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Somebody send me a turkey leg...

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While my kinfolks and friends in the USA were celebrating Thanksgiving I was at work here in Germany, the downside of living overseas. I quietly gave thanks to my creator for a great year as I went about my business.

This past Tuesday was the last night of my swim course, the ten weeks flew by and I hate to say it but my swimming skills have not improved significantly. Our swim instructor spent a few minutes with each of us in the course pointing out or weak points, mine being not breathing out completely while underwater and not lifting my elbows high enough during the stroke. She ended the night by encouraging us to continue training, adding that it takes years to perfect our newly learned skills. Hmmm, I have 8 months until my proposed sprint Tri...

I ran four times this past week, ending up with 64 km (40 mi.) for the week, including a 14-mile run on Saturday and a 9-mile run on Sunday. This was a bit more than planned, but I only made it once to the swimming pool, so decided to get an extra run to burn over abundant calories.

This week I plan on running 3-4 times and swimming at least twice, but I have a lot going on at work so will have to see what happens. In the moment RB is in hibernation, so I have been running with other friends and even alone...I really miss the motivation that RB provided.

Building the Base


Another week come and gone, soon it will be Christmas. Our kitchen renovation is finally done, I will try to take a couple pictures for the curious. The only thing remaining is to remove the layer of dust that seems to have accumulated in every imaginable corner of the house, I have my doubts that we will ever manage to get it all...

At the beginning of the January 2010 I will begin training for a 100K race in June. I have worked out a training plan that calls for a weekly base mileage of around 60 km (37 miles) when I begin the training. To meet this goal I have started running four times a week and will gradually increase my two weekend runs until I am running about 2/3 of the base mileage on Saturday and Sunday. I will then gradually increase the runs until I am running up to 36 km (22 mi.) on Saturdays and 32 km (20 mi.) on Sundays by the end of May. Also planned are a marathon in mid-April and a 50K race in May.

Tomorrow night is the last night of my swim class. The crawl class has definitely improved my crawl swimming, but not as much as I would have liked. I plan on continuing my swim training at least twice a week throughout the winter, hopefully this will bring me up to the level of swimming I am trying to achieve. A sprint Triathlon is planned in July, 2010.

Feeling a Bit Worn Out

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Rachel correctly noted in her comment yesterday that I seem to be keeping busy lately. This is very true, between work, renovating, swimming and running I have really had to cut back on other things that require time - such as blogging. All of the hectic of the last month or two is really starting to wear me down, I noticed this towards the end of my longer run on Sunday afternoon (21 km) and my run last night (13 km). I tried to compensate by going to bed early the last night, but at 1:30 a.m. I woke up and couldn't sleep for a long time, my head was full of project deadlines and renovation ideas. Today I am feeling ragged.

On the positive side my swimming really seems to be improving, albeit I am a long way off from being triathlon fit. After weeks of seemingly no progress, a little progress goes far to build up my esteem in the swimming department. I have two more classes left in my crawl swimming course, tonight and next Tuesday. When the class is finished I plan on continuing to swim twice a week and also start up my Crossfit and weight training.

I am continuing to run the majority of my 3-4 runs per week with friends, particularly with RB. With all the wet and cold days we have been having it continues to warm by heart when I can chat away the miles with a good buddy.

We are finally using our new kitchen, I only need to spend a couple hours working on the finishing trim around the cabinets. I will post a picture or two when I'm done.

Last night was swim class number 8 (out of 10). The last couple weeks I was suffering from a cold and had a lot of trouble with the breathing, which played havoc with trying to learn the proper freestyle (crawl) technique. I arrived a little early at the pool and warmed up with 300 meters of breast and freestyle before the class. I noticed that my breathing was better, but was still nervous as the class began.

As we warmed up with two laps (one trip down and back in the 50 meter pool) I concentrated on relaxing and concentrating on my form. We then launched into 45 minutes of various swim drills that really got the heart pumping. I continued to concentrate on relaxing, my breathing and correct form, somehow I survived without panicking like I sometimes do when I don't get enough oxygen. If my practice sessions are similar I hope that by next week I can finally start progressing with my swim training.

I ran three times this past week, Friday through Saturday, a trade show kept me away from my normal routine. I managed to get in an almost 22 km (13.5 mi.) run on Sunday afternoon with Ironman Bernd - RB accompanied us for 17 of the kilometers. On Monday night I did a single 6.6 km (4 mi.) loop around the local research center with two Walter and Horst L. from my running club, then headed to the swimming pool for 600 meters. Tomorrow night I hope I can return to the pool for some more laps - practice makes perfect, especially while trying to learn swimming.

Our new kitchen is in place, the only thing left to do is to cut out the slots for the sink and stovetop in on the large counter tops. A friend of mine is coming over Saturday morning to help do this - we should be able to cook our first meal by Saturday evening. I will try to take a couple pictures for those who wonder what a German kitchen looks like. My wife did a super job of coordinating all the colors, the room is worlds brighter than it was before!

Already Planning for 2010

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Another busy week has come and gone, my blogging is reflecting my training, few and far between. Life is busy and I am taking the opportunity to let the body rest before training for next year begins. My running this week has been victim to attendance at a technical communications trade show in Wiesbaden (Germany). Luckily the hotel where I stayed at had a fitness room and a swimming pool - my body did not rust away.

Tonight I am meeting RB for a run after work, we hope to get in an hour or so before total darkness sets in. Later in the evening she will join my wife and I, and several friends for dinner at a local event, should be fun!

While sitting in the train coming home from the trade show yesterday I worked out a tentative race plan for the first half of next year:

April 18: Deutsche Weinstrasse (German Wine Street) Marathon in Bad Durkheim, Germany
May 13: Westerwald 50K run in Rengsdorf, Germany
May 16?: Heidesee Triathlon (0.5 km swim, 20 km bike, 3.8 km run)
June 11: Bieler 100K run in Biel, Switzerland
June 26: Fidelitas 80K Night run in Karlsruhe-Rupurr, Germany
July 11: Stutensee Triathlon (0.7 km swim, 20 km bike, 5 km run)

New for 2010 will be at least one introductory level (Sprint) triathlon. This assumes that my swimming will continue to improve of course...who knows, maybe I will turn into a fish before next summer and tri (sic) an Olympic distance event...we should not place limits on our dreams.

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