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A Rainy Recovery Run


Sometimes I think it’s important to stop and say how much I appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to read about my humble experiences in running and life. I don’t always have the time to write creatively, or even to check my spelling, but I always read your comments and do the best I can to answer your questions or just to thank you. Sometimes I do better than other times, I’m trying to improve in this area. But I do appreciate each and every comment, whether it’s a question, a pat on the back or maybe a tip to help improve my running.

Yesterday afternoon it was raining gently outside as I suited up and went for a run. My legs were kind of tight from my hilly run the day before and my continuing recovery. I decided to just take it easy, I even brought along my MP3 player, a rarity for me. I cruised over a good mix of dirt, gravel and asphalt trails covering around 14.5K/9M at about a 6:00/K (9:39/M) pace. I returned to the house soaked to the skin, but feeling lifted and alive.

Today I’m a year older (48), feel pretty well recovered from my marathon and wish you a great Monday!

This morning I was up at 5:00 and running by 6:00 in Weingarten on my hilly route. I really didn’t have any specific goal, just enjoy it! I wound my way up and around my normal loop taking time to clear my head, spend a little time talking to God, think and just listen. The time flew by and after two hours (and six minutes) I was back at the car and decided that was enough for today. As I stretched I recalled the peaceful moments that I had just spent running through the quiet forest...I startled a couple deer along the way...the feeling of the misty rain that cooled me as I climbed up and down the hills…my heart and mind were now clear, I am ready to get on with the tasks of the day.

Have a nice weekend!

Looking for Balance in My Life


Last week I talked about how I was pondering what’s next in my life. I’m a Christian and as such believe that each of us has a specific God given purpose, or “calling” if you will, during our life here on earth. As a teenager I was quite active with a group of Christians in various activities, but over the past couple decades I have pretty much been neglecting this area of my life. Lately though, I have had the feeling that there is unfinished business left in my life in this respect and I am looking for answers to the many questions that I have in my heart.

So what does this have to do with running? Well, it is causing me to rethink why I am running, and more so racing. I began running to lose weight and to get into shape. I quickly fell in love with running and thoroughly enjoy the race atmosphere. But lately I am starting to think that my life is getting out of balance, so I am taking a hard look at all areas of my life and trying to figure out how to restore this balance.

I think having a healthy body is a priority for all of us, so I am confident that I will be running for many years to come. I will probably need to scale back some on the racing, this requires a great deal of time and as I seek to balance out other segments of my life I will probably need to draw time from my running and blogging activities. So if you don’t hear from me quite as often I am probably off trying to balance out my life, but I will be by to visit as often as I can.

A Great Run with the Running Club


Last night I had an enjoyable run with my running club. I had planned on running the shorter 8K (about 5 miles) loop at an easy pace, as I am still recovering from the marathon. Some of the runners that I normally run with took off way faster than I wanted to go, so I settled in with a few runners that were running slightly slower. The first few kilometers were at a relaxed pace and it felt good. Eventually the group picked up the pace, but I felt surprisingly good and didn’t even think about it, but picked up the pace with the group. I was enjoying the run so much that I ran past the turn off that would shorten my run, I ended up running the entire 11K/7M loop, and at least half of it at a much faster pace then I normally attempt during a recovery week. But this morning my legs feel good, a little tired, but no aches, pains or cramps.

A Short Recovery Run


After work yesterday I went out for a short run to test how well I’m recovering. I ended up running 9K/5.5M. I was a little stiff and my right quad still had some memory of the last 10K of the marathon, but overall I felt comfortable with the easy paced run. This evening I will probably run a short loop with my running club, then take a couple more days rest. On Saturday morning if my legs are still feeling good I will go on a two hour run, then next week start easing back into normal training. This recovery plan worked well after my 50-mile race in June, so I’ll try it again.

I have ambitious plans for the next couple months if I stick to my current plan. My next scheduled marathon is 4-1/2 weeks away (August 26), the Koberstadter Forest Marathon in Egelsbach, Germany. This is a slightly hilly marathon through the forest surrounding the town of Egelsbach, which would be nice to run. The challenge lies in the fact that the Baden Marathon, a city marathon, is three weeks after this (Sept. 16), and the Canandaigua Fifty three weeks after that (Oct. 6)!

