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I need any suggestions anyone might have for kitten-proofing an artificial Christmas tree. They did fine the first day, but the next, I was out of town. When I returned 12 hours later, the bottom half of the tree was shredded, and the ornaments were strewn throughout the house. They kept getting into it, and finally, at 2am, exhausted and pissed off, I picked up the tree and threw it in the bathroom and closed the door - it's the one room they absolutely can't get into. I don't really want to keep it in there, though :) Help!!

Here's what the tree looks like & it's location in my tiny apartment:
thanksgiving 2008 045

The winners of the RecoverySox give-away (please e-mail me your mailing address and your shoe size to onepinkfuzzy at gmail dot com):

Lisa (J~Mom), Renee (pink corker), Chanakhya and AnthonyP

First, don't forget to visit the previous post and tell me what you are thankful for to enter a drawing for a free pair of RecoverySox. I will do the drawing on Sunday, Nov. 30.

Alright, on to the report! Yesterday started with rain pouring out of the skies, drenching the race course and causing nervousness among participants. I pounded four ibuprofen to help me with the pain in my knee (I know, bad runner! But I really wanted to run this race!) The photo album.

The official water jumps

This is a fun, two-loop cross-country course through a large park in the center of Tucson. It includes haybale and water jumps along with short hills. This year, there were the official water jumps, and then there were the wash crossings and mud flats to get through as well.

thanksgiving 2008 017 (the hill down to the water jumps, before anyone made it slick)

I came into it sick and with a nagging knee injury (which I thought was fine, until I pushed it last week after my 15.4 mile long run...oops). I figured I would have a PW regardless of the course conditions!

thanksgiving 2008 009

The men ran first, so I got plenty of pictures of friends slipping and sliding their way through the course.

Matt heads up the hill

Then it was my turn.

Girls were shrieking as we started and then they started cutting the course, when they decided they didn't want to run up the flowing wash (apparently the front runners did; it was just the back-of-the-packers who were wimps). I noticed throughout the course a number of times that girls were cutting the course - since everything was so wet and torn apart from the men's race, you couldn't see the course markings on the grass.

Through the wash

I didn't get as muddy as I wanted; there were too many wash crossings that cleaned it all off! At one point, two girls were talking about some yucky medical stuff ("I got to cut off her skin cancer and stitch her back up!"), so I commented to them that that was a great way to psych out fellow runners. They shut up after that. I felt a little bad - I was just joking!

AB 05B

Close to the end, I caught sight of a friend taking photos - yay! I hadn't seen him during the men's race, so it threw me off when I saw him on the sidelines :) I also heard a random "go onepinkfuzzy!" at one point - I'm not sure who that was, but I threw my hands up in the air to cheer when I heard that.

AB 06B

I finished in just under 35 minutes, averaging an 11:20 pace. Not bad for an injured, sick runner on a muddy course at the back of the pack! It was a lot of fun; I got to catch up with a few runners I hadn't seen in a couple years, and talk to a few other friends. I also got to chow down on the world's best chocolate-chip-butterscotch cookies, courtesy of the same friend who took photos!

AB 03C

After that, I got Ash and cleaned myself up in preparation of going to a friend's house for turkey dinner. Ash ended up crashing at 4pm, falling asleep on the couch and not waking up until 6:30 this morning - he had a round of vaccinations on Wednesday, which I think caused him to be so tired (his arm is all red and swollen, and very painful). We played "catchphrase", enjoyed an amazing dinner and an even more amazing chocolate silk pie (so rich you couldn't even finish one small piece!), before heading home and sleeping it all off.

thanksgiving 2008 030

Today, Ash and I will be pulling out the Christmas decorations and setting up our tree. We'll see just how long the tree stays standing before the kittens pull it down and tear it to pieces. I'm not joking. They're evil. But adorable. And cute and cuddley and warm in the mornings when I wake up, so I keep 'em around :)

Tomorrow morning, we're off to my mom's house for our second round of Thanksgiving dinner, pie and friends and family. I was supposed to drive up today, so I could get up at zero dark thirty tomorrow morning and meet jeff for a run, but with this cold and knee pain, I need to rest, argh! Tomorrow's celebration will include nine kids under the age of eight, and about 20 adults, everyone trying to be heard over each other.

And Sunday may bring a pick-up soccer game. I haven't played much, but I have few friends on a soccer team, and they've invited me to a pick-up game. Should be fun!!

After pushing it a little on my runs last week and bowling on Saturday night, my knee is shot. I think I need to take it easier, and not push it for Pemberton, even though I really want to. I may do a relay for it instead - run one loop, instead of two...I sort of like that idea!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! To celebrate, I'm doing a give-away. Leave a comment telling me what you are thankful for this year, and I will choose four folks to receive a pair of RecoverySox to try out (yay RecoverySox for sending me extras!). I have one small, two mediums and one large pair of socks to give away.

I think I'm coming down with a cold (I'm pretty sure it's not allergies); that sucks! But I'm still going to run the race tomorrow morning - I can't miss the haybales and water puddle jumps! I just hope I'm okay to run on Saturday with jeff; we'll both be visiting our 'rents in the Phoenix area....

It's been three years this month since I started this blog - wow!

I'm adding new stuff to my online art shop each day....check it out!

(Note: I'm very happy right now. I feel relaxed and hopeful and a little sad, but in a good way. Things are where they need to be right now, and I'm okay with that.)

So I've been contacted by a few companies in the last two weeks to do reviews for various running/motivational products (and I'm about four months late in reviewing the last product on the list, so that will be my first review, and I will write about it today):

1. RecoverySox
2. SofSole
3. The Secret of Transitions, by Jim Manton
4. RECOVER-ease

I am in the process of testing (or reading, in the case of the book) each item, and will have reviews up in the next couple of weeks (I'm waiting to see what SofSole will send me to's like Christmas!).

