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My main goals for the year of finishing my first 100K race and running a personal best at my annual 50 Mile event were both achieved in June. I think my success was a result of adopting a five days a week training plan at the beginning of the year.

Since these events I have reduced my running, for the most part, to three times a week. I did this in part to reduce wear and tear on my body, but also to appease my wife. Admittedly I have been supplementing my training by cycling 2-3 times a week, usually to work and back - around 27 miles (43 km) round trip.

I am currently signed up for the Baden Marathon in Karlsruhe on Sept. 20, and probably will run a marathon at the end of August and/or the first week of September. I have also not ruled out a marathon or 50K race in October.

So what is my goal for the upcoming marathon(s)? In the best case scenario I would still like to improve my personal best at one of the marathons. With my reduced training this will not be an easy feat, but on a good day entirely possible. I only need to include some quality runs on the days that I do run, including running long and hard on my long run days. My core training is there, I only need to tweak and maintain!

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