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Photos from Mt Lemmon


(But first - I did an impromptu run on Monday night, and ending up running faster than I have in months. It was great! And Ash is finally back home, how awesome.)

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regrowing after the burn

butterfly on a thistle

butterfly up close

Keep on keeping on


Another double-digit week, yay! The next two weeks are full of Ash-time, though, so I won't be getting much running in. I can't wait for winter, when it's cool enough that I can run at lunchtime.

I went up Mt Lemmon yesterday and it was beautiful. A great hike, followed by pie. Mmmm...

Did my first spinning class on Saturday since the injury - it went well, although it kicked. my. butt.

My wisdom teeth will be removed next week. I'm not looking forward to that.

Here's some of what I've been working on:





My first "long" run since injuring myself in April was this morning; I chose to visit my old friend, Phoneline Trail, for about 4.25 miles. It was slow, hot, humid going. I want to say it was fun, or it was a blast, or it was awesome. But truthfully, it was hard and I could tell I've gained weight. Mostly, though, it was a relief. I was running trails again, running a longer distance than my weekday runs, out early on a Sunday morning like normal. Like usual. Like I've been craving for the last few months. It's the first start of my return to my routine, what gives me safety and comfort and stress relief and hope and possibility. Thank goodness.

Pi (12 weeks old)

Fuzzy (12 weeks old) aka "fuzz"
Fuzzy (aka "Fuzz")

Gotta start somewhere...


Three ~2 mile runs in the last seven days and two gym visits...not bad after a summer of maybe once-a-week workouts.

Still have Pemberton 50k on Feb 14 2009 in mind.

And I figure it starts with just a few steps. A couple miles. Eventually, the steps will link together and I will finish 31 miles.

I'll be getting a CT scan and going to a neurologist to check up on my brain...make sure there's nothing wrong. I think it was just a major bonk and I need to take better care of myself - being very aware of my fueling and hydration needs, even when I'm not in major training mode. Which I can't wait for, by the way!

Ash and I have extended our family - by adopting two adorable kittens. Pi (my name for the black one) and Fuzzy (Ash's name for the - you guessed it - fuzzy multicolored tabby) are sisters and they are adorable. And loud (2 am - thumpthumpthumpthump as they chase each other across the house). They are currently curled up between Ash and me while I type and Ash watches Alvin & the Chipmunks (although Fuzzy keeps trying to walk on the keyboard, goofball).

Ash is about to go on a 12-day vacation with his grandmother to Michigan. I hope he has tons of fun. But I am going to miss him!!!! I will get my first 'long' run in while he's out. Now that Sabino Canyon is open again, I'll head up the road. It's been so long. I miss it.


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