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Sorry I have been neglecting my blog, I was sucked into a wave of Christmas maddness.

At least I kept running, although my schedule ended up in the rubbish container:

Thursday: 26K/16M medium long run (32K/20M scheduled).
Friday: 9K/5.5M (14K/8.7M scheduled).
Saturday: 8K/5M (9.1K cross-country race scheduled).

The race fell apart because the friend that my wife wanted to visit has the flu. My wife was going to visit her when I was racing. I thought about going myself, but I noticed my wife was kind of down in the dumps so I stayed home. Later this afternoon I went for a 45 minute run.

The next few days I will be spending most of my time with my wife, so I don't know if I will be posting again. In any case Merry Christmas to everyone, don't forget to chill out and enjoy your family, the training can wait until after Christmas. God bless you!


Thanks for the infection, but I was already tagged so I replied to all those questions. Better not to schedule anything during Christmas time because is too difficult to follow a program in this period of celebrations and meetings with friends and relatives. Merry Christmas JAck.

Merry Christmas Jack!

Merry Christmas Jack!

Good call on the no-race, Jack. Happy holidays.

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