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I am in the InSane AsyLum...


I called my wife yesterday and told her I was in the Insane Asylum...and feel so at home, or as one of the main dudes there put it:

"Jack, at last you have found refuge, a place you can call home, where the Insane can feel Sane again, and once again be treated like a normal human being."

My wife didn't understand...do you?

Maniac #1334 (Silver)

Ich habe gestern meine Frau angerufen und gesagt das ich war in der Nervenheilanstalt...und habe mich so zuhause gefühlt, oder als eins von der Häuptling hat gesagt:

„Jack, du hast endlich ein Schutzgebiet gefunden, ein Platz, den Sie nach Hause benennen können, wo die verrückt, vernünftig fühlen kann und wird wie eine Normal Mensch behandelt werden."

Meine Frau hat das nicht verstanden...und du?

Maniac #1334 (Silber)

Last night I picked up my running buddy and we ran two loops around the local research center. The weather was not bad, clear skies, mild temperature (39°F) and it was still light out for the time being.

We started out with a pretty good pace, around 9:45/mile, faster than our long run pace, but not pushing it either. My running buddy was motivated, so finished the first 4.1 mile loop in 40:10, an average pace of around 9:45/mile.

On the second round we decided to take it a little easier, at least in the beginning, but as we made our way around our pace kept increasing, we finished the second loop in 41:00 minutes. Our average pace for the two loops was 6:09/km, or about three minutes faster than the week before.

Tonight I am meeting Uli and Birgit, the March Marathon Training pair for some interval or speed training, I think I am going to need this in order to keep up with my running buddy at the marathon in April!

Gestern Abend habe ich mein Lauf Buddy abgeholt und wir haben zwei Runden rund der Forschungszentrum gelaufen. Das Wetter war nicht so schlecht, klare Himmel, milde Temperatur (4°C) und es war noch nicht ganz Dunkel.

Wir haben mit eine gute Tempo angefangen, ungefähr 6:05/km, schneller als unsere lang lauf Tempo, aber nicht unbequem. Meine Lauf Buddy war motiviert und wir habe die erste 6,6 km Rund in 40:10 geschafft, ein durchschnittliche Tempo von genau 6:05/km!

Mit der zweite Rund haben wir gewusst etwas langsamer gelaufen, mindestens am Anfang, aber irgendwann an die weg hat unsere Tempo wieder gesteigert, wir haben die zweite Rund in 41:00 Minuten gelaufen. Unsere Durchschnittliche Tempo für die ganze lauf war 6:09/km, wir habe die zwei Runden in fast drei Minuten schneller als letzte Woche gelaufen.

Heute Abend ich treffe Uli und Birgit, die März Marathon Trainingspaar für ein bisschen Interval oder Tempo Training, ich glaube ich brauche es jetzt wenn ich mit meine Lauf Buddy bei der April Marathon mithalten will!

On Monday after work I met several friends from my running club for a run around the local research center. However, after two longer runs this past weekend I was honestly hoping the group would not be too motivated, I had a recovery run on the schedule.

As we started out I ran with a woman who wants to run the New York Marathon in November, but more about that later. We ran the first 4.1 mile loop in about 40 minutes, faster than I would have liked, but manageable. After the first mile or so of the second round I really started feeling the higher mileage from the weekend. Luckily I was chatting away with one of the female runners which didn't leave me much time to think about my legs. We ended up running the two 4.1 loops with an average pace of 9:51/km, faster as I planned, but not so bad really.

So back to the New York Marathon, my friend from the running club asked around and no one in the club wanted to or was able to accompany her. However, when I was at my barber a week or two ago I learned that my barber's father, an ultrarunner, was going with a group to New York to run the marathon. Yesterday morning I informed my friend about this and she ended up contacting the group, another local running club. Anyway it looks like she will be able to go with this group in November to run New York, I'm so happy that it worked out for her!

Am Montag nach die Arbeit habe ich mehre Freunden von mein Lauftreffgruppe bei der Forschungszentrum für ein lauf getroffen. Nach zwei längerer lauf über die Wochenende ich habe ganz ehrlich gehofft das die kleine Gruppe war nicht zu motiviert, ich habe ein Erholungslauf auf mein trainingsplan gehabt.

Am Anfang habe mit eine Frau gesprochen das will unbedingt in November der New York Marathon laufen, aber mehr an das später. Wir haben die erste 6,6 km rund in ungefähr 40 Minuten gelaufen, schneller dann ich wollte, aber nicht schlimm. Ab die erste paar Kilometer von die zweite Runde habe ich die höher Kilometermenge von die Wochenende langsam gemerkt. Mit glück habe ich genug mit eins von die Frauen gequatscht so das ich habe wenig Zeit über die zustand von meine Beinen zu denken. Am ende haben wir die zwei 6,6 km Runden mit ein durchschnittliche Tempo von 6:08/km (9:51/mi), schneller als was ich habe geplant, aber nicht zu schnell.

So zurück auf der Thema New York Marathon, meine Lauffreundin hat rund gefragt und ob jemand in unsere Lauftreffgruppe wollte New York mitmachen, aber hat kein positiv Antwort bekommen.. Ich habe ein Tipp von meine Friseurin bekommen, das ihre Vater, ein Ultraläufer, geht mit eine Gruppe nach New York um die Marathon zu laufen. Ich habe gestern morgen meine Lauffreundin informiert. Sie hat die andere Lauftreffgruppe kontaktiert und wie es aussiehst wurde in November mitgehen! Es freut mich wirklich für sie!

Choosing between friends and running


I love to run, running has become such a part of my life that I really can't imagine any better way of spending my free time. I love racing too, although "racing" is relative, I race against my own best times rather than trying to "win".

