Feeling a Little Homesick


Internet radio is cool, especially for this old small town New Yorker living in Germany. When I get homesick I like to listen to the local radio station back home, in my case Big Frog 104 in Oneida Co.

Sometimes this backfires and I feel even more homesick than before, yesterday was one of those days. Last night I found myself checking job ads and house prices in St. Claire Shores (above Detroit), where dear friends of ours live. Sometimes we talk about moving…but so far our piggy-bank hasn’t been full enough for such a drastic move (sigh).

I've lived with my German wife here in Germany for 18-1/2 years. I think we have it good here, I really can't complain, but sometimes I really miss family and friends. Blogging helps...


It sure would be nice if you two were here.

I missed the silliest things living in Germany - the convenience of Wal-mart (much as I hate going there!), chick-fil-a sandwiches, and good mexican food! :-)

I listen to my San Francisco radio station's morning show sometimes while I cook dinner in England. (I tend to only let myself do it when I know I'm going for a visit soon. Maybe I'll do it tonight!)

I never knew that you were a New Yorker.

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