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C2U: Week Six (fueling...)

How are you doing so far? Look! You've already built up your mileage into double digits!

This week we're upping the miles by 1.5 miles. We're (approximately) going by the 10% rule, which is to up your miles no more than 10% each week. So this week, you'll do 13.5. Do your long run of 6 miles on hilly terrain (gotta build those quads!), and break up the remaining miles however you want (3, 2.5 and 2 works well).

You'll want to start experimenting with your nutritional intake on your long runs, to figure out what works best for you. Do you prefer gels or shot blocks? Gummi bears or jelly beans? Or do you have an iron gut and can stomach solid food?! I like crank e-gels (they come with electrolytes!) and Clif Shot Blocks (great flavors, some with caffeine! Plus I feel like I'm eating real food!).

I try to intake approximately 300 calories per hour during my long run. I came to this number at some point in the distant past in one of the long training conversations my ex and I used to engage in (he's an ultrarunner, too). For some reason, due to my weight and approximate number of calories burned per hour, I determined 300 was right for me. (I really need to do some more research on this and figure out how and why, so you can tailor your caloric intake accordingly!) Until I find the formula we used, I suggest a few hundred calories per hour. Note: this is for my long run only. For 30 minute or shorter runs, I stick to about 60 calories (two shot blocks works perfect for me) and for runs of 30-60 minutes, I will intake up to 150 calories.

Questions? Comments? Any experienced runners out there care to add their two cents on the subject? Let's discuss!


If I'm out for over two hours I'll often have a piece of toast with honey and/or peanut butter on it beforehand. If it's any less I just head out in the morning after a cup of coffee and two glasses of water. No gels or sports-drink during the runs either, just water as dictated by thirst.

I think there's something to learning to run without being topped off on fuel, especially for ultra runners. Everyone's different though.

Angie, I don't live by ANY hills at ALL! Any alternative suggestions?

I don't run on any fuel unless it's greater than 2 hours of running. I like to starve my body and make it run on what it has stored. If I'm running in the evening I eat 3-4 hours before I run and I eat black beans with corn tortillas. When I'm running ultras I do stick to the 300 calories per hour and I try to do liquid fuel or gel fuel only. I try and stay away from solids because it takes the body longer to digest this food. I would rather the blood stay in my quads instead of rushing to the stomach to digest food. I think the number "300 calories per hour" is a standard number for everyone but it goes without saying that your needs may vary.

till now didn't need any thing extra. will see how the 10k goes this weekend. I let you know. last week was all inside training as it was pourring rain outside. Have a nice week!

I hope to add more later, but for now here's an article from today's Washington Post re calorie intake and exercising: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/11/09/AR2007110902138.html
I'd generally agree with the article that there's little need to consume calories during shorter workouts. Most people have from 1500 to 2000 readily available calories in the form of glycogen.

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