This coming Saturday I am signed up for my first race of the year, a 50K race in Rodgau, near Frankfurt, Germany. I have been training hard and the plan has been to try to set a new PR for the 50K distance.

However this past Friday night my wife reminded me that a good friend of ours has her birthday on the same day and we are invited for dinner. A quick calculation made it clear that there was no way I could run the race and make it to dinner on time. My wife said go to the race, she'd go to our friends alone.

I didn't say anything and thought about it for awhile. Later I was on the phone with my running friend Uli and I asked what her and Birgit had on the running plan for next Saturday, it turns out they wanted to start an hour earlier and run 30 km, which would have me home in enough time to make the dinner. I also mentioned to Uli about the birthday and she said when her and her boyfriend were training for their Ironman last year they often had to choose between friends and training, it put a lot of strain on friendships.

After this conversation the fog lifted and I had my answer, I would stay home from the race, there are more then enough other races on my schedule.

I was reading an article a few months ago that talked about people who become "addicted" to running, that is running is no longer their sport or hobby, it becomes an obsession. Clearly, many (most?) ultra runners are obsessive, but as the article went on to say it is the attitude that determines when running becomes an addiction. One of the signs was that you put your running and training before family and friends.

I think it is important that we control our running and not let it control us. In this case it means that my friend's birthday celebration has priority over a race. Although my wife remained nonchalant when I told her I was not going to the race, I know that it was a positive sign for her that my "addiction" is not totally out of control.

Have any of you guys had to decide between your training/racing and time with family and friends? Where has your priority been?

Another Long Run

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Today after church I met my running buddy for a long run. My legs were in pretty good shape considering that I ran over 30 km (19 miles) on Saturday. It was a warm 43°F and sunny as I ran over to my running buddy's house. I rang and soon we were off and running. On Saturday evening I mapped out a 14 mile route with Google Earth, behind our town to the local research center, over to the running club trails, then over part of my old running route from a year or two ago.

My friend wanted to run a roughly 10:30/mile pace, so with a little help from my Garmin I tried to keep us on track. I loved to chat endlessly with my running friend, so it seemed like just a short time before we reached the 8 mile point where we took a short break. After something to drink and a quick snack we were quickly on our way.

The last 6 miles went by as quickly as the first, my running friend was still looking fresh as we arrived back at her house, I'm sure she could have run a great deal further. My running buddy is also becoming a good friend, it was only with regret that I ended the day and headed back to the house. I am looking forward to our next run on Wednesday!

I am really cherishing the time with Uli, Birgit and my running buddy as we train for our events. The only problem is that the time is going by much too quickly...

Heute nach die Kirche habe ich meine Lauf Buddy für ein lang lauf getroffen. Meine Beinen war in relativ gute zustand, trotz die mehr als 30 Kilometer das ich habe am Samstag gelaufen. Es war ein Warm 6°C und sonnig, als ich habe zu die Haus von meine Lauf Buddy gelaufen, ich habe geklingelt und wir waren gleich an die weg. Ich habe Samstagabend ein 22 km Strecke mit Google Earth geplant, hinter unsere Stadt, bei die Forschungszentrum, die Lauftreffstrecke und teilweise mein alte laufstrecke.

Meine Freundin wollte ungefähr ein Tempo von 6:30/km halten, so ich habe versucht durch Hilfe mein Garmin das zu durchhalten. Ich quatsch gern mit meiner Lauffreundin und es hat ziemlich nicht lang gedauert und der erste 13 Kilometer war schnell hinten uns. Wir haben gleich nachher ein kurze Pause gemacht um zu trinken und essen, dann war schnell wieder auf die Piste.

Die letzte 9 Kilometer war auch sehr schnell vorbei, und meine Lauf Buddy hat immer noch stark ausgesehen, ich glaube sie könnte leicht noch mehrere Kilometer laufen! Meine Lauf Buddy ist auch eine gute Freundin geworden, ich bedauerte es wirklich zurück zu dem Haus zu laufen müssen. Ich freue mich auf unsere nächste Lauf an Mittwoch!

Ich genieße wirklich die Zeit mit Uli, Birgit und besonderes meine Lauf Buddy als wir trainieren für unsere Ziele. Die Zeit geht aber viele zu schnell...

A 29 Kilometer Long Run

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On Saturday I met Uli and Birgit at the Running Club trailhead for a long run. Our plan was to run 28 km (17.5 miles), we decided to split it up into three loops consisting of 10, 8 and 10 kilometers. Our friend Gerd joined us for the first two loops, he wanted to run early so that he could watch his son later so that his girlfriend could run later (third loop).

We set out at a faster then our planned pace of 10:12/mile (6:20/km), it was warm and sunny and we were motivated. During the first loop the three talked mostly about skiing and some of the ski trips they have been on. I'm not a skier, but it was still interesting and help past the time. After 10 km we arrived back at the start, where we quickly fueled and set out again, joined by Uli's boyfriend.

The second loop went by quickly, we ended up finishing the two loops (18 km/11.2 miles) with an average pace of just under 10 minutes/mile, faster than planned, but we felt good! We fuelled up again and chatted with some of the group that were gathering for the main run. But after a few minutes we started feeling cold, so set off ahead of the group. We figured they would catch up to us anyway.

After a couple miles Birgit's husband caught up with, he had run from their house. Right after this the faster runners from the main group caught up and passed us. Birgit's husband stayed with us and we were feeling so good we decided to run the entire 11 km instead of 10. We also picked up the pace, the last couple miles of the run were the fastest for the day! We ended up running the last 7 mile loop in 1:07:41, an average pace of 9:42/mile.

