My 2009 Running Year in Review


It's the last day of the year and I was looking over my running goals for 2009. I listed three goals, I listing them her with the results:

1) To pace my running buddy (RB) over the finish line on her first marathon. She finished the marathon on April 26 in Dresden, Germany, I had the honor of escorting her the entire way.

2) To complete my first 100K race. Done - in 11 hours and 52 minutes.

3) To run the annual 80K (50 miles) Fidelitas Night run two weeks after the 100K. Done, with a new personal best to beat - 9:02.05!

One of the major things that I changed in my training was adding back to back long runs on the weekend for the first 5-6 months. I was a bit concerned at the beginning of the year that this would be too hard on the body. I admit the training was hard, but surprising to me was that the body adapted quite well to this intensified training. I took great effort in making sure that I ate right and got enough sleep during this period, in most cases my recovery was amazingly fast.

I completed 7 marathons and 3 ultramarathons in 2009, setting new personal bests for the marathon in August (3:36:13), 50K in May (5:30:53), and the 80K (9:02:05). These were not planned, but are a good reflection of my training.

Some of my non-running goals for 2009 were to do more cycling, complete a 120 kilometer cycling tour and take another swim course. I cycled over 1500 kilometers over the summer, including a 110 kilometer tour with friends. I also completed a crawl swim course and have been spending more time at the pool over the last few months. Progress is very slow, I lack any natural talent with this sport.

One concern that has arisen in the last couple months is my weight, it has been slowly creeping up again, I'm stuck at 73 kg, 5 more than during my running season. My marathon training begins next week, I will also be concentrating on getting my weight back down.

Well time to close for now, I'm meeting friends in an hour for a 2½ hour run - I hope they aren't too motivated, I'm out of shape. About mid-way through the run I will hit the 4000 kilometer marker, almost 2500 miles for the year - much more than planned.

Happy New Year!


You had a rather spectacular 2009, Jack. Let's hope for another good one. Happy New Year!

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