Resting and Recovering


Last night was a rest night, I took advantage of the free night to catch up on some bookkeeping, went grocery shopping with my wife and spoiled her with dinner at the Black Cat Restaurant.

My wife said that she has officially passed her probation time at work, she now has an unlimited job contract – next step more money! She also warned me that she has a huge project that has to be finished before our vacation in October, this may require working nights and on the weekend at home. She was not shy to let me know who is going to be cleaning the house then…

I am also really busy at work so will probably need to put in more overtime over the summer. So I guess this means the 50-mile race will be the last major race this year. After that I will probably cut my running down to about three times a week, hopefully enough to maintain my weight and some level of fitness. I may do a marathon on the third weekend of July, but just for fun, e.g. no additional training required. I’m sure there will be a few 10K and HM off and on…

Tonight I want to run for about two hours on my hilly route, specifically over part of the 50-mile race route. Sunday is supposed to be sunny and over 90°F, so I want to run an hour in the heat. It is beginning to look like the 50-mile race is going to be a hot one, yuch!


good luck sunday!!! you need to make more pies as a reward. :)

Who came up with this idea of work anyways??? I think we should go back to farming. Then we'd have acres and acres to run on!!

Stay hydrated on Sunday, and add lots of salt on your food til then. I've found that's a big help!!

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