We ended up with 18.2 miles for the day at an average pace of 9:52/mile, at this rate Birgit and Uli will be in good shape for a sub-4-hour marathon in March.

Am Samstag habe ich Uli und Birgit bei die Lauftreff getroffen. Auf die Trainingsplan war ein 28 km lang lauf, wir habe entscheidet das in drei Strecke von 10, 8 und 10 zu verteilen. Freund Gerd war bei die erste 18 km dabei, er wollte etwas früh laufen weil später er der Sonnemann aufpassen musste so seine Freundin laufen könnte.

Wir haben etwas schneller als die geplante 6:20/km tempo angefangen, es war warm und sonnig und wir waren motiviert. Für die erste Runde hat die drei im grosseteil über Skifahren und Skireisen gequatscht. Ich bin kein Skifahrer, aber es war trotzdem interessant und die Zeit war schnell vorbei. Nach 10 km waren wir zurück am Anfang und habe schnell etwas gegessen und getrunken, dann noch mal los, dieses mal auch mit Uli's Freund.

Die zweite Rund war auch schnell dabei, wir haben die 18 km mit ein durchschnittliche Tempo von 6:11/km gelaufen, etwas schneller als unsere Zeile, aber wir haben gut gefühlt! Wir haben noch mal etwas zu trinken geholt und ein bisschen mit die Rest von der Lauftreffgruppe gesprochen das hat langsam gesamelt für ein Lauf. Ab ein paar Minuten wir haben mit die dritte Rund angefangen, es war doch zu kalt für die Gruppe zu warten. Wir haben gemeint das die wurde uns eventuell holen, so wir haben los gelaufen.

Ab 3-4 Kilometer hat der Man von Birgit uns geholt, er hat von zuhause gelaufen. Kurz nachher hat die schneller Läufer von der Hauptgruppe uns auch geholt und vorbei gelaufen. Birgit's Man hat mit Uli, Birgit und ich geblieben. Wir haben immer noch gut gefühlt und haben entscheidet die ganze 11 km Rund zu laufen statt nur 10 km. Wir haben auch ein bisschen Gas gegeben, die letzte 3 km von der Rund war unsere schnelleste! Die letzten 11,23 km haben wir in 1:07:41 gelaufen, ein durchschnittliche Tempo von 6:01/km!

Ingesamt haben wir 29,34 km gelaufen in 2:59:51, ein durchschnittliche Tempo von 6:08/km. Ich glaube Uli und Birgit wird kein Problem der Marathon in März unter 4 Stunden zu laufen.

A Night of Speed Training

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On Thursday I sat in a class the whole day, when I got home I decided at the last minute to meet Uli and Birgit for some speed training at the local research center. I knew I was too late to meet them at our normal meeting point, so I parked on the other side of the complex and ran the loop backwards hoping to run into them.

After completing the entire loop without seeing them I figured they must of changed their plans. I decided to run a couple more kilometers and then go home if I didn't see them. I ended up meeting them soon after this, practically around the next corner. They had decided to run to the research facility instead of driving, so I had arrived too early. We finished running the loop together and we bid farewell so the girls could run home.

I ended up with almost 9 miles at an average pace of 8:30/mile, not bad for the winter time!

Am Donnerstag bin ich den ganzen Tag in meiner Schulung gesessen. Wenn ich habe heim gekommen habe ich kurz entscheidet Uli und Birgit bei die Forschungszentrum für ein bisschen Tempotraining zu treffen. Ich habe gewusst das ich war zu spät um die bei der normale Treffpunkt zu treffen, so habe ich zu die andere Seite von die Forschungszentrum geparkt und in die verkehrte Richtung gelaufen in die Hoffnung das ich treffe die beiden an die weg.

Wenn Ich habe die ganze Rund gelaufen ohne die zu sehen, habe mich langsame gewundert ob die hat die Plan geändert. Ich habe entscheidet noch ein paar Kilometer zu laufen und wenn ich habe die beide immer noch nicht getroffen, zu heim fahren. Gerade rund die nächste ecke habe ich die beide doch getroffen. Die beide hat entscheidet nach die Forschungszentrum zu laufen statt fahren, so ich habe zu früh angefangen. Wir haben der Rund fertig gelaufen und uns abschieden, so die Frauen konnte heim gelaufen.

Ich habe insgesamt 14 km gelaufen, mit eine durchschnittliche Tempo von 5:17/km, ein gute Tempolauf für die Winterzeit!

A Pleasant Run with a Friend

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Last night my running buddy and I ran two loops around the local research center. The weather was warmer (6°C/43°F) and the ice was finally gone, we kept a comfortable pace, averaging 6:22/km (10:15/mi.) for the 13.2 km (8.2 mi.) run. Thanks to the pleasant conversation with my running buddy the run was so nice that I really didn't want it to end, oh well, that's the way it is sometimes.

I am very happy to have found friends that I can run with outside of the normal times with the running club, it has really made running even more enjoyable... who would have ever thought that was possible. My running buddy means a lot to me, I am hoping when her first marathon is behind her at the end of April, she will still lace up her shoes once in awhile and run with this old man :-)

For the next two days I am sitting in a class all day, I'm not sure if I will get any runs in. But that is actually not too bad, because on Saturday I have a 28 km (17.5 mi.) long run planned with Uli and Birgit, and on Sunday 22 km (14 mi.) with my running buddy. I can't wait!

An Easy Night of Crosstraining

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Last night I took a night off from running as planned. I had to work a bit later than normal, so decided not to stop at the swimming pool on the way home. Later in the evening I did a half hour of crosstraining consisting of rowing, stationary cycling and some Crossfit exercises. The focus with the latter was mostly on upper body strength and strengthening my lower back. It is important to have adequate upper body strength particularly on hillier ultras where you need to use your arms to help propel you up a hill. The lower back strength is important when pounding downhill sections during a longer run.