I am still sorting out my feelings on whether this will be too much, mostly from the time standpoint. I will probably make a last minute decision on the two marathons. In any case lot’s happening in the upcoming months, stay-tuned :-)

Hornisgrinde Marathon Finisher Photo


My wife took a picture of me right before I crossed the finish line on Sunday:

It was shortly before 5 a.m. on Sunday when I left the snuggly confines of my bed and started my morning routine. With effort I woke my wife up and she reluctantly starting getting ready to go. Our destination was Hundseck, near Bühlertal in the Black Forest, my objective the Hornisgrinde Marathon.

The air was cool and fresh when we arrived at Hundseck. Hundseck is ski resort in the winter and a hiking paradise in the summer. Thirty-five years ago someone had the idea that it would be a great place to run a marathon and they have been doing it annually ever since! I have run the half-marathon twice in the past and was well aware of the beauty of the area, as well as the challenge I was up against – this is not a marathon for someone with weak knees or a weak will.

I picked up my start number and sat with my wife for awhile in the festival tent near the start. As we waited it started to rain…no, actually it started to pour outside! We heard some of the 10K runners complaining about the weather, I just waited patiently, I knew how quickly the weather changes in the Black Forest.

It was still sprinkling as I made my last pitstop and lined up at the Start. After a few minutes of comments from the local mayor, we counted down and off we went, the start of the 35th annual Hornisgrinde Marathon!

I inched my way forward until the 250 runner wave finally found its rhythm. We headed across the parking lot and up a small logging trail into the forest. The trail was tight for the first couple kilometers, I figured out right away that I had started too far in the back of the pack. But I knew there was no point in trying to weave through the crowd, so took my time and tried to figure out my strategy for the race. I really didn’t have any set goals for the race, in the back of my mind I was hoping that I could improve my best time, but I knew that the severity of the trail would not make this easily attainable.

By the 5K point the rain had stopped and the sun came out. I removed my running jacket as I arrived at the aid station shortly after this and tied it around my waist, it was warming up fast. The trails were in good shape, very little mud or standing water and most covered with ground-in gravel – very runnable.

The first half of the race was supposed to be mostly flat or downhill, at least according to the race profile. I found myself wondering if they posted the right profile as I huffed and puffed over one hill after the other. But on the other hand the hills were not steep and were runnable!

I remember passing the 10K point in around 56:30, a pretty good time for me considering the rolling terrain. The pace I was running felt good so I decided to keep it up as long as I could, I figured I would need to slow down for the second half of the race that was supposed to be mostly uphill.

The trail consisted mainly of dirt/gravel logging roads, but occasionally switched to asphalt or single-trail to traverse from one trail to another. The elevation also seemed to be rolling up and down one hill after another, but rarely steep – in most cases I could continue my pace without slowing down.

I passed the half-marathon point in just under two hours, I knew I had a good chance of running a best time if I could only hold the pace. My mind kept flashing back to the race profile, which showed mostly uphill for the second half of the race – I tried to blot these negative thoughts out of my mind and kept driving forward.

After the HM point the trail climbed over the mountain into the next valley.

Beginning at kilometer 25 the trail did a short (10 min.) out and back along a lake (Stausee) hidden in the middle of the forest. This is a popular objective for hikers and the organizers were sure to include it for the race. I admired the beauty of the lake and surrounding valley as I made my way out and back.

After the out and back the trail followed a trail around the other side of the lake for a short time, then headed up the side of the hill and on to the next valley. My quads were getting sore by this time from the rolling hills, but I knew this was no cause for concern and plodded on.

I passed the 30K marker in just under three hours. I walked through the aid station just passed this stuffing down pieces of German bread and banana, washed down with sports drink and water. As I ate I did a quick evaluation: My legs were sore, but nothing I couldn’t deal with, I was well hydrated, it still wasn’t too hot and I was still holding a steady pace. As I started running again I made the decision that I was going to push to the end.

After the 30K aid station the trail began a long gradual climb for at least 7K/4.3M. I was all business as I wound my way up the gradually, but unceasing climb. I walked through the aid station around kilometers 36 slowing only to grab a piece of banana and some sports drink. I wasted no time getting back up to pace.

