Where is this road going?


I was poring over various race list for 2007 on the train this morning. It is still too early to be making too many commitments, as we are waiting to see if my wife either receives a new contract at her present job or finds a new job. I am signed up for a marathon on March 11th, and am about 90% sure that I will be doing the Karlsruhe Fidelitas 50-Miler in June. Otherwise I don’t know yet.

I was also wondering a bit about what my fitness goals are for 2007. Like many people, I usually express this in terms of racing times, weight goals or something to this effect. This year I tried to squeeze enough time out of my seemingly hectic life to improve my running. I did improve, going farther and faster than ever before, but I still did not reach the level that I think that I could have if I had the time and desire to do so.

So I find myself wondering what I want to achieve in 2007. As Father Time quickly spins his wheels I also wonder what my body will let me achieve as I approach age 48 in 2007. And along with these I wonder how much time I want to commit to achieving fitness goals. My running over the last couple years has taken the majority of my free time that my other responsibilities have not claimed. And lastly I wonder how much longer my wife will remain tolerant of my obsession.

At the moment I am having a hard time finding answers, so for now I am going to train for my marathon in March and see what happens. Maybe things will be clearer by that time.


Well since I will be pacing a 50 year old at Western States this year who is in better shape than I am right now I would say you have plenty left in you Jack. I hope you gain some clarity in the next training cycle.

i like your thinking jack, sounds like a good approach.

I spent at least 3 hours researching 2007 races..it's not easy!!!

I've got my picks for the next 5 years, I just need to organize them:) Good luck!

Good luck figuring it all out! I think you have a lot left in you too. : )

sounds like a good tactic.

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