20 Kilometers or Bust

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Last night I ran the 4.5 km to my running club trailhead and met the group for a run. I hadn’t been for a few weeks so decided I should not procrastinate any longer. I fell in with the mid-pack group, many who are training for a marathon.

Two of these are running the Mannheim marathon that I just signed up for, so I chatted with them about their goals. Conny said she is going to try to pace Gerd to a new personal best, around 4:10:00 or less. I had planned on using the marathon as a training run for my 50-mile race at the end of June, but as we ran I found myself contemplating whether I could keep up with them and break my PR of 4:14!

As the group increased the pace for some interval training I quickly discovered that my legs were still not recovered from the 50K race six days before – I really had to struggle to keep up with them. Eventually I focused and fell into a groove and I was fine until about kilometer 8 of the 11 km loop. I basically hit the wall at this point and almost dropped back, but saved face at the last minute when the group leaders slowed a bit. I dug in again and ended up hanging with them to the bitter (for me) end. After a quick stop for some water and a few parting words, I jogged the 4.5 km back to the house – mission accomplished, I finished my 20 km (12.5 miles)!

Westerwald Feedback

A couple German race reports have started to trickle in from the Westerwald 50K. One participant wore a Garmin and posted the actual Altitude range. According to their Garmin the race had a total 1,597 meters of ascent and 1606 meters of descent – I thought it was a total of 1500 meters of elevation change, who knew!

If you are interested in looking at more pictures of the race and beautiful Westerwald Forest, a couple participants posted pictures here and here.

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Nice job digging in. Rest up...you'll get your time back!

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