Somebody send me a turkey leg...

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While my kinfolks and friends in the USA were celebrating Thanksgiving I was at work here in Germany, the downside of living overseas. I quietly gave thanks to my creator for a great year as I went about my business.

This past Tuesday was the last night of my swim course, the ten weeks flew by and I hate to say it but my swimming skills have not improved significantly. Our swim instructor spent a few minutes with each of us in the course pointing out or weak points, mine being not breathing out completely while underwater and not lifting my elbows high enough during the stroke. She ended the night by encouraging us to continue training, adding that it takes years to perfect our newly learned skills. Hmmm, I have 8 months until my proposed sprint Tri...

I ran four times this past week, ending up with 64 km (40 mi.) for the week, including a 14-mile run on Saturday and a 9-mile run on Sunday. This was a bit more than planned, but I only made it once to the swimming pool, so decided to get an extra run to burn over abundant calories.

This week I plan on running 3-4 times and swimming at least twice, but I have a lot going on at work so will have to see what happens. In the moment RB is in hibernation, so I have been running with other friends and even alone...I really miss the motivation that RB provided.

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Your swimming technique does not need to be perfect to do that tri, Jack.

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