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Ahh, the dusty old blog. How've you been? I used to update you daily. It's been two, three months since my last visit. I need a good can of lemon Pledge to shine things up. Dunno if I'll be updating you regularly but the bug bit to write tonight, and so here I am.

107 days since my last run.

I ran one minute yesterday. And finally allowed myself the pleasure of actually thinking about running again, training again. Maybe, just maybe, I could be in shape to run the Flagstaff half-marathon on trails in the woods next September. Maybe.

I made the mistake of mentioning that to my boyfriend tonight. He promptly disregarded any thought of training. "You ran *one minute*. How can you possibly plan training yet? You could be able to run an entire marathon next year!"

I suppose. But I need to think about the minimal things I could be doing next year. If I think about doing a marathon, I'll push myself to it and possibly hurt myself again. If I think about not running at all, I'll get depressed and possibly lazy and not run. However, if I think of running a respectable distance in the course of a year, I feel inspired and healthy and like I'm not taking things too fast. I'm so used to ramping up mileage so quickly that the thought of running merely a half-marathon in 365+ days seems like I'll be taking miniscule baby-steps to do so. And isn't that what I should be doing?

If I start taking those steps, if I start thinking that one minute will turn to two, and two will turn to four, and four will turn to eight, well, before I know it, I'll be counting miles -- while being prudent about it (something I'm usually not). Isn't that a good thing?

If I realize I need to go slower, well, then, I'll adjust my goal and go slower. If I realize I'm healed and able to handle more than that, well, then, I'll adjust my goal and go more! (Although at this point in time, I'm really wary of pushing myself at all.)

What's wrong with giving myself a general idea of a possible, healthy, prudent goal even though I've only run one minute?


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