Riding the sub-4 marathon wave


Wow, talk about a runner’s high, I’m still riding the sub-4 marathon wave, what a feeling of accomplishment! My legs are doing pretty good, a bit tired but no unwarranted aches or pain. Last night I went for a 9K/5.5M recovery run to try to keep the legs loose. Tonight is a rest night, then hopefully tomorrow night I can start easing back into some normal running. I am officially tapering now for the 50-mile race, which is just 11 days away. I need to be really careful with my training until then.

So what happened on Sunday? When I lined up for the race I was still planning on a slow training run of around 5 hours. But as I think back over the week or so before the race there were signs that I was lined up for a good race. The first was the training marathon the weekend before, which I finished in around 4:25, with lots of energy to spare. I wrote it off as a mistake in the distance, that it was not the full marathon distance (it was a Volksmarch marathon). Next was the 11K run with the running club on Wednesday night, it felt so effortless, and that following 20K runs on Monday and Tuesday nights.

I had a very relaxing day in Fuerth on Saturday, my wife was doing her aunts taxes, and I spent time napping on the balcony :-) By Sunday morning I was well rested, well fed, and ready to roll - the only thing missing was a spark.

The spark came in the form of a distraction from my normal concentrated running, i.e. fighting with my new Garmin. Normally I don’t try new things for a race, but since I was going to run the marathon as a slow training race I decided it was as good of a time as any to test my new Forerunner.

Luckily for my race I didn’t bother to read the handbook, so was fiddling with the cursed device for the first couple kilometers which totally got me off pace. Also luckily my pace went in the right direction, namely faster, and I cruised the first 10K away without so much as thinking twice about it. By that time I was feeling so comfortable with the pace I decided to keep going with it for awhile, the rest is history.

I did have to make a conscious decision at some point in the race to sacrifice my upcoming 50-mile race performance in favor of a new marathon best time. It took a while to decide this, but in the end I feel I made the right decision. If my recovery goes as well as it has for other races this year I may still run an acceptable race on June 28th! I see no reason to change my race strategy or pace, if the mind is willing I think the body will follow.


i think you made the right decision! i bet you still do great in the 50miler.

Congrats on your sub-4! I would have gone for it too. : )

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