Charlie sent me the samples back in May, when I was still recovering from Zane Grey. And y'all know I took the summer off from running! So now that I'm getting back into the swing of things, I've been using up the stash he sent me.

Wow. I have to say that I'm impressed. These are nutritional supplements that are supposed to help you heal and recover after strenuous exercise. And they work. The long runs I took four supplements after, I recovered from quicker and with less soreness. I was sort of surprised...I've never really been one for supplements.

Here's what the Web site says:
How Recovery-ease Works:

1. BCAAs & Glutimine - The proper 3:1:1 balance of Branch Chain Amino Acids with Glutamine benefits athletes by maintaining immune function and reducing upper respiratory tract infections.

2. Beta-sitosterol - Normalizes the ratio of cortisol (a stress hormone) with DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), to reduce muscle breakdown and accelerate connective tissue repair; muscle, tendons, ligaments and cartilage.

3. Proteolytic Enzymes & Flavonoids - Reduce inflammation and oxidation free radical damage, resulting in less exercised-induced tissue damage, accelerated rates of tissue repair, and reduced post-exercise pain & stiffness.

The part I like best what the reduced post-exercise pain & stiffness. Here's the order form. Your body will thank you!

Oooh, I discovered It's micro-blogging and way too much fun. I linked it to my facebook status updates, too. I want more people over on twitter to follow...come find me!!!

Recently completed art (you know, Christmas is just around the corner....). Can be purchased at my online shop.
Vegas Swim

Vegas Swim

Running - ah, running! I'm baaa-aaa-aack! I did that 15.4 miles last weekend with Troy and rocked it. Not very sore this week (exhausted, but that's another story). I'm heading out to Sabino for another 12-15 this weekend, and I'll be hooking up with jeff for a run over Thanksgiving. I'm psyched. I'm so psyched, I'm sending in my Pemberton registration next week (I hadn't done it yet because I wasn't sure how my knee would hold up).

Finally cleaned up my blog and got caught up on bloglines, yay!

Here are photos from last weekend (or you can view the full photo album):
Me'n'Troy ready for lap 4

jj100 083

Steve as a course marker

Wow. What a weekend. After following each other's blogs, corresponding via e-mail, attending the same races and living in the same town for two years, I finally met Troy, who affectionately referred to me as his "run dealer" as I pointed him in the right directions for trails and hooked him up with other trail runners in town :)

I'm operating on just a few hours sleep and leftover caffeine; my laptop has decided it's touchpad will not work, so I'm on a friend's computer, simultaneously researching what the hell is wrong with my 'puter while writing this post. I won't have photos up on flickr until I can figure out how to upload them with no mouse....

The highlights:

- The golden yellow moon hanging low over the horizon....

- Getting lost in fields of suburbia trying to find my mom's new home, where I was to bunk on Friday night. Seriously, the farmers in the southeast Valley decided to plant houses one day instead of cotton. At least I stumbled upon a coffeeshop that sprouted in a field on my way to JJ100 Saturday morning where I picked up a peppermint mocha....

- Reading Breaking Dawn while runners are in and out of heaquarters, animated conversation rolls all around me and the breeze caresses my face....

- Hanging with David, a runner from Casa Grande who was to pace Troy for his sixth lap, and Troy's mom....

- Flying down a ridge in the dark towards an aid station, 10 miles into the my pacing loop, feeling happy and alive and absolutely no twinges in my knee....

- Laughing and joking and talking and eating and running with a great companion (even if he did have "ultra brain" :) )....

- Running an amazing 15-mile loop from 7 p.m. to 11:05 p.m., bringing a happy, well-fueled Troy into headquarters 25 minutes ahead of schedule....

- Meeting Tony, Eric, Bob, Rick and Julie (a hero of mine), a mom and daughter attempting to crew their 18-year-old son/brother to a junior world record (didn't quite make it), among other awesome crew and runners....

- Reconnecting with Steve, Lisa, Kirk (the gentleman I paced last year at JJ100), Lindsay (a woman I ran with for a few miles at Zane Grey; she was crewing her hubby this weekend), Chuck, Bob/MaryAlice/Molly, and more...

- Laughing at the runners with great costumes: a man as Wonder Woman, Steve as a course marker and a zombie, among others....

- Worrying at 6 a.m. on Sunday morning when I realize all of Troy's stuff is at headquarters and he's no where to be found....

- Finding him a little while later, and then sitting on the ground to dissect what happened the night before: heading out too fast for his fifth loop, sports blocks going undigested, blacking out, collapsing at an aid station, staggering down the trail. Oof....

- Talking about strategy for the upcoming year on how to make the move from 50-milers to 100-milers. At least he made a great step forward here, completing 76 miles....

- Driving back home singing along with Sia and drinking yet another peppermint mocha. Mmm....



My knee is doing well; I'm still averaging 17 miles per week. On Sunday, I had my fastest time on the Phoneline Loop since last spring, yay! It was a blast. And lunch runs are back on. I love running.

This weekend is Javelina Jundred. I'll be up there hanging out, making sure Troy eats and possibly pacing him for (part of?) a lap, depending on the knee. I'll also get to say hi to Tony, Steve, Lisa, Chad" and anyone else coming up...(did I miss someone??). I'll be in something pink (preferably fuzzy) at the pre-race dinner, if anyone wants to come and say hi :)

First Lunch Run of the Season


It was gorgeous out; I felt like I was visiting an old friend. Granted, it's a two-mile stretch of emission-filled roadway, but it's also filled with memories of previous runs (I must have run hundreds of miles on this particular road), breezes caressing my face, sunshine on my back and stress relief.


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