The trail continued to climb becoming steeper and steeper as I progressed. My legs were hurting but I didn’t let up. I remember passing the 37K/23M marker in something like 3:40:00 – I knew I would have a new personal record (PR) if I could just keep running…

With less than 5K to go my legs were screaming, but I was determined. I concentrated on trying to reel in other racers. As the trail continued to get steeper, runners began to slow or even walk, I picked them off as I went. The kilometers ticked slowly by…with two kilometers to go (just over a mile) we started up the steepest part of the race. My quads hurt, my heart pumped, but I barely slowed. The forest trail gave way to asphalt and I knew we were on the road that led to the finish line. I passed the last kilometer marker, the trail steepened – I debated whether to walk…I wanted to walk…but then the thought popped into my head, this was almost exactly like a section of trail that I run every Saturday during my long runs, it no harder than that – I ran on.

Finally I saw the first building at the ski lift, I knew I was almost there…

...as I saw the finish line I churned out my best effort towards a sprint to the finish line…as I approached I saw my wife snap a picture and heard the announcer say something to the effect of the next runner Jack from the LT TSV Graben running club…

I knew I had just run the marathon of my life, and as I walked around and caught my breath I could feel the satisfaction building inside – what a feeling! My official time 4:14:13, a new personal record by 15 minutes and 23 seconds, wow!!

My wife and I enjoyed some of the food being sold at the event and gradually made our way back home. I even felt good enough to make the 45 minute drive home.

I would recommend this marathon to anyone looking for a change from the city marathons. This is generally not considered a fast marathon, the winner this year finishing in 2:44:25 (the winning female in 3:08:57). For me it is my kind of race and I enjoyed it immensely. I hope I will have the chance to run it again sometime.

I finished 159/253 overall and 37/50 in my age class (M45). This morning (Monday) my legs are a bit stiff and tired, but not nearly as bad as with previous marathons. I am looking forward to a day or two of rest, then a recovery week before I start training for the next adventure.

Note: The pictures are from last years race, but the route was the same as this year.

It rained, it was cool, the sun came out, it rained some more, in other words perfect weather for a run in the normally hot summer time!

The results?

I blew my previous marathon best time of 4:29:36 out of the water, finishing in under 4:15. Stay tuned for a full report.

Taking Time to Ponder


Sometimes I think I am starting to suffer from midlife crisis. Webster defines a midlife crisis as:

“A period of emotional turmoil in middle age characterized especially by a strong desire for change.”

Okay I’m middle aged, but I’m not searching for sports cars, wild women or anything like that, but do have a strong desire for change. The emotional turmoil comes in because I can’t figure out what needs to change or why I even have this feeling. Anyway I find myself thinking a lot lately about where I’ve been, where I am now, and where I want to go – and this across the whole spectrum of life, running included.

My wife has been studying and going to school now off and on for two years, first to improve her English, and now to learn new job skills. She struggled at first as she adjusted to studying again after almost 30 years, but now she is like a fireball consuming everything in her path, she amazes me! Lately I have been smelling the smouldering smoke of my own desire to improve myself through learning. I have been wondering if it time to finally take those German classes that I have been putting off for so many years, or to improve my job skills, or maybe even to go back to school for my doctorate??

Then I have moments where I wonder if I shouldn’t be exercising my Christian beliefs in a more prominent way, maybe spending more time trying to help the needy and discouraged, maybe helping with the youth group at the local church...the possibilities are endless.

When we change one area of our life, either by choice or through a life change, most other parts of life usually have to change also to balance things out. So as I ponder if/what needs to change in my life I find myself wondering how this will affect the future of my running. Running has become a part of what defines me, so I am pretty sure I will keep running as long as I am physically able to.

What remains unanswered is what role racing will have in the future, but until I have an answer I will continue to enjoy it as long as I can. My next race is Sunday, a nice hilly marathon on beautiful forest trails, its going to be great!

Last weekend we spent three overnights in Hamburg, Germany, the following is a quick photo recap.

We travelled by high speed train, here is a picture of the main train station in Hamburg:

The first day we road a double-decker bus on a tour of the city:

Hamburg has the largest sea port in Germany, here is our first glimpse of the port:

Another view of the port:

As we drove through the heart of the city we passed where the annual bikers parade for charity was lining up - later in the afternoon over 33,000 bikers and scooter rode through the city:

We also took a boat tour around part of the gigantic port. As we waited for the next boat I snapped a picture of my wife next to an old sailing ship from the 1800's that has been made into a restaurant:

Another view of the boat launch:

As we rode around on the boat tour we passed some modern sailing ships:

Here is a picture of some of the warehouse that are located along the many canals surrounding the port. If you look close you may notice the crane on the top of each building used to load and unload ships and barges:

We even passed a real American river boat!

