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Caffeine junkie


I don't think I can give up caffeine like I've been trying to for the last few weeks. I tried to stop because I didn't like the jitters I was getting, and the way I drank my coffee - with Torani Peppermint Syrup and half-and-half - wasn't exactly good for my waist. I had already stopped drinking a diet soda at lunch back in August (you know - taking baby steps). I decided to quit the morning coffee when my wisdom teeth were pulled.

Um, let's just say that wasn't exactly the best idea.

I think I need to halt the all-or-nothing approach, and just modify my caffeine intake instead. I tried having just a small cup this morning (one-third of a mug) with some no-calorie sweetener and no creamer. It was surprisingly good - and it gave me the right amount of caffeine to boost my system, help my head become more clear and take away the headache - all without the calories.


Dear Santa,


I know it's only the middle of the year, but I figured I'd write you early so you'd have plenty of time to work on my Christmas gift this year. It might be a hard one to find.

I'd really love it if under the Christmas tree this year, there could a person who is a runner (or at least someone who is athletic/or has a hobby they are passionate about and can understand my love of running), who loves kids (at least, who loves my kid - or is willing to consider loving my kid), is couragous and brave, likes to talk, is funny, intelligent, likes scrabble, grooves to good music (or at least doesn't mind when I groove to good music), isn't worried about what other people think, is open-minded, who allows people who have their own thoughts and emotions, who is willing to explore their self and hopes and dreams, who has boundaries, knows how to express their feelings, isn't afraid at the thought of being a step-parent, wants to suck all the juicy drops out of the goodness of life, who sees the world as a glass half-full yet is realistic, who isn't fearful, who appreciates me for me, and who - most importantly of all - loves me and my son.

Now I know this is a tall order, but I won't lose faith that this person is out there somewhere.

Thanks Santa!

PS Can you help my knee feel better so I can run again soon? I'd really like that :)

Facebook + Art


I'm on Facebook now, and I love it (especially scrabulous, an online version of scrabble). C'mon over and join me!

Also, with no running and too much emotional upset in my life, I'm hard at work at expressing myself through art. Here are two new pieces (if you click on them, it should take you to the flickr page with a description):


They'll be available soon at my shop.


Final countdown


****UPDATE: I just found out that Taryn can blog from her phone. Provided she has coverage, she'll be posting updates throughout the weekend. You can check her blog to see how things are going!****

Inside her heart is dancing

A new addition to my ever-growing collection of art pieces to eventually be sold at some's not listed on my etsy shop yet. Also in art news, I donated a piece for an online Save a Child auction benefitting Child & Family Resources. Bidding starts Monday!

In taper/race-related news, I'm still freaking out. I'm doing better than earlier in the week, but I'm still twitching like mad. I went back to the dentist yesterday and got a new temporary crown that fits much better. I also talked to the dentist about my race on Saturday. When I asked if I was ok to run that distance, he said, "Well *I* wouldn't recommend running that distance, but that's even without a root canal." He gave me the okay, and told me what to do if the crown comes out (clean it off and pop it back in). The dental assistant gave me my old temporary crown, "just in case the new one breaks while you're out there," so I now have a fake tooth in my wallet :)

My gums are still sore, and have an ulcer on them. The dentist prescribed a steroid ointment to help it heal, and told me to wash three times a day with listerine. They'll let my gums heal up more before they take an impression and give me the permanent crown.

The new temporary crown feels better than the old one, but it's still bothersome. Sigh.

And the antibiotics have screwed with my birth control pill and therefore my hormones, making me PMS early - everything's amplified!

And I'm worried about money, and root canal (is it healing right?), and my hormones, and being a woman, and being slightly overweight and undertrained, and getting all my work done before I leave, and getting packed and ready on time. I have a public meeting the night before I leave! Argh!

But I journaled this morning and used my OCD to my advantage: I wrote out (3 pages long!) my schedule from this morning till Friday morning. Everything that needs to be done and when. And I've got my packing lists ready and packing has commenced. I am finishing up packing tonight. I will run 2 miles at lunch tomorrow. I keep telling myself that I'm doing my best and to let go and trust myself that I can make it happen. I'll be okay no matter what happens.

I had a really good chat today with jeff, who offered to pace me for the final miles at Zane Grey. He was so upbeat and goofy and funny and I came away from that feeling so much better. Thanks jeff! I'm looking forward to our time on the trail :)

I don't think I'll get a chance to blog again before the race on Saturday, and I'm not sure when I'll have the update ready afterwards (probably Monday). Wish me luck!!! I need all I can get!!!!!

My mom and me before the run:
Angie and Mama before the race

Look how similar our jogging styles are:
Mama and Angie start the race

We have identical body posture!:
Mama and Angie round the curve to the finish

On another note, I've been tagged by Olga. Here are the rules:
1) Write your own six word memoir
2) Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you want
3) Link to the person that tagged you in your post, and to the original post if possible so we can track it as it travels across the blogosphere
4) Tag at least five more blogs with links
5) Leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play!

6 word memoir:
Breaking barriers with patience, determination, joyfulness.

