Running, Remodeling, and a Quick Trip to Speyer

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The past week has been filled with work, at my job and with our kitchen renovation at home. To top it off my wife was gone most of the week on a business trip, so I had to keep everything running myself.

I managed to get in 4 runs last week, most of them only an hour duration, but since I'm not really training for anything it was enough. I also managed to squeeze in two additional half-hour swim training sessions to supplement my freestyle swim course last Tuesday night. The swim course is hard, I seem to be pretty thick-headed when it comes to learning the correct technique. I want to try to get in another half-hour swim tonight so that I can practice the drills before my next course night.

Our kitchen renovation has turned into a major renovation, we need to replace most of the water pipes in the house, include the main connection. The contractor worked three days last week and needs another day or two this week, its going to be expensive. On the positive side the contractor is a good friend of ours, I could just give him the house key and save my vacation days. I spent most night and all day Saturday (and half the night) plastering walls and trying to get the kitchen ready to wallpaper. It is going to be a few weeks until its done.

On Sunday my wife needed the day to work on a project for her school. I accepted an offer to go on a cycling trip with RB and some other friends from my running club. Despite a foreboding overcast sky we managed to get in 80 km (50 mi.) without getting rained on. We ended up in Speyer around lunchtime, so stopped at the Domhof across from the famous Speyer Cathedral long enough to fill up on some good food. With full stomachs we pedalled home at a leisurely pace, enjoying probably one of the last halfway warm days before winter sets in.

The Speyer Cathedral (archive picture):

The Domhof Restaurant and Hotel:

The Domhof Restaurant (inside):

Have a great week!

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