An Easy 7.5 Miles with my Running Club

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Last night I met my running club at our trailhead for a run. I was a bit early so warmed up with a quick 7-8 minute jog before the people started showing up. It was still quite humid outside, but at least the temperature went down a bit compared to the last few days.

Thick, dark rain clouds were moving in as I set out with the mid-pack group. I stuck towards the back of the little group of 10 runners, I was in no hurry, this week is my highest mileage week in my 50-mile training cycle. I chatted with Birgit, who is also running the 50-miler on June 28th, our goals are similar so I was wondering about running the race together. About the time our conversation got around to this the group leaders suddenly picked up the pace considerably. Next thing I knew I was running near 10K pace and Birgit had disappeared behind us, apparently she is much smarter than me and didn’t follow the group.

I was feeling good so hung with the group for about a kilometer, until they again took off at an even faster pace – turns out they are training for a fast 10K race taking place in the next couple weeks. I bailed out and jogged back to Birgit and the other two runners that had stayed with her. We finished the last 5K at a nice relaxed pace that left me feeling like I could do another loop, which is good because on Friday night or Saturday morning I have a 4-hour long run planned.

There are now five from my running club that are going to be running the 50-mile race, plus 4 more that are running it as a relay team. I guess I’ll have some company this time if they don’t run too fast.

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