Tonight I am looking forward to a run with my running buddy, we will probably do two loops around the local research facility. At the beginning of February we will "officially" begin training for her first marathon, the Upper Elbe Marathon in Dresden. For me it is exciting to accompany a "marathon virgin" in her first journey at this distance. I hope I can keep up with her, she is an awesome runner!

Springtime in the Winter

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Last night I met Conny and some other friends at the local research center for a run. It was an uncanny 55°F outside, a big different from the freezing temperatures that we had last week!

We took off around the roughly 4 mile loop at a moderate pace, eventually increasing our speed, at least until we hit the first patch of ice. Most of the snow had melted, but there were thick patches of ice on parts of the asphalt path. It was also raining, so we really had to watch our step.

We ran two loops without anyone breaking their neck, and just as I was saying my goodbyes, Bernd and Uli (that I ran with last Thursday) came running by on their first loop. They stopped and chatted a minute with our group, and when they took off I found myself running with them :-) I figured an extra kilometer or two wouldn't hurt, but felt so good that I ended up running the entire loop with them.

I ran a few hundred meters of their second loop to round off my run to an even 20 km (12.4 miles). My legs were heavy after the run, but after a hot shower and a large plate of pasta I felt a lot better.

This morning I am feeling quite fit, of course I feel in my legs that I ran nearly 42 miles in the last three days, but not any worse then after a long run. This evening I will take a break from running, maybe I do some swimming, we'll see.

Gestern Abend habe ich Conny und andere Freunden bei die Forschungszentrum für eine Lauf getroffen. Es war ein unheimlich 13°C außen, ein sehr große unterschied von unsere Winterliche Temperaturen von letzte Woche!

Wir haben mit der erste 6,6 Kilometer Runde langsam angefangen, aber eventuell die Tempo gesteigert, mindestens bis die erste Glatteis hat uns gebremst. Die meiste Schnee war weg, aber es war immer noch viel Glatteis in dem schattigen Teilen von der Strecke. Es hat auch geregnet, so wir aufpassen mussten.

Wir haben zwei Runden ohne Unfalle gelaufen, und gerade wenn ich abschieden wollten hat Bernd und Uli rund die Ecke gelaufen an ihren erste Runde. Die hat angehalten um mit uns zu plaudern, und irgendwie wenn die hat noch mal angefangen zu laufen habe mich mit gegangen :-) Ich habe erste gedacht ich laufe ein oder zwei Kilometer mit, aber ich habe mich noch gut gefühlt so habe doch die ganze Rund mitgelaufen.

Ich habe noch ein paar Meter weiter gelaufen bis ich habe ein ganze 20 km hinter mir gehabt. Mein Beine war schwer nach die Lauf, aber nach ein heiße Dusche und ein große Teller Nudeln habe mich viel besser gefühlt.

Heute morgen fühle ich mich Fit, ich merke natürlich in die Beine das ich 67 km in die letzte drei Tagen gelaufen habe, aber es ist nicht schlimmer als nach ein langer Lauf. Heute Abend mache ich ein lauf pause, aber vielleicht gehe ich schwimmen, mal sehen.

Slipping and sliding through the weekend

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On Saturday Afternoon I met Uli and Birgit for a long run. Birgit returned early from her ski vacation, so decided at the last minute to run with us. The trail was still covered with some snow, leaving it a little slippery to run on, but we were still able to run more or less our planned pace. We completed around 9 miles on the first round and returned to the trailhead in enough time to eat and drink a little before heading out on a second loop with our running club.

At the beginning of the second loop I ran with my running buddy for a little while, as I had not seen her for almost a week. After 7-8 minutes I ran on ahead to rejoin Uli and Birgit for the rest of the loop. Together with the shorter second loop we ran altogether about 16 miles.

On Sunday my running buddy couldn't make it for the run, so I drove to Weingarten to run 20 kilometers on my hilly route. My legs were tired from the run on Saturday, so I set out at a slightly slower pace. After the first major hill though, I was able to increase the pace.

It rained almost the entire run, which in itself was not bad, but the rain washed most of the snow away exposing the bare ice beneath. The last half hour was getting really slippery, and on top of that my legs were tired and I didn't have my running buddy to keep me company. I was glad when the run was over and I could drive home and take a hot bath.

Nachmittag am Samstag habe ich Uli und Birgit für ein lang lauf getroffen. Birgit hat frühe von Skiurlaub heimgekommen, und hat kurzfristig entscheidet mit uns zu laufen. Die strecke war immer noch mit ein bisschen Schnee gedeckt, so war ein bisschen ungemütlich zu laufen, aber wir haben trotzdem unsere geplante Tempo mehr oder weniger gehalten. Wir haben ungefähr 14,4 Kilometer an die erste Rund geschafft, und war zurück in genug Zeit um etwas zu essen und trinken vor wir haben ein zweite Rund mit die Lauftreffgruppe gelaufen.

Bei die zweite Rund habe ich erste mit meine Lauf Buddy ein bisschen gelaufen. Ich hatte sie für fast eine Woche nicht gesehen, so wollte ein bisschen mit ihr plaudern. Ab 7-8 Minuten habe ich vor gelaufen um mit Uli und Birgit zu weiter laufen. Ingesamt mit den zweiten Rund haben wir haben 25,6 Kilometer gelaufen.

