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Persistent tendonitis has sidelined me. After numerous doc visits, it's been decided that I will take June and July off; I will attempt a V E R Y S L O W recovery come August.

I shouldn't have been running this last winter; I was taking boatloads of ibuprofen to stave off the pain. This resulted in major stomach pain!

I'm very very frustrated. I don't like not having an outlet for my stress. I also don't like not training. Training gives me something to focus on; it soothes my frazzled nerves. I've also gained major weight.

So I decided this morning that I'd take the energy I usually spend on training my body physically with running and spend it training my body mentally regarding food. Emotional eating has long been an enemy of mine; I've tried so many different ways to tackle this issue. This is a new way of looking at it; maybe it'll work this time? Instead of just focusing on the little things (food diary - which I have a hard time filling out!), I can look at it with a bigger-picture idea in mind. Maybe I can look at my food diary as a training log. You know, small little things like that to tweak my viewpoint. Maybe, even though I can't run, use the elliptical machine or row, I can still do the same training-type things. Does any of this make sense or am I just rambling? Anyway, I'm hoping this tactic will help stop the upward movement on the scale and give me the satisfaction of training that I am missing.


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