A 3-hour Long Run


On Saturday morning I was up at 5:30 and out the door by 6:00. It was a cool 7C/45F as I started out on my long run. My plan was to take the 11K/6.8M asphalt bike trail to the city of Karlsruhe and return on a parallel path on the way back. The air was moist and it felt much colder out as I wound my way through town and onto the bike path on the other side of my small town. Most of the houses were still dark, who but a runner would be out this early…

The moon was full so I left my headlamp turned off, I could see just fine. I did turn on my little blinking armband in case a hunter was lurking in the woods. I reached Karlsruhe and the end of the first 11K without seeing a soul. I turned right, ran a couple minutes then turned right again on the straight parallel path that would bring me back in the same direction.

After another half hour I stopped quick and packed my lights and warning vest away in my CamelBak, it was light enough outside now. As I started up again I passed a couple runners coming from the other direction, obviously it was a nice morning to be out for a run.

I covered almost 19K/12M, then turned off the path and headed right toward the neighboring town of Blankenloch. I would run past this town, then wind my way back to my own to town, hopefully this would bring me up to my goal of three hours.

I was still running on asphalt and I could feel the familiar tightness in my legs that is foreign when I run on dirt trails – I could only wonder why I have such a problem with hard streets, somehow this can’t be normal. My pace was easy, so the pounding was less than during a race, so I didn’t lose any speed as I wound my way between the fields and back to my town.

I arrived at the house after 3:08:48, mission accomplished! I ran roughly 30K/19M and, with the exception of about 5 minutes, all on asphalt or concrete surfaces. Not my surface of choice, but necessary for my next racing goal.

This morning my legs were kind of stiff, but otherwise fine. We have a Christmas market across the street from us again this year, so I will have plenty of opportunity to stretch out the legs this weekend. I wish you all a nice weekend, don’t forget to do your Christmas shopping!


Nice job on the training run - I'll put in about the same time next weekend, but only get about 16 miles.

Have fun at the Christmas market!

Doncha just love those early morning weekend runs when most people are still sleeping? : ) Hope you had fun at the Christmas market.

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