Am Sonntag meine Lauf Buddy könnte nicht mitlaufen, so ich habe nach Weingarten gefahren und 20 km über meine hügelige Strecke gelaufen. Mein Beine war müde von die lauf am Samstag so ich habe etwas langsamer angefangen. Ab dem erste Berg habe ich besser gefühlt und könnte besser laufen.

Es hat fast die ganze Zeit geregnet, was selber nicht so schlimm war, aber es hat die Schnee weg gewischt und die Glatteis unter frei gelegt. Die letzte Halbstunde war wirklich glatt zu laufen, und mit müde Beinen und ohne meine Lauf Buddy noch schwere! Ich war glücklich wenn ich fertig war und könnte heim fahren und ein heiße bad nehmen.

Slipping and sliding through a tempo run

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Last night I ran with Uli and Bernd from my running club. Uli and I wanted to do some tempo training, but the new snow from the night before last left the running path quite slippery. We began the first loop around the local research facility at a slower pace, but as the path condition improved we were able to pick up the pace to our planned tempo pace. We were able to maintain the pace for a couple kilometers until the path worsened. We had to run the rest of the loop at a reduced pace, it was just to dangerous to run fast.

After the first loop we started our second, eventually running a couple faster kilometers. We really noticed the second tempo set in our legs, it really is much harder to run in the snow, especially at a faster pace!

This weekend is supposed to be a bit warmer, I am really looking forward to our long run on Saturday.

Gestern Abend habe ich mit Uli und Bernd von meinen Lauftreffgruppe gelaufen. Uli und ich wollte ein bisschen Tempotraining machen, aber der neue Schnee von vorgestern hat die Strecke sehr glatt gelassen. Wir haben die erste paar Kilometer rund die Forschungszentrum langsam angefangen, aber als die Strecke teilweise besser geworden ist, konnten wir ein bisschen Gas geben. Für ungefähr zwei Kilometer haben wir unsere geplante schnell Tempo gelaufen, bis wir haben noch eine glatten Streckenteil erreicht. Die Rest von der Rund haben wir mit reduziert Tempo gelaufen, es war einfach zu gefährlich schnell zu laufen.

Nach dem ersten Rund haben wir noch ein Rund angefangen, eventuell auch mit ein paar schnelleren Kilometer. Die zweite Tempo Phase war schon hart, wir haben es alle in die Beine gemerkt - es ist viel schwerer in die Schnee zu laufen!

Diesem Wochenende sollte etwas warmer sein, ich freue mich auf unsere Langlauf am Samstag.

A Spontaneous Tempo Run

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Last night my running buddy couldn't make it for our run, so I went along to the local research facility for a run. My plan was to run a couple easy loops, but the sun was still out and it had warmed up to a comfortable 37°F, so there was no stopping me. The first mile or so were within my normal tempo training pace of 8:30/mi., but without my running buddy there to keep me in check, it didn't take long before I was read lining it (e.g. 10K pace). I finished the first 4.1 mile loop in 34:01 and the first 10K in 51:15! After the 10K point I ran another 5K at a slightly slower pace, I remembered that I have to run a tempo run with Uli on Thursday night. This morning I can feel that I ran a faster paced run in my legs, but I guess by tomorrow they will be fine.

Gestern Abend meine Laufbuddy könnte nicht mitlaufen, so ich habe allein zu dem Forschungszentrum gefahren. Ich habe es vor zwei ruhige Runden zu machen, aber die Sonne war immer noch außen und es war eine freundliche 3°C, so ich war nicht zu bremsen. Die erste paar Kilometer war in mein Tempolauf Bereich von 5:15/km (8:27/mi.), aber ohne mein Laufbuddy dabei es hat nicht lang gedauert vor ich war in dem rote Bereich. Ich habe die erste 6,6 km Runde in 34:01 und die erste 10 km in 51:15 gelaufen. Ab 10 km habe ich noch 5 km mit ein etwas langsamer Tempo gelaufen, ich habe mich erinnert das ich muss auch ein Tempolauf mit Uli an Donnerstag laufen. Heute Morgen ich merke die schneller Tempo in mein Beine, aber ich glaube bis morgen wurde ich fit sein.

Taking a Rest - Ein Ruhetag

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Last night I pretty much took the night off from training. I just finished three weeks of intense training, so want to back off on the mileage this week. I did take about 10-15 minutes and do some light crosstraining in the form of 4 minutes on the stationary bike, and the rest of the time in my weight room in the shed. I finished off with some sets of push-ups and sit-ups, followed by some stretching. After a good night's sleep I feel rejuvenated and ready for a run after work.

My running buddy is can't make it for our run tonight, so I will probably head to the local research center and run a few loops on my own. The weather is beginning to warm up a bit, so it should be more comfortable than it has been the past couple weeks.

On Thursday night I am meeting one of the gals training for the Bienwald Marathon (in March) for a run. Our other running partner usually runs with her on Thursdays, but is on ski vacation, so I offered to fill in. They usually do speed work on Thursday, so I guess I'm in for a workout!

Gestern Abend habe ich mehr oder weniger kein Training gemacht. I habe gerade drei Wochen intensiver Training abgeschlossen, so ich wollte ein bisschen ausruhen. Ich habe doch ein bisschen Crosstraining gemacht, in form 4 Minuten an die Crosstrainer, und 10-12 Minuten Krafttraining und Gymnastik. Nach eine lange schlaf ich habe viele besser gefüllt und vorbereitet vor eine schöne Lauf heute.

My Lauf Buddy kann heute Abend nicht laufen, so ich wurde ein paar Runden rund die Forschungszentrum allein laufen. Das Wetter ist etwas warmer geworden, es sollte etwas mehr bequem so laufen als die letzte paar Wochen.