The next day we were walking around town and passed a kids charity race, I was sad that I didn't have my running shoes...

We checked out a wine festival, but it was too early to partake:

Ate at a cool cafe along a canal:

Walked around a park:

And walked along the infamous Reeperbahn with its numerous sleasy joints, disco's, and houses of ill repute (legal in Germany):

On the last night we had some seafood at a restaurant along the main tourist boat lauch area:

Running with the Running Club


Last night I had a nice run with my running club. It was fairly warm out when I drove to the trailhead, around 33C/92F, but not as bad as the beginning of the week. With my next marathon coming up on Sunday I wanted to keep the pace down, so I fell in with the mid-pace runners for the 11K/6.8M loop. I have been keeping the distance and pace down the last few runs, so I was feeling pretty good.

The group settled into about a 5:30/K (8:52/mile) pace for the first several kilometers which felt a bit slow, but just right considering my upcoming marathon. But after 5K or so some of the group started slowing and fall a bit behind. I continued on with the front runners. They eventually slowed down as well so I tried to take the lead and pull them along with me, mostly unsuccessfully. I remained patient and stayed with them until the last kilometer, where I bolted ahead like a young colt and sprinted back to the trailhead. Somehow I needed to get this excess energy out – it felt good!

So tonight I am taking a rest night, no training. On Friday I want to run a half hour to loosen up for the race on Sunday. The latest weather report for race day is 24C/75F and rain, which is much better than the sweltering heat that we have been having. I’m not really going to be trying to run a best time race, but if I am having a good day I may still succeed.

Beat-the-heat Swim Night

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Last night I sought relief from the heat and humidity as I headed home from work, namely I stopped at the pool for some laps. I have been slouching off with my swimming lately so it took awhile to find my groove, but I managed to knock out a 1000 meters of mixed breast/freestyle. The best though was escaping the heat for awhile.

This morning it is rainy and cool, but it is supposed to warm up considerable by the end of the day. In any case I want to run with my running club tonight.

I am cutting back with my mileage this week in anticipation of my marathon on Sunday. This will be my fifth marathon (or ultra) in five months. My goal is six in six months, but if August is as hot as July has been I will have no problem skipping a month. I am already signed up for a marathon in September (16th) in nearby (half hour) Karlsruhe. I also am a click away from signing up for a 50K or 50-miler three weeks after that. I want to see how the marathon goes on Sunday before I decide how the next few months will unfold.

Still hot and running


Yesterday was not quite as warm as Sunday, it stayed under 100F, it was only 37C/98.6F :-) It was also not as humid, so when I went out for my 9K/5.5M run I picked up the pace a bit running it about 30 seconds per kilometer faster than on Sunday – still not tempo pace, but good considering the heat.

The worst problem I am having with the heat is falling asleep at night, at 10 p.m. it is still in the high 80’s (F) outside. I usually try to sleep around 7 hours a night, but I have been only getting 4-5 the last few nights – its starting to drain me. The good news is a storm front is moving in which should cool things down.

Preliminary weather conditions for my Sunday marathon are rain with a temperature around 24C/75F, bearable for this time of year!

100 Degrees and Running


The weather has been warming up dramatically the last few days in Germany. Just a week ago it was raining and around 18C/65F. Well that was a week ago, yesterday it was 38C at 3 p.m. when I suited up for a run – that’s a 100F people! My wife was not too pleased with my decision to head out into the heat, saying something to the effect that no one in their right mind runs when it is so hot…

Anyway I was well hydrated, kept the pace down and (to appease my wife) cut the run down to 9K/5.5M. The first couple kilometers along an asphalt bike path were stifling, but once I got into the woods and out of the sun it was more bearable. Surprisingly there were a lot of people out enjoying the first days of real summer weather, although admittedly I was the only one running :-) I got through the run without any problems whatsoever, as I expected – after spending two summers in the sweltering, humid heat of south-eastern Georgia, 100F isn’t so bad…

This morning I’m headed back to work, my week of vacation went entirely too fast, as it always does. This week I am tapering back in anticipation of a trail marathon on Sunday. The good news is that it is supposed to rain the latter part of the week which should bring the temperature back down again.

