Iraqi Bundles of Love

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A long time reader of my blog, that is serving our country (USA) proudly in Iraq, is playing a key role in a new short-duration project called "Iraqi Bundles of Love". Contributors can be anyone that has sewing / quilting supplies laying around and the desire to share some of their stash. Details can be viewed on the website created for informational purposes at:

Here is the introduction from the website:

"Iraqi Bundles of Love is a short-duration project, set to last about six weeks (around Sept. 7, 2009), to surge fabric and sewing materials into the area around which I live in Iraq. It is timed to coincide with both Ramadan, and the departure of my units from Iraq.

It is intended to be a simple project, requiring little effort and little expenditures from those wishing to participate. It is based upon my assessment that sewing fanatics and quilters tend to have stashes that far exceed their actual needs, and that sewing fanatics and quilters are passionate both about sewing / quilting, and about sharing with others.

The general premise is this. I am in Iraq, and I can get mail through the US Postal System. Willing contributors can send to me a flat-rate box of sewing / quilting supplies, all bundled up. I'd open the box, pull out the fully-contained bundle, and hand of off (with others) to our counterparts in the Iraqi Security Forces (Army and others) or the local police, for them to distribute. The stated intent of this operation is to put sewing and quilting supplies into the hands of two types of recipients: locals who desperately need such things, and local sewing co-ops who have received grants or loans (typically to puchase sewing machines, rent space, etc).

That is it, in a nutshell. I owe you more on how this came to be, on ideas, on things to do and things not to do. And some links. Drop me a comment. Let's do this."

p.s. Since the introduction was written the program has expanded to include non-US participants, details are on the website.

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this is awesome, jack! i'm going to pass it on to all my sewing friends.

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