Review: SofSole Products


The good folks at SofSole sent me three products to review: Spa Socks, Performance Socks and a pair of Adapt moldable insoles.

First up, the moldable adapt insoles. I like insoles. Insoles make my feet feel good. Unfortunately, my favorite shoes (a pair of Sauconys) added extra cushioning to the bottom of the shoes this season, meaning I can't add any sort of insole other than the factory-made ones :( The Adapt insoles were too bulky for my shoes/big feet. I'm going to try them in my (larger) trail shoes this weekend. They should fit, and I'm looking forward to seeing how they do. Getting them started was pretty easy - trim them to size (some sort of hint on the best way to do so would have been appreciated), toss 'em in the oven for 2 minutes, then slip in the shoes and stand on them (evenly distribute your weight! otherwise you'll end up with a few extra dented toes on one side like me :) ). Stay tuned for the review after I try them in my trail shoes.

I tried the running socks - a little short on the ankles (I don't like my shoes to rub my skin) - but other than that, they fit well, stayed in place, kept my feet cool and dry and when I took my shoes off, there were no red rubbed spots on the top of my foot (a problem that's been getting worse for me in general). I was quite pleased with the performance. If they had a pair with the material going up my ankle a little higher (similar to my favorite belegas), I'd be a lifetime buyer.

And the Spa socks? One word: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. My favorite time to wear them is after soccer - I spend Sunday afternoon in these socks. Yes, every Sunday afternoon. They are soft and luxurious and make me feel soft and comfortable and special. I know! Socks - making me feel special?! But I love them :)


Cool, I would most def like to know how those moldable insoles workout.Good to see some posts over hear from you.

Thanks for the review. They sound like some very cool products.

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