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First Place!


Regardless of what happens on Nov. 4, today, McCain & Palin won the vote:

McCain & Palin
(that's my supervisor, whom I convinced to play along with me:) )

We won first place!
(note the lipstick - I swear, that's the first time in a decade I've worn lipstick. or heels or hairspray, for that matter!)

Me as Sarah Palin
(do you see the moose clipped to my jacket?)

We had a lot of fun. And for the first time in four years, I won the Halloween costume contest!

I took Ash out tonight to go trick-or-treating, but all that ending up being was an exercise in patience. He was so overstimulated from school and candy and not getting enough sleep that he had a series of meltdowns. He even stomped his feet! I haven't seen that in YEARS! We did get to meet a neighbor who has a fellow six-year-old, so that was nice.

Playing on Phoneline


Ang 07F

J 05C

I took my time getting ready in the morning (no one to meet at any particular time, no worries about the heat), and arrived at Sabino a little after 8am. I noticed a fellow runner prepping and realized it was a friend. He asked what I was planning, and when I replied, "10 miles of wandering until my Garmin says stop," he asked if I wanted to do Phoneline. Sure thing!

Ang 02C

I warned him I'm slow and still recovering, and we took off at a decent clip. I ran more of the ups than usual in the first couple of miles. We discussed my injury and what it most likely is (tendonitis - or tennis elbow in the knee, as he put it). We stopped for lots of pictures. He ran ahead, then I ran ahead. We played and leapfrogged and ran and walked and talked.

Ang 01E

It was one of the best runs I've had in awhile - completely unplanned. With about a mile and half to go, he went ahead for good - he was planning a second lap and needed to get moving so as not to be out too late in the heat, and I needed to walk a little more. I finished just as he was finishing his break at his "aid station" and snagged a couple pretzels before heading off to Starbucks.

J 04D

I've managed to hit 17 miles per week for about 5 weeks straight now; that includes the weeks I have Ash on the weekend and can't do a long run. This is slightly surprising to me - 1. less mileage than expected on a non-Ash-weekend week and 2. more mileage than expected on an Ash-weekend week. I'd like to be further along in my training by now, but I have to take care of my knee. If I don't get trained in time for Pemberton, no sweat. I'll find another race scheduled further out to run instead. My knee is handling runs well right now and I like that. I'm also getting faster during my mid-week runs, which I'm thrilled about. I'm looking forward to upping my miles gently, happily and pain-free over the next few months. I need to make sure my knee doesn't get re-injured, as everything else in my life has gone kaBOOM and I really need to keep running to keep my sanity :)

Ang 05C

"This is *so* not dumb"


-says Ash on our last day at the Grand Canyon.

We had a blast. The trip was everything I wanted - and more. I got to see Olga, hand out in cool weather, camp with my son, hike in the sun and enjoy life. Ash's little five-year-old legs made it down to the first resthouse on the Bright Angel Trail - and then back up the 1100 foot climb. I was so proud of him! We saw lots of bighorn sheep (even a couple rams!).

It's hard to have a bad weekend when I start out with a smile while driving past Flagstaff on Saturday afternoon watching the fall sun filter through the pine trees. Pure bliss.

grand canyon 048
Ash enjoying his ice cream after making the trek back up the Bright Angel Trail.

grand canyon 045
He's tired on the way back up.

grand canyon 018
Fossil hunting

grand canyon 060

(None of my olga photos uploaded. I'll have to update with those tomorrow.)

Quickly now


My two fastest runs since April back-to-back - last night and this morning. In the middle was yoga - OMG I need to be doing yoga regularly! I ran last night & this morning with the Tucson Running meetup.com group and it was awesome!! I'm so excited to have found this group.

I'm taking Ash to the Grand Canyon this weekend to chill (literally) and hang out with Olga. We're leaving in an hour and will be back Sunday. I'll have more details on my awesome runs and pics from the weekend early next week.

Hope y'all have great weekends!!

I've been tagged!


Sarah tagged me to list six random things about myself and then tag others. I love these things!

1. I spent my late teens and early twenties bouncing around the country, moving every six to eight months - Tucson, VT, Tucson, CA, Tucson, WA, NY, Tucson, CA, Tucson, CA, AZ. The last seven years or so have been in AZ, but I still moved around a lot in the state - Tucson to Florence to Flagstaff and then back to Tucson - where I've been for the last five years.

2. I've spent the last five years not only in the same town, but at the same place of employment. (!)

3. I got my GED when I was 21 - and scored in the top 1%, garnering a one-class scholarship to a local community college.

4. I spent one summer living out of the back of my truck in Tahoe.

5. I spent one winter living in a tent in upstate NY. Until I got snowed under. Then I found a tiny one-room (not one-bedroom, one room) cabin where the toilet was tucked behind the shower, which backed the stove which was hidden behind the fridge.

6. As a kid, I HATED running. And exercise of any kind. My mom has more pictures of me curled up in the lazy boy reading a book and eating an apple than she does of me outside. And yet I'm now an ultrarunner :)

I tag: Taryn
Sarah (a different Sarah than the one who tagged me)

One of my favorite songs to play on piano as a child: Stormy Weather.

A storm advisory was release last night for this morning. Big wind, possible thunderstorms and rain were predicted for this morning. I woke up two minutes before the alarm went off and got ready, although I forgot my garmin.

On the drive to Sabino Canyon, I was getting excited seeing the dark clouds gathering over the mountains. It looked like something out of a fairy tale. I met my friend John, who I used to run with a lot, in the parking lot. I hadn't seen him in over a year; it was great to get caught up.

