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C2U: Week Nine

This is a repeat of week seven: mid-week runs of 3, 3 & 2, with a long run of 7, for a total of 15 miles.

I don't have a schedule topic of discussion this week...so, tell me - what's your favorite part of running?


favorite part of running???... definetly long slow runs with friends on the trail. sharing food after about 3-4 hours of running. starting to like 100's. i am new to ultra's but i just like running slow for a looonnng time.

sorry you are sick. hopefully some good antibiotics will get rid of the sinus infection quickly!

I love the feeling when you are all done. I love how happy my body and mind are and that I feel like I just did something fantastic for myself. LOVE IT! :>)

Hope you are all better!!

I love the feeling of running, feeling my body move, and when it happens the easiness of some runs... still on schedule for C2U, unfortunately not much running outside as my cold keeps coming back, hopefully i'll be able to go back outside sooon. Take care of yourself.

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