Doing my best "Scott Jurek" at Pemberton Finish

Tag! You're it - Zane Grey Buddies: jeff, Renee, Taryn, Troy.

Musing on Running


Okay, so I haven't hit the taper yet - usually when the real musing begins - but Michelle's most recent post got me thinking about running (although it doesn't really take much to get me thinking about running...).

More specifically, about HOW I run. I've noticed, now that I have a Garmin, I tend to go out with a general idea of how far I want to go, but really it's more about how much time I have. "Oh, I think I'll go about an hour this morning," I might think, knowing that'll probably give me somewhat over 5 miles, close to 6 miles, perhaps, if I'm feeling really well. Or maybe if I feel like shit I'll tell myself, "C'mon sweet thing, you can do 2 miles. Just get out the door for 20 minutes and see how you feel once you're out there." (Yes, I really do use terms of endearment for myself on a regular basis when I'm coaching or encouraging myself through my runs. Is that really weird, or are there others out there who do that?!)

I don't have specific speedwork on specific days. It's more like, "Oh, this is a good song. I bet I can speed up a bit to make my cadence match the beat. Oh, look at that! I'm running 9-minute miles! Woo hoo!"

I don't have specific elevation gains I'm looking for necessarily. This winter, I knew I needed a lot and I needed to work it up gently. I just looked up the Tucson Trail Runners' schedule and see what I'm running on Sunday - and see if I need to alter it! (They have a tendency to go much much farther and higher up than I'm in shape for.) Sometimes that means I end up with a lot more elevation gain than I was expecting!

In past training cycles, when I pushed myself hard because I thought the schedule called for it, or because I thought that's what I needed to do (must! get! faster!), I got injured. This time around, I'm running slightly less, cross-training more, climbing WAY more elevation (another injury trigger in the past), and yet - knock on wood - I'm not injured yet. I've pushed myself beyond what I've done before in terms of single runs (not weekly mileage), and I'm doing okay. In fact, I feel stronger than I ever have before.

Which brings me to what I was thinking about in the shower this morning (my favorite place to think) - how to maintain this fitness level that I've gained. Really, what better way to prepare for my third decade than to whip my ass into shape. Now I want to keep that - and improve upon it! I LOVE being able to go out for a Sunday jaunt and climb from the desert to the pine trees. I LOVE thinking four miles at lunch is an easy run - it's nothing, just four miles. Really, it should be five or six. I LOVE seeing how my quads look and how my face looks and how my calves look. I LOVE thinking that two hours of working out a day feels great - an hour for running, an hour at the gym.

I don't want to lose this fitness - I want to use it as a base to catapult me into a realm of lifetime fitness. Of lifetime running. Of being able to pick up and run up Mt Lemmon if I want, because of course, I'm in shape to do so. I want to be able to pick off 50ks as training runs, and not be so intimidated by them.

I'm sure I'll be pursuing this train of thought over the next month or so as I finish preparations for Zane Grey and start thinking about how to capitalize on my current fitness in the months following....

Hectic Holidaze


Okay, haven't had much time to blog; I'm trying to catch up with y'all! I missed this week's C2U post with all the craziness. I know at least three of you are relying on those posts - thanks for letting me know! I'll be back after the holidays.

My company holiday party was fun last Tuesday and Ash's birthday party was a chaotic blast of fun on Saturday. I've just about finished all my Christmas baking, shopping and wrapping, and I've got lists and lists written in preparation for my vacation with Ash. We're leaving Thursday morning and will be back Christmas Eve, in time for Ash to have dinner with his dad's side of family. Christmas day, he and I will head up to my family's gathering in Mesa, and then it's back to work for me the next day.

I've gotten some running and some spinning classes in, although not nearly as much as I wanted. I'm not going stress about it during the holidays; I'll wait until after Christmas to hammer down.

Long-time readers of my blog are familiar with my past and my hard-won mental/emotional stability that I am currently enjoying. Like all people, I struggle with insecurity on a regular basis; normally I can manage my insecurities rather well. But with the stress of the holidays, I lost it last week. I totally fell back into old grooves of feeling like I needed to be different, need to be better, to be good enough to be loved by someone. I started worrying about the future, and what little words of fear dropped into a disagreement might mean in the long run. I really sort of turned things from a molehill into a mountain, thinking the world was ending. But with the support of friends, time spent journaling, a good session with my therapist, and the abiding affection of particular person who insists he wouldn't have me any other way than just myself - insecurities and all - I am feeling better. I am slowly pulling myself back into the present, focusing on the present moment, where I am right now, and not worrying about the significance of a raised eyebrow and what that might mean 6 months from now. It's still too easy for me to get sucked into overanalyzation and worry, but I'm working on it. I think my vacation with Ash will be good space and time for me to ground myself, pull myself back in and remind myself of what's most important in my life.

I forgot! Last night I went to a fanTAStic concert - KT Tunstall, Indigo Girls, Brandi Carlile and Ingrid Michaelson. It was amazing. Such great voices, beautiful songs. I totally fell in love with Ingrid Michaelson :)

Happy Holidays to everyone!


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