An Donnerstagabend ich will mit eins von die zwei Frauen das Trainiert gerade für die Beinwald Marathon laufen. Die andere Freundin von uns mach gerade Skiurlaub, so ich habe gesagt das ich kann mitlaufen. Normalweiß macht die zwei Tempotraining an Donnerstags, so ich glaube es wurde ein gute Workout sein!

A 50K Weekend in the Cold

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About a half hour before my long run on Saturday afternoon one of the ladies, Birgit called and said she couldn't make it, she was still packing for her ski trip the next day. She couldn't get hold of our other running friend, Uli, so she wanted to make sure that I could meet Uli at our designated time. No problem, I was anxiously waiting for the run, the sun was shining and I was ready to roll.

It was a brisk -4°C/25°F as I suited up and drove to the trailhead to meet Uli. We were planning on a 25 km/15.5 mi. run, so were dressed warm and didn't waste much time setting out. Uli completed her first Ironman last year and is the speedster from our threesome. Without Brigit, who normally sets our pace, the two of us quickly picked up the pace, running about 45-60 seconds per mile faster than our normal long run pace. The sun was shining and we were in good form, we kept moving!

We completed the planned 14 km/8.7 mi. first loop much faster than anticipated, so ran a quick out and back from the trailhead as we waited for the rest of the running club to arrive. We made it back to the trailhead about 6 minutes before the main group starts their run, enough time to grab something to eat and drink. After 2-3 minutes Uli said she was freezing, so we took off ahead of the group.

We were still cruising along a our faster than normal pace, so it was at least 20 minutes before the faster runners finally caught us. One continued on ahead, but two stayed with us and helped motivate us over the rest of the 11 km loop. We ended up running a total of 27 km/17 mi. in 2:40:07, an average pace of 5:56/km (9:33/mi.) and about 45 seconds/mile faster than we normally run. And that with 3-4 inches of packed snow on the ground!

On Sunday morning it was a brisk darn cold (-16°C/3°F) when I got up, I prayed that it would warm up before my run at lunchtime. At 11:30 a.m. I ran over to my running buddy's house (1 km) to pick her up for a run. It was sunny outside and by this time had warmed up to -9°C/16°F.

My running buddy was waiting at the front door, motivated and ready to knock out 20 km (12.5 mi.). I let my buddy set the pace and we cruised around the wood behind our town and over to our running club trail. My friend was running strong and we held the pace, eventually arriving back at her house after almost 21 km (13 mi.). Despite the cold we maintained an average pace of 6:26/km (10:21/mi.), my running buddy is in good form, I'm damn proud of her!

I ended up with almost 102 km/63 mi. for the week, a bit too many for this time of year. My body is holding up really well, but I need to bring the mileage back down to about 70-80 km (44-50 mi.). It is too early in the year to be peaking out, I'll be risking burnout before the 100 km in June if I am not careful!

It's Cold, People!

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Last night I did some light Crossfit exercises, mostly upper body stuff, push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, kettlebell swings, clean and some squats. I also did a couple 4 minute workouts on the exercise bike. My shed where the exercise equipment is located is not heated, so I am having a hard time getting started. I tried to interest my running buddy in some crosstraining, but she (wisely?) did not answer me when I enquired about it (she knows my shed is not heated ;-)

When I woke up this morning at 7:00 a.m. it was a cold -14°C (7°F) outside, arctic conditions for our typically warm region of Germany. Luckily my car started and I was able to get some shopping done. I hope it warms up some before my long run this afternoon, I have 25 km (15.5 mi.) on the training plan. I am running with Uli and Birgit, so we can keep each other motivated :-)

As I lay in bed trying to sleep last night I was thinking about lots of things. I have had an incredible amount of nervous energy lately, mostly due to the long two week holiday vacation, i.e. too much time on my hands. I stayed busy physically, but mentally I was couch potato status. This unfortunately resulted in wanting to "do something" every chance I could get, as opposed to relaxing and trying to regenerate. I think I wore out at least a couple friends nerves by trying to motivate them to do something, this is what I was referring to in my post yesterday. I need to learn to channel my energy in a positive direction, there are surely enough people around that could use a helping hand, right!

Have a great weekend!


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I'm kind of down today...I've been a bit of a pain in the neck to a couple people close to me and I worry about the outcome. I was thumbing through some poems that my mom wrote, this seemed to stand out:

by Rosemary Niles

We wish for happiness and joy all along the way.
But, there has to be tears, tears of sorrow and of grief.
Missing friends and loved ones, longing for relief.
Tears of frustration, not knowing what to do.
Tears of sadness when someone turns away from you.
Tears and fear knowing these are the last days.
There are so many who need to come to you.
Tears soften our hearts and prepare us to hear from you.
The Bible says God shall wipe away their tears.
Then and only then our hearts will be filled with joy to stay.
What a wonderful, glorious day!

Working and Running in the Cold

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Yesterday it was a finger-freezing 57°F in my office when I arrived at work, the furnace wasn't working again. With the help of a small electric heater we managed to bring the temperature up to 65°F by lunchtime. Later the company got the furnace running again and it was getting warmer by the time I left.

After work I drove to the local research facility to run a couple loops. It was already 25°F outside as I began my run. The lighted bike path around the facility was still covered with snow, but was good to run on. I finished the first 6.6 km (4 mi.) loop in exactly 36:00, a pace of 5:27/km (8:47/mi.). On the second loop I came up on Uli and Birgit from my running club and we ran the rest of the loop together. The two parked on the other side of the facility from where I did, so I ran part of a third loop with them. We'll see each other on Saturday for a 25 km (16 mi.) long run (we are all training for the Bee Forest Marathon in March).

