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Race Report: Kraichgal 10K Cross-country Race

This morning I drove to Kraichtal-Oberacker, about 40 minutes from our house for the annual 10K cross-country race held there. I arrived about an hour early and it was still pretty quiet. The race normally draws around 150 runners for the main event and dozens of kids for the school-age races.

I picked up my number and chilled out in the sport hall for awhile. I chatted with a couple runner’s that I knew, then finally headed out to get ready for the race. It was warm outside (8C/46F), but stormy, with a bone chilling wind. Luckily the race was mostly through the woods.

I lined up shortly before 10 a.m. with the other approx. 160 runners. As we waited for the start I thought about my goal for the race. I ran the race two years before and finished in 55:22, so I decided my goal was to run the race in under 55 minutes. My thoughts were interrupted by the countdown to the start. We headed over a small soccer field and into the woods. There was barely room to pass as we snaked our way through the forest on a small trail. After about a kilometer we started climbing a hill, my pace slowed some, but picked up on the downhill side. With the second hill we circled to the left and started making our way back towards the start over a serious of gently rolling hills. After about 3K we popped out of the forest and ran around the soccer field, the end of the first round.

The second round went rather uneventful, I latched onto a couple people that were doing a comfortable speed that felt about right for today. The runners were quiet, I guess too busy watching the trail.

As I started the uphill portion of the last loop I could feel myself slowing down, but as we neared the soccer field and the finish I tried to catch the runner in front of me, but the much younger runner gave me no chance. As I broke out of the woods I did my best to sprint across the soccer field to the finish line.

I finished in 52:12, over 3 minutes faster than two years before! I finished 105 out of 165 runners and 18th out of 23 in my age group. Not bad for my first race of the year!


Not a bad start to the year. Congratulations!

Way to go, Jack!



Wow, Jack! Nicely done. Maybe all your crossfit stuff is paying off? That and your training runs too!

Well done Jack!

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