Running and biking throught the weekend

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Saturday at 5:00 p.m. I met members of my running club at our trailhead for a run. Normally I don’t run on Saturday’s with the club as I do my long run on Saturday morning, but I did my long run on Friday night in preparation for the upcoming 50-mile race. My legs were a bit tired, so I showed up early and warmed up with a 7-8 minute run before heading out with the group over the 11K loop.

I fell in with the mid-pack group, several who were recovering from races, including the Mannheim marathon that I also ran. We started out at an easy pace, around 6:12/K (10:00/mile). I was in no hurry, my legs were still recovering from the almost 3-hour hilly run the night before (and the marathon the week before). After about 5K those recovering took the shorter route back to the trailhead and I continued on with a couple of the guys who wanted to run the entire loop.

We seemed to immediately pick up the pace, which kind of worried me, but my legs held up as we cruised around. We did a faster 2-3 kilometers, whereas I fell several paces behind, than backed off again, whereas I caught them again. I didn’t watch the time for each individual kilometer, but we ended up averaging about 5:25/K (9:00/mile) for the last 6K.

I ended up with 80K (almost 50 miles) for the week, not bad for a “recovery week” after a marathon. I attribute this to running the marathon at about 45 seconds/mile under my normal marathon pace, which allowed me to recover much faster. I should mention that my legs are not fully recovered, but enough to continue my training anyway.

On Sunday my legs felt good enough to do some cross-training. I decided to do some cycling, whereas I cycled around 40K (25 miles). This gave my leg muscles a good workout, but without stressing my running muscles. When I got back I also did about 10 minutes of rowing, whereas I used the upper body as much as possible.

This evening (Monday) I want to run around 20K at marathon pace, we’ll see how the legs hold up. Have a great Monday!

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An almost 50 mile week - that's great! It's amazing what dropping your speed a bit will do.

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