Digging potatoes, running and cycling too!

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On Friday I had to leave work early, the town where I live was replacing the main water lines, including the pipe leading into our house. This unfortunately ended up in a fiasco, all our lines filled with sediment and I had to spend a couple hours removing and cleaning all the faucets, shower heads, and wash machine hoses that became clogged up. Later I spent three hours digging potatoes, the latter by a 90°F temperature.

On Saturday I dug some more potatoes, but still have about a third of the garden to do still! I think we have almost 5 bushels so far, the majority of them rather small though, it was not a good potato year. In any case our potatoes are drying in the shed, in a few day I will move them to their winter storage in the cellar.

On Sunday I met some friends from my running club at another running club that was sponsoring a preparation run for the upcoming Baden Marathon in September in Karlsruhe. The Lichtbund Running Club has done this for the past 18 years and draws hundreds of local runners. The course that was offered consisted of two different 10K loops and a 5K loop, with an aid station at the start. The club also offered pacers at the various speeds, I guess the same as at the Baden Marathon.

I chatted with my club members and greeted several other runners from the area that regularly see at various events. Around 9:00 a.m. we warmed up with some aerobics, lead by one of the ladies in the Lichtbund - amazing how uncoordinated some runners are, we were a sight to see :-)

The leader of the Lichtbund introduced the pacers for the morning and soon after we headed out on the street and formed up in our pace groups. I decided to run with Birgit from my running club in the slower group, she wanted to run 30 km (18.5 mi.), sounded good to me.

The weather was perfect, clear sky, sunshine, around 24°C (75°F) at the beginning. We completed the first two 10K loops, then Conny joined us. Conny ran with one of the faster groups and only planned on running 20K, but we talked her into running a 5K loop with us. By this time my legs were starting to complain, the many hours of digging potatoes the last couple days were having an impact. Having Conny join us proved to be just what I needed, she is the same one that accompanied me on the last quarter of my 50 mile race in June - she always lifts my spirits.

We completed the first 5K loop and Conny headed off to the showers. Birgit and I started at the front of the group with the pacer, but eventually left the group behind, we just wanted to get the running over with - we were getting hungry and there was a festival back at the start (the Lichtbund was celebrating their 25th year).

After the run we stayed sat for awhile and had something to eat, the club had a live band that was halfway decent, it was a good time. I eventually packed up and headed home, my wife was studying, but I knew she would miss me if I was gone too long. When I got home I had coffee with my wife, she wanted to study some more, I set about doing a few chores.

After a bit RB called and asked if I was interested in a short cycling tour. After confirming that my wife wanted to keep studying, I agreed and we met over at her house and headed out for a roughly 30K (18.5 mi.) cycling trip. On the way home we stopped for the obligatory cake and coffee, being sure to order an extra piece of cake to bring home to my student at home. I had a good time catching up with RB, what a great way to spend a late sunny afternoon!

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Well, except for the mess with the water line, it sounds like a great weekend! I'm not sure it was a lot of fun digging potatoes (I did that as a kid for money one year, but it was cold and wet when we did it), but you had to feel very productive with that effort. All in all, a fun couple of days!

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