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Life is busy, somehow my posting is becoming sporadic at best. Let me try to catch up on the events from the weekend.

On Friday after work I suited up and headed out for a long run, the last prior to my 100 km event on June 12th. In preparation for the long run I ran intervals on Wednesday night, and a two hour run on Thursday night, this left my legs a bit tired for the long run...which provided a good training effect. I completed 31 km (19 mi.) over a good mix of mostly flat forest and asphalt paths/roads, which is similar to the surfaces for the 100 km. I took 2-3 minute walk breaks every 20-25 minutes but tried to keep the running pace a bit faster than my planned race pace. I ended up averaging around 6:15/km (10:00/mi.) for the 31 km. My legs were pretty worn out towards the end, but I was still in good enough shape to pick strawberries for an hour afterward.

On Saturday I spend 2-3 hours in the garden, then ran a loop with my running club at 5:00 p.m., at roughly 9:00/mi pace.

On Sunday I went on an 85 km (53 miles) cycling trip with six friends from my running club, including RB. The sky was a bit dark when we left, but cleared up and the sun accompanied us the rest of the way. We stopped several times along the way to admire various landmarks, for a late lunch and finally cake and coffee just before we completed our tour. It was a great day with good friends!

On Monday was a German holiday, but my wife had school, so I took a spontaneous 37 km (23 mi.) cycling trip - I wanted to go a bit further, but the storm clouds gathered and I pedalled home!

This week I am reducing my running mileage to about half of last week, to around 50 km (31 mi.). With the 100 km event just 10 days away, it is time to rest and recover before the big event.

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