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A few days ago I noticed an ad in our local paper that the bicycle shop around the corner is having a sale on all of this year's models. I bought an inexpensive mountain bike a couple years ago and find it a bit impractical for most of the cycling that I do. I have also been listening intently to a small group in my running club that take regular 80-120 kilometer cycling tours in the warmer months of the year. I've decided that I would like do that too, but not with my heavy mountain bike.

At first I thought about a racing bike, not top of the line mind you, but something that I could also use if I get the urge to do a triathlon sometime. But after talking with my cycling friends, most said that a touring bike would be more appropriate unless I planned on doing an Ironman anytime soon. So touring bike it is, I'll be picking up my new baby this weekend!

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