Forchheim 10K New Year's Run Race Report


It was a cold -2 C/28F when I woke up this morning (Saturday). Luckily my 10K race, the Forchheim New Year’s Run was first at 2 p.m. and it was supposed to warm up through the day. By lunchtime when I drove to Forchheim it was up to 3C/37F and the sun was starting to peek out from behind the clouds. After finding a parking place, I collected my start number and chatted with a couple guys from my running club that were running today. I also kept an eye out for a couple coworkers that said they were running today.

About 20 minutes before the race I peeled the outside layer of clothes off and took a 10 minute jog around the town, then made my way to the starting line. I didn’t see my running club friends or my coworkers, so found a place in the middle of the pack. It looked like there were around 5-600 people running the race.

My goal today was to break my course record of 52:04 which I set last year. As this was almost 5 ½ minutes slower than my best time for a 10K, I figured I wouldn’t have too much trouble, despite not having done any speed training for several months.

When the starting pistol went off I let the crowd carry me forward until I could break free of the crowd. I passed the first kilometer marker in 4:55 (7:55/M pace) and the second in another 4:47 minutes (7:42/M pace). From here I stopped looking at my watch and just concentrated on trying to maintain a smooth pace as best I could. I did look at my watch again at the 5K point, and noticed I was at around 24:30.

I kept pushing on and by the 7-8K point I could feel myself slowing down some. I tried to relax and stretch out my gait a little. The time seemed to stand still as I fought to keep the pace up. I was relieved to finally see the 9K point, but I also knew from last year there was a short and steep hill climb right after this. As I started up the hill the woman in front of me came to a dead stop and started walked, I just about flew over the top of her (she was a shorty). I powered my way up the small incline and tried my best to fall back onto pace. Down, the last street, around a corner, another 1 minute stretch around the last corner and a quick sprint to the finish line. I lost a second or two because I got trapped behind someone in the finish chute, but I still finished in 49:52, well ahead of my goal!

After catching my breath I drank a cup of hot tea and ate a soft sweet pretzel that were offered to the finishers and finally found my coworkers. After chatting awhile I made my way over to the nearby school for a shower then again joined my friends before heading home. All in all a great way to finish off a race year!

Happy New Year Everyone!


Great time Jack! You know how I have to take walk breaks? Well, it really bugs me when someone stops smack in the middle of the course to walk - I'm careful to look behind me and move over to the edge before I stop. Plus, I try not to come to a halt, but to just slow into a walk. On behalf of walk-break runners everywhere I apologize for the lady you almost ran over!

VERY nice PR for that!!!
Congratulations and have a happy new year!!

Congratulations on a great 10k. That is a fabulous way to bring in the New Year. My last 10k was also very chilly, but I actually did better than I expected. Perhaps it's incentive to run faster to stay warm!

Nice job Jack! Happy New Year to you as well.

Wow you broke the wall! This was the best way to finish the 2006. Congrats.
Happy New Year to you and family.

Great job!! I hope 07 is a wonderful year for you and your family!

yay, that's awesome!!!

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