A Flat 20K Road Run

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When I got home from work last night the sunny skies were quickly being covered by an angry looking mass of gray-black clouds. It was quite warm (29C/84F) and very humid, so I knew we were in for a storm. I suited up and hurried out the door hoping that I would get my planned two hour run over before the storm hit.

One of my objectives was to get some training in on pavement, so I headed out over the many asphalted bike paths in our area. Due to the high humidity if felt much warmer outside for the first hour. I quickly fell into my groove, roughly a 9:30/mile pace. The first 10K went uneventful, then the wind started picking up. At first this helped cool things down, but soon I was running against the wind over open fields –and I started hearing thunder in the distance. Luckily the storm moved in slowly and I made it back to the house before the thunder and lightening were near enough to worry.

I ended up running for 1:58:04, which, according to Google Earth, was right around 20K. My legs were a bit tired towards the end, but feel fine this morning. I hope they hold up for the 55-60 miles (90-98 km) that I have planned this week…

1 Comment

It's so hard running in heat and humidity! Nice job. You'll do great on your mega long run later in the week. I'm actually thinking of trying some ultra running now! Any tips?

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