When I drove home I noticed the temperature had dropped to a bitter 21°F (cold for us), but a hot shower and even hotter soup but the world back in order.

Gestern war es ein Finger-kalt 14°C (57°F) im Büro wenn ich habe zu Arbeit gekommen, die Heizung war durcheinander. Mit Hilfe eine kleine elektrische Heizung haben wir die Temperatur auf 18°C (65°F) bei Mittag. Nachmittag hat die Heizungsfirma endlich die Heizung repariert und es war langsam warm im Büro.

Nach der Arbeit habe ich zu der Forschungszentrum gefahren um ein paar Runden zu laufen. Es war schon -4°C (25°F) wenn ich habe angefangen. Die beleuchte strecke hat immer noch Schnee drauf, aber es war gut zu laufen. Ich habe die erste 6,6 km Runde in genau 36:00 gelaufen, ein Tempo von 5:27/km. Bei der zweiten Runde habe ich Uli und Birgit von mein Lauftreffgruppe getroffen und wir haben die Rest von der Rund zusammen gelaufen. Die zwei hat an die andere Seite von der Forschungszentrum geparkt, so ich habe ein teil von ein dritte Rund mit die gelaufen. Wir sehen uns an Samstag für eine 25 km lang lauf (wir alle trainieren für die Bienwald Marathon in März).

Wenn ich habe heim gefahren, es war ein Bitter -6°C (21°F), aber ein heiße Dusche und noch heißer Suppe hat die Welt in Ordnung gebracht.

My Goals for 2009


In my last entry I talked about last year's goals, so this time I thought I would write down a few goals and thoughts for 2009.

In our fast changing world nothing is certain, neither are my goals. Here are at least some things that I want to strive for, or work on, in 2009:

- Pace my running buddy over the finish line of her first marathon. She's tough, there's no doubt in my mind that she can do it!
- Complete my first 100K race. I'm signed up for June 12th!
- Complete the annual 80K (50-mile) Fidelitas Night Run on June 27th!

- Spend more time cycling, particularly with my running club. I would like to complete a 120 kilometer tour!

- Keep working on technique, maybe even take another course towards next winter.

Weight and overall fitness
- Although I technically am no longer overweight, I am at the high end of my BMI. I would like to bring that down to the mid-range for my height and age. Solution = Crossfit and healthy eating!

- Further develop relationships with members of my running club. Running is fun, running with friends is great fun!

I will be running several marathons and perhaps a couple 50K races in preparation for the 100K in June. I'm am not concerned about setting any personal bests this year, but my 100K training will definitely get me in great shape...

Looking Back at 2008

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Looking back over 2008 I think it was a pretty good year as far as fitness and running.

I had several general fitness/running goals for 2008, including improving my overall fitness with Crossfit, improving my eating habits and improving my running endurance.

I did Crossfit routinely for the first quarter of the year, but as my running mileage increased I stopped doing Crossfit. However I think my overall fitness is still better than it was a year ago.

On January 1, 2008 I had a winter high weight of 77 kg (170 lbs.), not uncommon for the last few years, but not where I wanted to be. Through healthier eating and lots of exercise I brought my weight to a low of 70 kg (155 lbs.) during peak race season. More importantly, I kept my weight down for the rest of the year. On January 1, 2009 I had a winter high of 71 kg (157 lbs.), the same weight that I had before the holidays!

I didn't really set any specific race goals for 2008, other than increasing my endurance. Did I really increase my endurance? That's hard to say, but I did complete 8 marathon/ultras without much wear and tear, so I am at least headed in the light direction.

I ran 16 races in 2008, 4 more than the year before. My two ultras, a 50K in May and a 50-Mile (80 km) in June were very close to my personal bests for the events, but not better. The five 10K races that I ran were all at least a minute slower than my best time, and the two half-marathons about 5 minutes slower. I think this was a result of my emphasis on endurance rather than speed.

I showed most improvement with the marathon distance, beating my previous 4:14 best time three times during the year, in June (3:57:14), August (3:58:58) and September (4:08:11).

I ended up with a total of around 3550 kilometers (2205 miles) for the year, a couple hundred more than planned.

Performance aside, I think the highlight of my running in 2008 was find a running buddy that I can run at least some of my runs with. I also have drawn closer to several other members of my running club, I hope this will turn into long term running and friendships.

Running with the Bird Park Gang


Yesterday was a holiday in Germany (Three Kings Day), so I had another day to relax at home. I was scheduled to run with my running buddy at 4 p.m., but at 2:30 she called and said that two other friends from our "Bird Park Gang" (friends that I eat out with at the Bird Park restaurant) wanted to run with us.

At 3:30 p.m. I ran over to my running buddy's house, then we ran over to our friends house a few streets down. We ended up running a 12 km (7.5 mi) round through the woods in back of our town. We still had about 8-10 cm of snow on the ground, so we kept the pace down and just enjoyed the time together.

For me it was the sixth day for this year that I ran, and the seventh day in a row, the slower (for me) pace was welcome. I believe the slower pace was also better for my running buddy who has had some pain in her upper quad after some of the longer, faster runs we have been having lately.

I look forward to the next run with my running buddy and/or the Bird Park Gang!

Gestern war ein Feiertag in Deutschland, so ich habe zuhause ein bisschen ausgeruht. Ich habe es vor gehabt mit meine Running Buddy an 16:00 Uhr zu laufen. An 14:30 Uhr hat meine Buddy angerufen und gesagt dass die andere zwei von unsere „Vogelpark Gang" wollte mitlaufen.