Another 3-1/2 Hour Long Run


On Saturday morning I was up before 5:00, ate a light breakfast, then suited up and drove the 12K to Weingarten to run my long run on my hilly route. It was a cool 17C/63F as I warmed up with an easy kilometer at the bottom of the hill. I then headed up the side of the first hill, winding my way up the logging road. I felt good and quickly fell into my groove, finishing the roughly 15K/9.3M loop in around 1:38:00.

As I started the second loop I could feel that the temperature had drastically increased, I was sweating buckets by the time I reached the top of the first hill, luckily I had my CamelBak with me. I continued on with the loop, about halfway around my legs tired and my energy level felt like it was on empty. I pushed on trying to pick up the pace, or at not slow down any more. I finished the loop then headed out on a short out and back to bring my run to just over 3-1/2 hours. Since I had run straight through without any walk breaks I decided to call it a day and not run the 4 hours that I had planned.

As I drove home I noticed the temperature on the sign on the bank, it had risen to 30C/86F while I was running, pretty hot for 9:30 a.m.!

Traveling, Running, Cleaning


I thought I should take a break from my busy vacation to let you know what I’ve been up to lately.

First we left early last Sunday morning by train for Hamburg, in northern Germany and returned late afternoon on Wednesday. I took lots of pictures, some of which I will try to get ready to post this weekend.

I didn’t run at all while in Hamburg, mostly to appease my wife who tolerates my running the rest of the year. When we returned Wednesday it was early enough for a run, so I only waited for my wife to collapse on the couch for a nap. I headed out the door seconds later. I ran a couple warm-up kilometers, then I picked up the pace and ran the next 10K at a pretty good trot, in 51 minutes. I finished off the last 2K at a slower pace to complete a total of 14K/8.7M.

I spent most of Thursday house cleaning and going through piles of magazines, newspapers etc. that seemed to have accumulated over the last year. By late afternoon I had enough and headed out for a 10-mile run. My legs were a bit sore from the faster run the day before and the temperature had drastically risen as well, so I kept the pace down and enjoyed the run.

Today (Friday) I again spent most of the day working on projects around the house. On Saturday morning I want to get up early and run at least three hours on my hilly route in Weingarten.

On July 22 I am running the Hornisgrinde marathon in the Black Forest. This trail marathon basically goes downhill the for the first half of the race, then back up for the second half – it should be quite challenging, especially if temperatures climb back up into the 90’s (F)! I’m not really tapering for the event, other than cutting mileage down the last (next) week.

Well back to my household projects, its back to work on Monday. Here's a picture of the Hamburg port to tease you:

A 3-hour Long Run


I got up early (5:30) this morning and drove to Weingarten (12K away) and ran my long run in on my hilly route. My legs have been feeling better this week and the next 4 days we will be vacationing in Hamburg, Germany, so I decided it was time to increase the difficulty of the run.

My goal was to run three hours and to include as many hill climbs as possible during this timeframe. So after a flat kilometer warm-up I headed up the first hill. After reaching the top I took a side trail back down and ran it up again. Then I continued on my normal trail to the next hill, ran up the hill and again looped down on a side trail and headed up a second time. I continued doing this over five or six of the major hill climbs, taking about 1-1/2 hours to run what normally takes 30 minutes. My quads were getting wasted by this time, and I knew I needed an hour and half to finish running the rest of my trail, so decided to continue on – there were still several good hill climbs left to do.

I ran for another hour until my quads protested on the last major climb, so I took a short walk break to eat a sports bar. I continued on, arriving at my car at almost exactly the 3-hour point. I walked it out for 6-7 minutes, then spent some time stretching. The run was definitely more difficult than other ones that I have done this year, but that was the point, right. When I arrived home my wife said I had a look of satisfaction on my face, I guess that says it all.

I guess I ran around 27K/17M in three hours, a bit slower than I would have liked, but on the other side I added a lot more hill climbs than normal. As I write (about 3 hours later) my legs are a bit sore, but I’m sure they will be fine tomorrow. Tonight my running club is having a party for all those who helped out at the race last weekend. Since my wife baked a couple cakes for them to sell, she’s invited too, cool!

Early Sunday morning we are taking the train to Hamburg, in the northern part of Germany for a mini-vacation. My wife made the comment that I don’t need to bring my running shoes with me, so I am going to respect her wish. So basically my time belongs to her until Wednesday night. We are traveling light, so I wouldn’t be posting again until Thursday. I will be bringing the camera so will make sure I post some pictures. Have a great weekend!

