two nights with his grandmother and now three nights with me, and no time in between with his dad. He's been cranky and pushing all my buttons. It's been rough. But we're doing ok. I'm overwhelmed, though.

And work. Oh boy, work. I know I've been this stressed before, but this time, I feel like there's more pressure, more riding on the upcoming events that I'm coordinating. It's my favorite part of my job: event planning. I get a rush from planning every little detail and having the entire thing come off without a hitch (knock on wood). Well, I've got one on Saturday - which is when I'm in Phoenix for JJ100. This'll be my first that I've managed, planned and organized that I won't be present for. I'm a little nervous about that. Ok, more than a little nervous. I'm a wreck over it. But I just have to trust that it'll all unfold smoothly even without me there. Have enough trust in myself to know that it'll all be ok. And then I have another one in just a few weeks that's turning into an even bigger deal, and the invite is due to the printer on Wednesday and to my client for approval tomorrow -- and my art dept hasn't even begun the layout yet (waiting on images). AAAHHHHHHHHH (Did I mention this is a relatively new client?! Don't want to lose their business!) Not to mention a few award submittals due asap, internal team politics, a couple projects headed into construction, which means weekly meetings and alerts due out, and looming public meetings.

*deep breath*

Then there's the socializing. A friend is back in town for a few days before leaving for Germany, which means Thursday night is happy hour (I'm hosting this time). Friday morning I'm heading up to Phoenix to pick up Jess and spend the weekend playing at JJ100, and hopefully meeting up with a few friends and fellow bloggers (Steve and Hippo among them). The following Monday night is book club night (yay Kiera for reinstating it!). Between my friends and Ash, I have only two open nights in the next two-and-a-half weeks for Chris :( Sigh.

Oh yeah, and running too - I've discovered a new running partner! Someone who doesn't mind dark, cold, early morning winter runs, woo hoo! We're running on Tuesday morning. Yay!!! I didn't get much running in last week, but that meant I got lots of Ash time. I run every morning I don't have him - every other week, I'll get high mileage - which means every other week, extraordinarily low mileage (rest weeks, I suppose).

C2U - I haven't forgotten you. This week, if you haven't already been running this much, I want you to aim for 10 miles for the week. The biggest challenge? Get 4 of those miles on one day - either Saturday or Sunday - as your 'long run'. Preferably on trails to start training for ZG, but this week, it's ok to not do trails. So, your schedule is three 2-mile runs during the week (you can choose two 3-milers if you want), and one 4-miler on the weekend. GO!


Sometimes when we look back on it earlier we realize the craziest, busiest times of our lives are the best. It's getting through them that is a challenge! Any week that includes hiking with your kid can't be all bad. I look forward to meeting you at JJ.

Beautiful picture of Ash kissing you. Frame that baby!

Great photos! Definitely some keepers there.

I think kids are born trail runners. They don't know slow!

Cool ear rings Angie ... loved the picture of you and Ash.

Ohhh that pic of Ash kissing you... melts my heart!

Hang in there with work... LOTS of deep breaths!

Love the earrings! Very fun!

whew are you busy or what? Love the earrings and the trail photos with Ash.

did 2 x 3 milers in the week, 1 x 4 miles in the weekend. not much energy this week, but did it anyways....

Did I somehow miss the training schedule for week 4? I can't seem to find it...or did you forget to do it? If so, i'll wait.
Have a nice week.

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