Am 15:30 Uhr habe ich drüber zu meine Running Buddy gelaufen, dann wir haben die andere zwei von ein paar Strassen weiter geholt. Wir haben eine schöne 12 km Runde im Wald gelaufen. Es hat immer noch 8-10 cm Schnee am Boden gegeben, so wir haben einen ruhige Tempo gehalten und die Zeit einfach genossen.

Für mich es war die sechste Tag dieses Jahr das ich gelaufen haben, und die siebente Tag in ein Reihe, die für mich langsamer Tempo war genau richtig. Ich glaube für meine Running Buddy war es auch vollkommen in Ordnung, auf Grund Sie hat bei die letzte längere, schneller Lauf ein bisschen schmerz im Bein gehabt.

Ich freue mich auf die nächste Lauf mit meine Running Buddy und/oder mit die Vogelpark Gang!

Pumping up the Mileage

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I started the year off with a bang, or actually a run, running 9 km /5.5 mi. on New Year's Day. I had Friday off, so took advantage of it and got an extra run in, running about the same as the day before, but a little faster (8:25/mi).

On Saturday I met one of the ladies that is training for a marathon in March for a long run. Our other running friend is on ski vacation, so it was just the two of us. We ran 14 km/8.7 mi. on some very icy trail and bike paths, eventually returning to the trailhead just in time to run another 11 km/9 mi. with the rest of our running club.

On Sunday after church my wife met friends and went over to the museum nearby, I ran over to my running buddy's house and we ran an 18 km/11 mi. loop around the woods near our town and part of the running club trails. My running buddy finally committed to running her first marathon at the end of April. She's been running strong over the last year, I know she will have no problem reaching the finish line. Of course I will be there with her every step of the way pacing and encouraging her!

So if you didn't catch it I am running a long run on Saturday and Sunday's, although my running buddy is just starting her training cycle, so the runs aren't really long yet. By mid-February it should get interesting as the distance will keep increasing. In any case this will give me a good base for my 100K event in June!

I think it's going to be a good running year, I'm feeling strong, I've kept my weight down over the holidays and I'm motivated!

A Great Day for a Wandering with Friends

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An Dienstag, 30. Dezember habe sieben Mitglied von meiner Lauftreffgruppe in Linkenheim getroffen um eine Wanderrung nach dem Bernstein (Bad Herrenalb) zu machen. Es war ein eiskalt -4°C, aber wir waren warm angekleidet und hoch motiviert.

An Tuesday, December 30th, I met seven members of my running club in Linkenheim for a Wandering to the Bernstein (one of the highest points near Bad Herrenalb, with a splendid view of the Northern Black Forest). It was only 25°F outside, but we were dressed warm and highly motivated.


Wir haben die Straßenbahn nach Frauenalb gefahren und hoch durch dem Wald nach Bernbach gewandert.

We rode the streetcar to Frauenalb (a town near Bad Herrenalb) and wandered over the first "mountain" to Bernbach.



Nach Bernbach haben wir schnell noch hoch gesteigert bis wir haben unser Ziel erreicht. Die blick über die Schwarzwald war nebelig, aber trotzdem schon.

After Bernbach we quickly began climbing again, eventually reaching our objective. We were rewarded with a splendid view of the Black Forest, despite lots of fog.



Nachher haben wir ein andere Streck nach Bad Herrenalb genommen um ein Cafe zu besuchen. Nach ein Tasse heiße Kaffee oder Glühwein und ein Stück Küchen (oder zwei) haben wir zurück nach Linkenheim mit der Straßenbahn gefahren.

Afterward we took a different trail down into Bad Herrenalb to a Café for some cake and hot coffee or Glühwein. After visiting for a bit we made our way back to Linkenheim with the streetcar.

Ich freue mich das ich könnte die Tag mit so ein nette Gruppe von Freunden verwenden. Ich freue mich auch das ich habe ein ebene Gesundheit erreicht das ich könnte so ein Tag Geneissen!

I am so happy that I could spend the day with a great group of friends. I am also so thankful that I have reached a level of fitness and health that allows me to enjoy such a day!


The Plan for 2009

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Like many in Germany I had the day off from work today, so spent some time catching up on odd jobs around the house and doing some shopping. By mid-afternoon I was ready for some fresh air, so suited up for a quick run around town. The streets were treacherous, the result of rain followed by several below freezing days. I had to skip around patches of ice, some barely visible in the daylight. I eventually got tired of this and headed into the woods, where there was at least some better footing.

I spent the Christmas holiday planning out my race strategy for 2009. I am currently signed up for the following races:

January 31: Rodgau 50K
March 8: Bienwald (Bee Forest) marathon in Kandel
April 26: Oberwald (Upper Forest) marathon in Dresden
May 9: Mannheim Marathon
June 12: Ulm 100K

The 50K in January is dependent on the weather, as I need to drive 1 ½ hours to the race. If I am feeling good after the 100K in June, I will also run a 50-mile (80 km) race two weeks later in nearby Karlsruhe.

As far as training, I plan on running 4 times a week until the end of April, then up it to 5 days. My weekends will be hard though, a long run on Saturdays with to ladies who are training for the Bienwald marathon in March, and a long run on Sundays with my running buddy who is running her first marathon at the end of April. The latter is about five weeks behind the other in her training plan, so I should be able to keep up :-)

So that is where I am headed for now, the rest of the year will kind of depend on how things go and on my job. Now I only need to catch up on what you all have been doing!

Happy New Year

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Wow, hard to believe the year has already ended. The past week was incredibly busy, but with a hectic filled with lots of running and quality time with family and friends. I do apologize to those who read my blog, I know I have been neglecting you, I will try to catch up in the next day or two. First though I want to head out the door for the first run of the year!

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