Running Horse Trails


Last night I tried a new variation of my 14K/8.7M loop, running up and down a few horse trails for half the distance rather then the main gravel-covered logging roads that I usually run. I had a great time splashing through mud, leaping over branches and dodging burning nettle plants, roots and occasional piles of dung. The trail was much softer than the normal route and easier on the legs. I miscalculated the distance and ended up with only 12K/7.5 miles,.

This morning my legs feel great, I think a result of an easier pace and a softer trail, I think I am going to have to find more horse trails in the area. My next run will be on Saturday morning, a 3-hour run on my hilly route in Weingarten. I can’t wait!

Last night I ran with my running club. I first ran to the trailhead (4K), then ran the 11K/6.8M loop with the middle-speed group. After a nice easy start, the group picked up the pace and kept it going, picking it up again the last 10 minutes of the run, I really hadn’t planned on running so fast and had my doubts if I could hang with them, but dug deep and kept moving. We were rewarded at the end of the run with a picnic table full of cake, fruit, beer and other tantalizing delights, a reward for our hard work at the Asparagus race and fest the previous Sunday.

I stayed a little bit to socialize and strengthen myself for the run back to the house. Somehow I managed the 4K home without losing the belly full of cake. This morning I am a little stiff, probably from not stretching when we finished the 11K loop, then standing around in a cool wind stuffing my face for a half hour. All in all it was a good workout and a fun time with the group!

For my German friends:

Gestern Abend habe ich mit meinen Lauftreffgruppe laufen gegangen. Ich habe erste die vier Kilometer zum unsere Treffpunkt, dann die elf Kilometerrunde mit die mitteschnelle Gruppe gelaufen. Diese Gruppe hat gemütlich angefangen, aber dann hat richtig Gas gegeben (Conny war schult ;-) Ich wollte eigentlich nicht so schnell Laufen, aber ich habe tief gegraben und habe trotzdem mitgehalten. Nach die Lauf wir haben mit ein bisschen Kuchen, Obst und Trinken gefeiert, Belohnung für unsere arbeit bei dem Asparaguslauf.

Ich habe für eine Weile geblieben, zum plaudern und meine Magen zu stopfen. Nachher habe ich mit volle Bauche und schwere Beine die vier Kilometer nach Hause gelaufen. Heute morgen bin ich etwas steif, aber es war gute Training und eine schone Zeit mit freunden!

[Ich hoffe du hast mein schlechtes Deutsch verstanden]

A Rainy 15K Run


After work yesterday it was a cool 25C/77F as I suited up for a run. On one side of the house it was bright and sunny with puffy white clouds, on the other side the dark gray-black storm clouds were rolling in. I debated whether to wear a rain jacket or not, but decided against it thinking the storm might pass me by. Of course this was not the case and about 15 minutes into the run the rain came down in buckets. Luckily I was passing in front of the school in Spoeck, the next town down from us and was able to seek shelter under the bicycle parking port. As school was already out I decided to run circles around the approx. 30-40 feet long structure, thus staying mostly dry.

After about 6-7 minutes the rain slowed to a sprinkle and I finished my run. I guess I ran a total of around 15K/9.3M including circling around the bicycle port, around a half-mile longer than planned. My average pace was 5:37/K (9:02/M) a bit slower than I planned. I did manage a couple faster kilometers in the middle of the run, slightly under 10K pace, but overall I felt pretty sluggish – I guess my legs are still recovering from the last race.

On Friday I picked up the tempo for a slightly faster 9K/5.6M run, averaging around 9:00/mile. I am still not up to my tempo run speed, but it was still less than a week after my 50-mile race, no sense overdoing it.

On Saturday I drove 12K to the neighboring town of Weingarten to run my hill route. My goal was to run for around 1-1/2 to 2 hours, depending on how my legs felt. The weather was cool (15C/59F) and rainy, the air fresh and the forest seemingly empty – in other words perfect for running! I ran for just over 2 hours and felt like I could have gone much further, a good sign that my recovery is going well.

Today (Sunday) my running club (LT TSV Graben) had their annual 5K/10K race. This event is combined with a street festival in the town of Graben and draws lots of people. I worked one of the water points on the 10K race route, then helped pack up the finish line after the race. It was a fun morning, I had lunch with some of the running club at the street fest, had a great time and generally ate too much – a great day! I took some pictures, I’ll try to get these up tomorrow.

Have a great Sunday!

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