There's not much to say about the "run" itself. I'm definitely out of shape, and there wasn't much running occurring for most of the trek. But it felt great to be out in the wind, with a friend, enjoying our desert. I ran into another friend as we started downcanyon, who snapped a photo or two of me, so maybe I'll be able to post one later.

Two hours on the nose, I was cooked. Done! I couldn't run anymore, even though we were going downhill. We still had 2 miles to walk out. I didn't mind though. It was just too cool to be outside this morning.

Stopped by Starbucks on the way home to grab a tall nonfat mocha and reduced-fat turkey bacon, egg and cheese sandwich.

After my 10 mike hike a couple weeks ago, and again today, I took Recover-Ease supplements. I was sent a few packets months ago to sample and review on my blog, and I am only just now doing workouts that I could try these after (sorry Charlie!). I noticed after the 10 mile hike that I was not sore at all and wondered if it was due to the Recover-Ease. I took them again today and am waiting to see if they help again in the same way....I'll report back later this week!

Comments may not work...


I realize that some of you are unable to comment due to word verification issues. If you can't comment here, feel free to hop on over to Facebook to say hi!

No lingering soreness after Sunday's race, which is fantastic. I'm back in the groove; I'm looking forward to hitting up my favorite run - the Phoneline Loop - at Sabino this weekend. I'm on track for approx 20 miles this week.

And next weekend, Ash and I are heading to the Grand Canyon to hang out with Olga, yay!

I've got a runner doing JJ100 who is looking for a late night/early morning pacer; if you know of anyone who would be willing to jump in, please let me know!

What a morning!


This morning was the fourth year in a row that I've run the Jim Click Run'n'Roll 8k race around the UA. I love this race - the course is twisty and fun, the frat boys at mile 2 never fail to cheer and give high-fives, and the weather is usually warm but not too bad. This year did not disappoint!

2008 Run'n'Roll 001

Yesterday was windy and last night was very rainy. That made this morning absolutely perfect. Breezy and cool with puffy clouds. Ash and I headed to the U with our friend Chris and got there early enough to meet up with my friend Melissa. We danced around to great music, listened to the national anthem, then we were off!

2008 Run'n'Roll 003

I haven't run farther than 3 miles since April. And the running I've been doing lately includes lots of walk breaks and an average of 12:30-minute miles. Very slow. So I anticipated my personal worst for this course, but I didn't care. I was just happy to be headed out for a run!

2008 Run'n'Roll 002

Of course, I took off too fast. So I tried to temper the (relative) speed and aim for and 11:30 pace. I figured that would probably be too fast overall, but at the time it felt slow. After the initial crush of people spread out, I slipped into a great groove with Michael Franti & Spearhead's newest single bouncing in my ears. The ease at which I stayed between 11:30 and 12:15 surprised me, but I took it in stride and just kept going. I got my high-fives at mile 2 from the frat guys, tackled the only "steep" section heading down and back up the Speedway underpass at mile 3, skipped both water stations since I brought a handheld with gatorade - which allowed me both times to drop most of the annoying leap-froggers, had slowed down by this point but was in an awesome zone by mile 4 (there's a long slight uphill that I just kept jogging up; it felt so good).

2008 Run'n'Roll 005

In the last mile, a woman in blue I had been leapfrogging with - she would run really fast to pass me, cut in front of me, then walk slowly again and again and again for the entire length of the race - tried to catch me. Sneaker Pimps's song Six Underground started on my iPod and I kept cadence to it's beat. It was perfect - suddenly I was consistently running a low-11s pace. She tried her darnedest to keep up with me, but I could hear her grunting. I decided there was no way I was going to let her stay with me. I mean, if she could, that'd been great - we could have helped each other reach the finish line. But all she did was run right up to my side, then stay there, trying to hold on. Nope, I decided. Not after how annoying she had been earlier in the race. I'm going to keep going and I'm not going to let you pass me again. And so I kept going. And it felt so good. This was the fastest pace I had maintained for the course of the race - and it was at the end - and it just kept feeling better and better and better. Nirvana came on next and listening to the wall of guitars helped keep me going till I turned the corner and there was the finish line. I stepped it up a notch, then began my kick in earnest. And then Ash was there yelling that he wanted to cross the finish line with me, and of course I said yes, but I really had to put the brakes on in order to allow him to run with me :) I squeaked in just under an hour, totally faster than I thought I'd be.

2008 Run'n'Roll 006

And the best part? How incredibly GOOD the run felt. The longer I went, the faster I got, the better I felt. I got in a zone and that carried me through to the end. Pure bliss.

2008 Run'n'Roll 007

Bonus: El Charro was giving away free bean burritos afterwards. My favorite food by my favorite local restaurant! I contemplated the possible folly of chowing down on a bean-and-cheese burrito right after a race, but then decided it was worth it :)

Mmm running yummy


I forgot how yummy I feel during the day when I get miles under my belt in the morning :) The happiness, cheeriness and general confidence for the rest of the day.

I'm looking forward to starting my training for Pemberton in earnest now. I'm also looking forward to joining Olga and other runners in a couple weeks at the Grand Canyon. Some folks are doing a R2R2R - but not me! Ash and I are going to hike, hang out, etc. I can't miss a chance to see Olga when she's so close :)

Not so yay: work went ka-BOOM. Sigh. Oh well, it'll all work out. Everything'll get done in due time.

Javelina Jundred


My parents decided to take Ash to Disneyland the weekend of JJ100....which means I get to come up and hang out :) I'll cheering on Troy and possibly helping another runner.

So if you're headed to JJ100, let me know so I can say hi! And let me know if you need any support - crew, pacer, etc. I love to support at races :)


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